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Naruto: Mage Nin

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"Device Speaking"

"Demon talking"

'demon thinking'

Prologue: Discovery

It was a calm and quiet day in Konoha. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, various ninjas of various ranks were receiving and doing missions, the civilians were going about their business. Yes, everything was business as usual for the people of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

"Get back here you demon brat!"

Yes… everything was business as usual. Even as much as some people wished it wasn't.

Nine year old Naruto was running as fast as he could, desperately trying to avoid being caught by yet another mob of drunken villagers. All he had been doing was minding his own business, walking through town on the way to see the old man Hokage, when suddenly he was being chased by a bunch of drunks who kept on yelling nonsense about how he had ruined all of their lives. It made no sense! Sure he occasionally pulled a prank on people who were mean to him, but he was sure that that didn't mean he had ruined any of their lives! Hell, he was sure that there were people in the mob that he had never done anything to at all! 'At least,' he mused to himself, 'it can't get any worse than this.'

A Kunai thrown from the mob sliced his arm as he ran, showing him just how wrong he was. After all, ninja chasing him was much worse than just villagers.

Putting on an extra burst of speed as adrenaline kicked in from the pain, Naruto continued to run from the mob, trying desperately to use his accumulated knowledge of the back ways of the village to lose his pursuers. He did have some success, losing parts of the mob, but a small core of shinobi kept on his tail no matter where he went, and as the chase went on, more and more shinobi seemed to join in behind him. Frankly, he was amazed that he hadn't been caught yet, but he knew it couldn't last. He was tiring fast, and several cuts on his arms and legs were bleeding and slowing him down.

In a desperate move, Naruto started leading his pursuers towards the oldest part of the village, where the buildings were more broken down and several of the trees from the larger training grounds had begun to move in. He didn't know his way around the area like he did the more populated parts of the village, but he didn't think that the shinobi chasing him did either, and the few times he had been in that part of Konoha he had noticed plenty of places that someone small like he was could squeeze into. He knew that if he could get away from the people chasing him, he could find someplace safe to hide and heal.

Naruto made good progress, and it wasn't long before he was passing old, dilapidated buildings that hadn't been lived in for a while. He knew why too. This was the part of the village that was closest to where the Kyuubi had reached when it had attacked seven years before. Nobody wanted to live in the place where so many had died, where the death toll had been the greatest in the village, and with the funds needed to rebuild the village and maintain its security being so tight in the aftermath, the old district was left to be overrun by nature.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to Naruto, entering into the old district seemed to have infuriated the people chasing him, as they began to throw many ore kunai and shuriken than they had before, albeit with slightly less accuracy. Still, with the weight of the bombardment being sent at Naruto, it was inevitable that he would eventually be hit, and he was. As he neared the very center of the old district, a lucky kunai hit him right in his left ankle. Naruto cried out and stumbled as pain shot through him. In desperation, he used his remaining momentum to throw himself into a nearby alleyway, hoping against hope that there would be someplace for him to hide. He was in luck. There, at the end of the alley, only visible from the ground, twenty feet from where he had fallen, was a hole in an otherwise solid wall, just big enough for him to fit. Summoning the last reserves of strength that he had, he started a frantic crawl towards the opening.

He kept on crawling even as he heard the thumps on the ground behind him that signified the arrival of his chasers. He could only hope that they would make the mistake of drawing out their victory long enough for him to escape into the hole.

"Well, well, look what we caught," gloated a shinobi, the one who had been chasing him the longest out of the group. "A cornered fox, all alone, with no one to help him." Naruto heard them chuckling behind him, but kept moving, praying to whatever being was out there listening that they hadn't seen the opening he was crawling towards. "Looks like he's trying to crawl to the end of the alley, doesn't it? Well maybe we should give him a hand!" The lead ninja said before rearing back his leg and punting Naruto across the alley.

Naruto gasped in pain as he was kicked, hearing a distinct crack on impact. When he landed he let out a pained howl, as he felt the kunai that was still in his ankle get shifted by the weight of his impact. The world spun in a pained haze for a few moments, before settling in an image that gave Naruto hope despite the great amounts of pain. The idiot had kicked him right over to the opening in the wall! Escape was at hand!

Fighting against the pain that shot throughout his body Naruto dragged himself to the hole. As he reached it and had his hand in the hole he heard the ninja leader say to his comrades, "Let's put him out of his misery!" Not daring to stop, Naruto pulled with all the strength he had left. Just as he entered the hole and began to slip down a slope towards who knew where, he heard an exclamation of "Katon: Gokyaku no Jutsu!"

As fire filled the alley he had only just barely escaped, the last of Naruto's strength gave out, and he fell unconscious. Unseen by all, his body slid down a steep slope, falling into darkness.

Several hours later:

Naruto awoke slowly, feeling the pain of his wounds receding as he did so. He was in total darkness when he opened his eyes, and he didn't have the slightest clue where he was, but at least he had escaped. He sighed with relief as he pulled himself up, grateful that he had the ability to heal so quickly.

He sometimes wondered about where it came from, that maybe it had something to do with why the villagers hated him so much, but, as the years had gone by and his young mind was forced to mature faster than could be considered healthy, he never thought for a moment that he would be better off without it. After all, he was sure that simply being able to heal fast was not the whole reason why he was hated, and without his fast healing he would have died several times in his life already. He had seen dead people, lifeless eyes staring vacantly at nothing, and he was slightly terrified of becoming like that.

Deciding he had lingered in the same place long enough, Naruto stood up. Quickly checking and confirming that all of his wounds were, in fact, healed, he began to feel his way along the wall of the passage he was in, moving away from the end of the slope that he had slid down and which he knew he would not be able to get back up even if he was able to see where he was going.

Naruto wasn't entirely sure how long he walked through the tunnel, but he was able to figure out two things. First off, he was pretty sure that the tunnel he was in was man-made, as he had never been in any natural cave with such a smooth floor and walls. Second off… he was lost. Very, very lost. Unfortunately, in the dark he couldn't be sure if he was nearing an exit, passing by important maps, or even if he was going in circles. It was just getting to the point where Naruto was genuinely worried that he might be lost in the tunnels forever when he noticed a faint light from up ahead. It wasn't much, but it was there, and better than blundering around in the dark!

Moving slowly at first, but with more and more urgency, Naruto made his way to the light. As he approached it the details of the tunnel he was moving in became visible, revealing walls and a floor made of a silvery material that Naruto hadn't ever seen before. With his way visible, Naruto broke into a run, no longer worried about falling over in the dark. In no time he entered the room from which the light was shining. What he saw stopped him in his tracks and left him speechless.

The room Naruto had stepped into was a large circular chamber at least a hundred feet in diameter. The edges of the room had a number of screens, some of which were black and lifeless, others which displayed a large amount of text unrecognizable to Naruto. Set high in the wall high above were a number of glowing blue orbs that were the source of the light that had drawn Naruto to the room. None of these drew Naruto's attention for more than a minute compared to what was in the center of the room.

On a raised dais in the center of the room was a silvery pedestal, and on that pedestal was a jewel that glowed with a bright green light. It was intricately cut, and pulsed with a rhythm that echoed somewhere deep within Naruto calling out to him. Without consciously thinking about it he began to walk toward the gem which pulsed faster as he got closer. As he stepped onto the raised dais a complex green pentagram array appeared beneath his feet. Naruto barely noticed this as the gemstone in front of him absorbed all of his attention. Now that he was closer he saw that it was attached to a chain necklace. Naruto was mildly surprised to find that the gemstone wasn't being held up by anything, instead floating about a foot over the top of the pedestal.

As Naruto reached out to touch the stone the pulsations reached a fever pitch before resolving into a steady glow as he closed his hand around it. Slowly he pulled it back to himself, not sure what to expect, the strange compulsion that had made him grab the stone gone. Whatever he had expected, it was not what he experienced next.

The gemstone pulsed once, before a voice came out of it. "Connection to linker core complete, awaiting orders."

Naruto jumped a bit startled, and looked around to see if someone had entered the room and said that, but confirmed that he was in fact still alone. Having no better guess he turned to the gemstone in his hand.

"Ano… did you say that?" he asked, feeling slightly foolish.

"Yes, master. Awaiting orders." It replied with another pulse of green light.

Naruto was surprised at receiving an answer, but he was nothing if not adaptable. After the things he had experienced in his short life it was necessary. First things first; he wanted some answers.

"What are you? Why am I your master?" he asked.

The stone replied, "My designation is Dauntless Might. You are my master because you are the mage whose linker core I have established a connection with."

That answered those questions, but raised so many more. Realizing that all of this might take a while, Naruto took a seat on the no longer glowing dais.

"Ok, first off, now that I know what you're called, just what are you?"

"Apologies master. I assumed that you knew what I am. I am what is known as an Intelligent Device. It is my purpose to aid my master by acting as a focus for his magic as well as enhancing his offensive and defensive abilities and providing additional options in and out of combat."

That sounded… interesting to Naruto. While he didn't have much idea what a mage was and he didn't know anything about magic, he had obviously found some kind of weapon. Maybe this could help him in becoming a ninja! But first…

"Umm, Dauntless Might? What's a mage?"

The device didn't miss a beat. "A mage is one who, through the use of their linker core, draws upon the extra dimensional energy commonly referred to as magic. This energy is used for a variety of purposes, including powering technology, transportation, the sealing of dangerous items, and combat."

Now that answer really caught Naruto's attention. Being a mage sounded… cool! Of course, he had no idea how to do any of that stuff, but maybe…

"Dauntless Might, can you teach me how to be a mage?"

"I am programmed with information on the basics of magic use, though I am not programmed with any teaching abilities. I apologize master."

"It's fine Dauntless Might! If you can display the information somehow for me, I'll learn it no matter what! But first… do you know the way out of here?"

"Yes, master. Please follow my directions to the nearest exit."

As Naruto left the room, guided by the directions of his new companion, he had no idea just how much his life would be affected by the discovering the Intelligent Device, Dauntless Might.

Next Chapter: 5 years later, the day of graduation and the scroll incident… oh how things change.

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