Golden Wolf Eyes

By: Denise Esparza

Prologue: The beginning of a new Life.

This story is about a vampire who doesn't know where she belongs in life. Her mother died after she was born, and her father never wanted anything to do with her so he left. She grew up living with her aunt in a small house in the mountains. Her name is Micako Turisaki, a sixteen year old, beautiful vampire. Her hair was short and came up to her jaw curving in, under her jaw, with part of her jet black hair covering her bright silver eyes. Her skin was a light tan but yet pale color, the slightest touch of her skin sent chills down your back, because of how soft and cold her skin was. She wore mostly dark colors that were tight, and showed off her beautiful figure, but not so tight that it revealed too much.

She was a shy and quiet creature that lurked in the far distance watching life pass her by, with a few stops from people to greet her. Most of the time the people that had met her never talked to her again. Except for one girl, her name was Kyoko Misako, she was eighteen years old, who was a wolf demon, usually walked around in her human form. Her skin was also pale and soft but it was warm like a spring's heat breathing to give you warmth. Her hair was as white as snow and went down to her lower back, her bangs covered her dark blue eyes, that would leer you into her gaze if you just glanced at her eyes. Her clothes were also tight except for her pants, they were two sizes to big so they were baggy on her. She was an outgoing and social person, she hated being alone. Kyoko always hung out with Micako, they met each other when they were seven years old and ever since then they have been inseparable.

Kyoko found Micako at a lake sitting on a rock that stretched out over the water a bit, throwing rocks in the lake and looking up at the sky. The lake Micako was at, the time when they were younger was nearby where Kyoko lived, and Kyoko would go to the lake everyday to go fishing or swimming. When she spotted Micako, Kyoko was scared and didn't know what to do but to stand and stare at Micako while she continued to throw rocks at the water watching her reflection ripple in the water. Kyoko decided she wanted to get closer, so she transformed into a wolf pup, which showed off her beautiful snow white coat that shined in the sunlight and glowed at night. Her dark blue eyes turned light blue when she was in her wolf form. She slipped through the grass still staring at Micako, but she forgot that vampires have very good hearing. Micako heard the grass whistling and crunching from Kyoko's paws smashing the grass as she snuck up closer, as Kyoko got closer Micako looked at her with the corner of her eye then turned around showing off her little fangs she had. "Who's there?!" Micako said in a scared but yet brave voice. Kyoko turned into a human and stared at Micako "Ummm….i'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you…." Kyoko said in a shy muffled voice walking up to Micako.

Micako was still a bit scared and backed up making her fall off the rock into the water, which at the time she couldn't swim and was trying hard to stay above water but started sinking being pulled down from the water. Kyoko turned into a wolf pup again and dove in grabbing Micako by the collar of her shirt and bringing her back up above water and paddling back to the dock and dragging Micako on the dock. "Are you ok?! I didn't mean to scare you." Kyoko gave her jacket to Micako. "I'm fine thank you" Micako said getting up and handing the jacket back starting to walk back home. Kyoko followed and got in front of her turning into a human again. "You're a vampire aren't you?" Kyoko said smiling a bit. "Umm yes….why do you ask?", "Oh well I saw your fangs when you kind of snarled at me." Micako walked past Kyoko heading home, but Kyoko wouldn't let her leave she kept walking in front of Micako and stopping in her tracks. "Why don't you like talking to me...Did I make you mad if I did I'm really sorry" Micako looked at her for a second then tilted her head. "No you didn't I just don't talk to many people" She said while walking past Kyoko again "Well do you want to talk to me? You know like be friends" Kyoko asked smiling at Micako. She looked back at Kyoko then smiled a bit and held out her hand to Kyoko "Sure and by the way my name is Micako.", "My name is Kyoko, it's nice to meet you hehe." Micako and Kyoko giggled a little as Kyoko grabbed Micako's hand.

They would always hang out at the lake, throwing rocks at the water to watch it ripple or play and wrestle around the grass, laughing and having a good time. After they played for awhile and hung out at the lake they would walk to either Micako's place to get something to eat or to Kyoko's place to hang out in her room and talk. Kyoko lived with her Grandfather in a big house in the city of crelian. He was rich, and loved to spoil Kyoko with many gifts but always made sure Kyoko learned that she had to work for her gifts and to not be disrespectful if she didn't get what she wanted.

But before she started living with her grandfather she lived with her parents until she turned six. They were rich as well but always argued about the littlest things. Like one day their arguments would be about how Kyoko dressed, or how much money they were making. It seemed like the arguments never stopped; Kyoko always ignored them and stayed in her room hoping the fighting would stop. One day while Kyoko sat in her room waiting for the fighting to stop, she heard a big boom from the front hall and a loud scream from her mother. Kyoko rushed to the stairs of the front hall and looked down to see her mother was shot by her dad. Her dad laughed insanely and looked up at Kyoko, while tears welled up in her eyes and great anger built up inside of her. "Hello my little princess, how are you today sweetie?" He asked still laughing. Kyoko got so mad and jumped down from the stairs and turned into wolf pup and started growling and snarling at her father.

"Aww is my little princess mad because I took away her mommy?" He said as he turned into a jet black wolf with pure golden eyes snarling back at Kyoko. She charged at him and bit him at his neck tearing part of his coat and skin off. He howl and whimpered a bit in pain then he threw Kyoko against the wall knocking her out. Kyoko thought she was done for but before she passed out a figure ran in and shot her father in the chest and her father died then ran up to Kyoko and picked her up. "Don't worry your safe now." The figure said as he walked out the door holding Kyoko close. She couldn't make out who it was because her sight was blurry, after she couldn't keep consciousness anymore she passed out. A few hours later she woke up she saw her grandfather next to her crying and holding her close. "ugh…grandfather?" She said looking up at him. He looked down at her and smiled and hugged her more. "Oh thank god your alive I thought I had lost you my sweet grandchild." He said still crying. "Who was the figure that saved me grandpa?" "Why that was me sweetheart" Kyoko looked at him puzzled and surprised wondering how he knew that she was in danger. "You see Kyoko my sense of smell is really good and I smelled your blood being shed so I rushed to your house to see what had happened that's when I saw your dad throw you against the wall and almost take your life" Kyoko cuddled close to her grandfather holding onto him "I'm glad you came and saved me grandpa" She said smiling then kissed his cheek.

Micako never knew her parents she was too little to remember what her mother looked like, because while her mother was giving birth to Micako. She was losing strength to hold on to her life, at her final push to release Micako into her new life, her mother gave out one last breath saying "I love you my beautiful Micako", she closed her eyes and died peacefully in her bed. Micako's father left her when she turned one because she started realizing that his daughter was starting to develop fangs. He used to take Micako with him everywhere taking care of her, but there was one thing he hated vampires. So when he saw Micako had developed her baby fangs, her dad left her and gave Micako to her Aunt Kilaliska. Before he left he went up to Kilaliska and grabbed her shoulder "Make sure you take care of Micako or you will answer to me if I find out anything has happened to her." After saying that he ran out the door, and got on his horse and rode off into the forest. Ever since then her father was never seen again.

Micako's life has been hard for her but she still gets through it with a semi smile on her face.