A/N: Ok, my Brit Lit teacher has set herself up again. This time we were studying Sonnets. I like to write poetry- but when she set up the number of lines, the number of sylables in each line, the rhyming pattern and all that good stuff- my partner and I got a little mad. So we decided to write two sonnets that are a conversation between two characters (namely the Doctor and the Master) and let our teacher figure out that they make no sense apart, but perfect sense together.

I wrote the poem that is the Master speaking, and my partner (same partner from the crazy essay) wrote as the Doctor.

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or the characters, BBC does that.

The Doctor to The Master

I'm taunted with the sound of drums

By you, the evil scourge of Galifrey,

You force the humans into darkened slums.

Now listen to the words I have to say.

I stop your evil plans with my sonic,

To make sure all my allies will survive.

Your reign o'er earth brings forth a great fire

I'll make the inhabitants of earth thrive.

You released the childishToclafane,

And made the TARDIS a paradox machine.

The people find you evil and insane,

We'll wipe the large grim look on your face clean.

Now please regenerate you demented fool!

The final thing I say- I forgive you.

The Master to The Doctor

The drums of war, they never leave me now.

I create the Toclafane to destroy

Do you enjoy the flames Doctor? How

Can you have wanted to stop my great ploy?

Here come the drums, they beat closer today,

Louder and faster the drums of war come.

You who are weak follow me, let us play.

Someday I shall be rid of you, some

day I will rule. And then, Doctor, beware!

Your friends are weak. This planet shall soon fall.

The fire consumes and the drums scream, prepare!

What have you to say now? You who are small.

I have the power, so soon now it comes.

Now can you hear it? The beating of drums!

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