Chapter 44 ~ A Surprise, Surprise..

November 22nd 2009 ~ Daytime

Daedalus had her eyes closed as she sat outside in the fields of grass for the day. She didn't have much to do, considering it was a Sunday. However, she was still thinking about what had happened the other day during school. It was frustrating her until it gave her a headache, in which she just shook head. She sighed, biting her lip and standing up onto her feet to look around and see if there was anyone to talk to.

Well there was always at least one person back at the dorm! She could probably talk to them there, however... The conversation might have been awkward if she's talking with someone different than most of the people she was close to. She decided to scrap that idea and explore on her own once more, and maybe find out some more about her Persona—Shadow. Yeah. That's about right. Her Shadow; Nothing more, nothing less.

"...Well.." She had already taken the train, so it'd be useless to pay more money and travel back. However, that wouldn't be extremely useless. When she heard Fuuka was taking up cooking on her own a few days ago, she wanted to try it out for herself. She could buy out a few cookbooks or something if they were around in that store; It'd be a nice skill to have for her future after all. "There must be something useful for me to do out of boredom. I-I guess it wouldn't be too bad if I started it off!"

She began to walk towards the train station again, realizing that when she dug into the small coin purse she carried along with her for the day, there wasn't enough money for her to get onto the train anyway. Well, this sucked! How the hell was she even going to get home from all of this? She couldn't even use her Persona in the middle of the crowd; Stupid Dark Hour and everything in between!

"W-Well, I guess I'll have to stay here for awhile..." She looked around, "Maybe one of the other members of SEES will find me out here. Y-Yeah.."

Then again, when she thought about it, she could totally be left there on her own. That would be horrible for her... She had to stop thinking of the worst case scenario! She decided to lean against the wall with her hands at her sides, staring down at the necklace that could only be seen through the corner of her eye. It was still giving her small shivers when she thought about it, but she had to pay no mind to it after a few minutes. She just watched the busy people walk right passed her, looking all around at the movement.

"Daedalus-chan? What are you doing here?"

Dae turned her head to the the direction the voice was coming from, only to see the aqua-haired teenage schoolgirl running up to her. Fuuka. She was saved! She could actually get somewhere and possibly not be bombarded by a bunch of crowds, or be stuck there forever!

"Fuuka-san..!" Daedalus walked closer, finding the girl standing before her with a small smile on her face. "I-I'm sorry to ask for such a favor, but I forgot my coin purse back at the dorm.. Can I go back on the train with you?"

"Oh, is that why you're standing there?" She lightly chuckled, nodding. "Of course. I have some money to spare. What's up?"

"I'm going to go to the dorm and to the nearest bookstore to buy some cookbooks.. I-I want to learn how to make something, so I can at least help you guys out in the dorm."

"Ah! You're learning how to cook, too?" Fuuka clapped her hands together and smiled. "We should team up sometime and make something for the dorm."

"That'd be great." Dae smiled lightly, showing off a beam of happiness for the approval of what she wanted to do. "Let us get to the train then? It'd be nice."

"Of course." Fuuko replied, taking her hand and walking towards the train, "Let's get to the train station..."


"Oooh... What book should I get?"

Daedalus was looking through the section at a pretty cluttered bookstore by the name of Bookworms. Fuuka was following right behind; When she had learned that Daedalus wanted to learn how to cook, it kind of excited her because of how much she's wanted to cook herself. She noticed Daedalus go after more of the Baking types of books, rather than a normal cookbook. She was scrolling through the pages, her brown eyes averting left and right to find one. Sad part that it was getting late...

"Are you taking a liking to baking?" An elderly woman walked up to Dae, patting her on the head. "Ohh, but you're a little too young aren't you? Is the young woman here going to help you cook?"

"Um.. I'm 14, ma'am." Dae bowed to her, showing respect to the Elders. "She's my s-schoolmate, so.. I'm trying to learn how to cook.."

"Oh! I'm sorry, sweetie... Please excuse my rudeness. You both go to Gekkoukan, don't you?" The elder smiled lightly, taking Dae's hand and patting it. "I know a boy that always takes his time to come and visit us.. He goes to Gekkoukan High School just like you both.."

"Is that so?" Fuuka turned to Dae, tilting her head. "It could be Minato-kun, couldn't it...? He seems like the type that would be going to pick up books from this store.."

"So you both do know Arisato-kun~" The woman looked to her husband, who wore a sweatshirt and held a pipe in his hands. He was cleaning his glasses, but paying attention to everything they were saying so far... Or at least, it seemed like it. "Oh, Bunkichi, isn't this great?"

"Ah, it is indeed." He gave a small chuckle, pulling out something from behind the register. In fact, two of the same things. "Please, take these Melon Breads.. Give Minato my regards.."

"W-We'll be sure to.." Dae chuckled, taking one of them and pushing onto the package because of how soft it was. "U-Um.. Before I leave, may I buy this book?"

Fuuka took the book from her hands, holding it out as if she were to buy it. "I'll buy it for you Daedalus-chan. You don't have to worry about the price at all.."

"A-Are you sure?" Her eyes widened; Fuuka didn't have to be this nice to her. Not at all! "I-I could always come back for this book, Fuuka..."

"I don't mind it at all." She gave an affirmative nod, placing the yen on the table while getting the book and her bread wrapped up in a bag. "We should get back to the Dorm, shouldn't we? We should take it easy as these next few days fly by."

"Oh, yeah." Dae nodded, bowing twice before walking outside the store with Fuuka. "We'll give Minato-kun our regards! Goodbye!"

"Take Care!"


November 22nd 2009 ~ Dark Hour

That night, Daedalus couldn't sleep. She tilted and tumbled in her bed, but every time she did she felt her necklace glow and cause slight pain when she lay onto it. She was tired, she was scared, and she was worried that something else might happen if she even got the tiniest bit of sleep. It was already the Dark Hour, right? She couldn't remember the time right now, but she saw something green at the corner of her eyes. That had to be the Green Moon and many other things, right?

All of a sudden, she heard a noise. And then a familiar voice came onto the Intercom:

"I'm sorry to wake you up.. But, I need you to come to the Command Room right away."

"...Huh?" She pulled the covers off the bed, slipping on her socks and slippers before walking down the hallway in her nightgown. She didn't really want to get up, but at least she could put her insomnia to use.

She grabbed her Elemental glove on the way up, dashing up the stairs while holding the dress so she wouldn't slip or trip over it when taking each step in a quick rush. She noticed Koromaru waiting at the steps, dashing up to the floor in which the Command Room was on. Daedalus stopped for a minute, quivering because she felt her breath run out for the brief moment.

Slipping on the glove, she barged into the Command Room, walking up to all the other SEES members as well. She may have been in slippers, but they should've known that it was because she was rushed upstairs. Fuuka was hidden—Well, it wasn't really hiding, but she was using her Persona (in which I had not seen before; Did she gain a new Persona while I was gone?) to sense what was going on around the Dormitory, or at least where Tartarus was at.

"While we were all about to retire for the night, Yamagishi sensed something." Mitsuru told her the whole situation, her arms crossed against her chest while she spoke. Now Daedalus was curious; What type of Shadow could have barged in now? Wouldn't a big Shadow come every full moon? "They aren't Shadows, but Persona-users. They are outside of Tartarus!"

"E-Eh?" Daedalus backed up a bit. The only Persona users she knew of were Daira, and Strega... She highly doubted that Daira would appear out of the blue; What the hell was going on exactly? "B-But, didn't they..."

"At least, that's what we thought.." Ken muttered, "If those really are Strega, then they still plan on confronting us."

"Why is this still happening?" Yukari stamped her foot, the rage in her heart obviously flourishing. "First the Dark Hour won't go away, and then Strega comes back. What's going on?"

"How many members are currently out there?" Minato asked, not even being affected by the tension that swarmed around his head.

"There's only one, but..." Fuuka looked down, "I thought she was in the hospital—Kh!"

Daedalus felt her necklace react once more, but to the pain that Fuuka was now experiencing. She clutched onto it with her own hands, and the necklace felt as if it were burning inside her own hand. While she tried to concentrate on lessening the pain, Fuuka had mentioned something about someone being inside another person until her eyes averted to a state of a dark purple. A grin that could have stricken fear into a toddler appeared, and that's when Dae realized something.

Fuuka... wasn't Fuuka for the moment.

"Long time no see..."

That familiar voice!

That must have been...

"Chi...dori..?" Junpei blurted out, his eyes clearly dilated when he watched Fuuka's grin stay plastered onto the innocent girl's face. This was horrible; Chidori was controlling her just to send out a threat to them?

"I can't stand the sight of you all anymore.. So I've decided to do something about it.." Fuuka clapped her hands together, nodding with that same smirk, "Come to me..."

"She was speaking through.. Yamagishi?" Mitsuru.

"What the hell? I thought she was..." Yukari. However, she wasn't going to let Junpei slip by so easily. She turned towards the boy, her eyes narrowing into tight slips. "You have something to do with this.. Don't you, Junpei?"

"No, I really don't!" He replied, his face covered by that baseball cap he always wore whether it was raining or snowing. "I don't have a freakin' clue about this. Leave me alone!"

Daedalus moved out of the way, watching the capped teenager blow up and dash out of the room. She held her hands by her mouth, noticing Fuuka fall to her knees before looking at him storm out of the room. She sighed, turning towards Minato with her eyes continuously averting from back to the doors that had now closed after the slam.

"This is most likely a trap, but even so, we need to deal with Strega once more. If we confront them, there may be a chance that we get some information. It's all or nothing." Mitsuru picked up her Rapier near the computer, walking while it pointed to the ground.

"P-Please be careful..." Fuuka noted, feeling her strength become sapped up for a minute, "She may be the only one there, but the other two might be around..."

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