Summary: Hunting can be difficult when you have to also balance that an school work. Sam doesn't have to worry because he's got an awesome big brother who knows how to solve any problem.

A/N: Hi guys. This came to me out of the blue and boom I have a cute little Weechester short story for everyone. I'm currently working on The Mist but life is pretty hectic right now, I'll try and work on it over thanksgiving break.

Math and M&M's

It was a smooth, quiet ride along the roads of Pennsylvania. John eyed his boys in the rearview mirror. Dean had his history book out, he chewed the tip of his pen, "I don't wanna do this."

John turned the wheel as his beloved Impala came towards a curve, "It's only a one page paper on George Washington."

"But I'm twelve! I shouldn't have to do this stuff till high school."

"When I was twelve I had to do a four page paper so you have it lucky."

Dean rolled his eyes. If there was anything more he hated than homework it was his dad's stories that started off with, "When I was."

The car grew silent again except for a scrubbing sound. Dean looked down at his little brother who looked aggravated. Pink eraser shavings were all over his paper.

"Watcha working on munchkin?" The older boy poked his shoulder.

"If you can't write a one page paper on George Washington then you can't help me with adding and subtracting." The eight year old's brow furrowed.

John snickered.

Dean lifted his head towards him with a glare. Abruptly he stopped in mid thought actually mid sentence at a comment towards his dad that would deserve at least a ten minute lecture, "Hey dad we got any peanut butter M&M's left?" He waggled his eyebrows.

Catching on John quickly took one hand off the wheel and reached into the glove compartment pulling out a yellow bright bag.

Dean mumbled thanks as he took the bag and settled it into his lap.

"Okay Sammy. Tell me the problem you're working on now."

Shaking his head the younger boy spoke, " sixteen minus five plus three."

Counting Dean sorted sixteen candies, "Okay so Sammy I have sixteen candies in my hand."


"And I'm going to put five back." The older boy tossed them back, "And give you back three. Okay count em up."

Sam counted softly, "14?" He was unsure.

"High five!" Dean exclaimed and lifted his other hand and Sam slowly hit it with a small grin.

"I think I get it."

"Good. What's the next problem?"

The young Winchester's grin spread even wider as he read the next math problem. Being eight year's old and not knowing how to add was pretty bad but Sam wasn't too worried because he had an older brother. An older brother who didn't know anything about George Washington but when it comes to counting candy he's the best person to go too.