Yay! A contest! Lol. This idea was made by my beta Ashley. :)

Prize: A chance to be in the next chapter of 'A Day in Wal-Mart~Cullen Style'! :O I would've added an OC, but I'm not a fan of those.

Rules: Just find as many songs as you can in the passage below. Copy and Paste it onto the [Review] box and capatalize all the songs you see. First to find the most songs wins!

Hint(s): They're songs by Taylor Swift, and some of the words are actually song title. So look out for the unexpected.

No dissing on Taylor please. :D

Oh, and if you're going to reply/review to this contest, I suggest doing that in a different account or on a 'Anonymous' account since I'll be replacing this with the actual Chapter 2. Get what i'm saying? ;)

Good luck~! Results will come out in the future.

Contest: Taylor Swift

I've always been invisible
Through your beautiful eyes
But I'm only me when I'm with you!

My life has been a love story,
And I just want to say that
You belong with me
And that you should
Stay beautiful

If you asked me if I loved you
I'd Lie because I truly do

I'm willing to change for you
Since that's the way I loved you

Sometimes I wonder why you would break
A perfectly good heart
And leave teardrops on my guitar

I always wish you would come around
On a white horse
But if you did that,
I probably wouldn't be able to

I don't mind if you're not sorry
We'll always be tied together with a smile

We'll celebrate the best days of our lives soon enough
and later on I'll turn fifteen
And be absolutely fearless

I wonder if I should've said no instead
and take this picture to burn
Because you said you didn't like
Tim McGraw

Tell me why I always feel like
I'm stuck on the outside
I know there's a place in this world
I belong, too

Our song, "Mary's Song (Oh my, my, my)",
Plays just for us

You make me crazier by the second
And each time you come in with the rain

I feel untouchable when I'm with you,
But my feelings aren't cold as you

Either way, I'll love you
Forever and always!

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