Title: Little Moments
Author: dizzy - in - the - izzy
Rating: K, K+
Spoilers!!!: Power Down, my new favorite episode of NCIS. :D I loved it.
Summary: Durning those nine hours in that elevator, McGee learns something.
A/N: So...... you thought I'd leave those nine hours alone, did'ja? Yeah, not happening. My brain, like always, had some fun. And, to be honest, I really like this. :) But, tis quite short. Oh well.

McGee watched as Ziva slept, her head resting on his thigh. It had taken some time, but eventually she moved herself right next to him in her sleep. It was almost as if she was having an internal battle, and eventually she gave in and trusted him. He didn't expect her to be all close and gentle. They'd been shut in the elevator for about two hours, and she seemed tired. He had offered her his jacket, but she'd kindly refused.

She shifted on his leg, and her hair fell into her face. A couple pieces fell into her mouth, and McGee had to smile. He carefully, as to not startle her, moved the hair off her face. He tucked it over her neck, and then rested his head against the back wall.


He looked down at her, and saw that she still had her eyes shut. He reached down and put his hand on her shoulder, letting her know that he was still there. She sounded a little lost, and maybe even a little scared.

"Do not listen to what Tony says. You are great."

McGee had to smile at her, and he listened closer as she spoke again in a quiet voice.

"You are like a brother to me. I am sure you are like one to Tony as well."

"Sure." He said sarcastically, and Ziva's hand fell limply on his leg. He laughed as he realized she meant to hit him.

"I mean it." She said quietly, shifting her hips so she was more comfortable. McGee suddenly thought of Tony, and what kind of lewd remark he'd make at that moment. He smiled when he realized that Tony wasn't there, and this tender moment wouldn't be broken by immaturity.

"I love you, too, like a brother." She said, quietly. He almost missed that she said it. He smiled a wide, genuine smile.

"I love you too, like a sister." McGee said, adding the second part as an after thought. Ziva laughed at him quietly, very gently nudging her nose into his pants. He smiled even wider, bending down carefully to kiss her temple.

"Go to sleep." He whispered, and she nodded. He shut his eyes, knowing that in this position he wouldn't get any sleep. However, if Ziva got at least an hour, he knew that it would be worth it. He wouldn't mind sitting in the elevator, letting her lay her head on his thigh for a couple of hours.

Just, as long as they got out of there before about eight hours.

McGee didn't think he could go nine hours in that damn box.

A/N: Semi AU. Might also be kinda AU, if you forget that Ziva is asleep and that most people are not like themself when they talk in their sleep. Pretty honest too. Review please. :) Please?! Awh, man. Please?!?!?! Hahah.