This is a song I wrote not so long ago.

It's about lost, losing a loved one or someone you really care about. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think of it.

***************************lost forever*************************

Its cool, slow motion it seems.

Just an hour ago, you were still with me.

Now an hour later, it's too late to say I love you or I'm sorry.

The connection, memories and everything else, mistreated as if it

Were nothing.

Every smile, every Christmas together, nothing else to do than

else to do then keep it in my mind forever.


Alone, were will I ever fell at home?

Where will I find my comfort zone?

Why do you only have to appear in my imagination, my dreams,

my mind.

Wish you were only asleep but you'll never wake up.

I never guessed,

Did not know much about why things happen

at all.

Can't try to say "I'm ok" because it will never be the same.

You have challenged my mind to its max.

Its so pointless trying to rewind time when its reality making me


2 Chorus…

A breeze is going south of me

With it, it takes my heart.

I lost everything

I am standing on my feet but on a piece of string.