Okay so I definately don't own Naruto or else hell it'd be a huge Yaoi series.

Time setting is renaissance time period towards the begining.

Sasuke is Sasuka for a little and Naruto is Naru for a little also

Sasuka looked out of her window and watched as people roamed the dirty streets. It was one of the ups to having so much money. She didn't have to clean or worry about being dirty. Sasuka shivered thinking about being dirty made her want to bathe. She sat on her window sil for a moment longer before turning and calling to the quiet household that was big enough to be called a mansion.

"Maid!" Sasuka called in a demanding tone. Sasuka stood and waited for her call to be replied to. Sasuka stood and examined herself in the mirror to the left of her dresser.

Black hair with a slight wave lengthly flowed down Sasuka's back to her lower back right above her buttom. In the mirror black eyes stared back at Sasuka with the same indifferent look. Her completion was fair and completely clear from any and all teen acne. Sasuka had a triangle shaped face and a slightly underdeveloped body for a 15 year old child. Sasuka had small, barely visible breasts and a barely curved body. But the lack of development was caused by her average height and underweight.

"Yes Miss?" a maid asked in a humble outfit.

"Please prepare me a bath." Sasuka commanded as she took her eyes from her own reflection.

"Yes Miss." the maid said simply and dissapeared from Sasuka's vision.

Naruto frowned as he saw the lovely Sasuka walk from his view. He sighed and walked down the filthy street saddened by the beauty's absence.

'I only wish I could have been born more noble so maybe I could have a chance with her...' Naruto thought and walked slowly down the street unaware of his destination.

Naruto looked up and saw he was near his favorite old witches shop. He turned quickly on his heel and walked towards the shop.

"Tsunade?" Naruto asked as he entered the shop and was greeted by a bell.

"Come back Naru." a woman said and Naruto did as commanded. As soon as he reached the back of the shop he smelt a weird smell and frowned in a confused manor.

"What are you doing?" Naruto asked utterly confused with Tsunade's actions.

"I am making you a gender morphing potion. Sasuka needs a new maid and only women are allowed to be hired. So here is your chance at love." Tsunade said with a smile. She knew that Naruto had been crushing on Sasuka for many years and wished to be by her side more than anything.

"Really?" Naruto asked excitedly and moved in closer to the steaming pot.

"Yeah. But it wears off after 13 hours. So be careful with time when in the masion." Tsunade warned. Naruto nodded as Tsunade finished up.

"Sakura get me 3 small viles." Tsunade commanded a pink haired girl who was observing. She nodded and went into the back. When she returned she had 3 small pocket sized glass viles.

"Naruto, have everyone call you Naru. And go the masion today. Sasuka could change her mind by tomorrow." Tsunade said and filled the viles but didn't hand them to Naruto.

"There are only 3 because I want you to come back for more so I can get an update. Bring the viles back when you return, understand?" Tsunade asked with a serious look. Naruto nodded and took the viles carefully.

"Thank you." Naruto said and hugged Tsunade. After he turned to leave but was being pulled back by something that was holding to his shirt. Naruto looked back and saw Tsunade holding his shirt and raising an eye brow at him with a slighty angered way.

"You can't leave til I see a female Naruto." she said with a smirk. "And I have girl clothes." she added in so Naruto couldn't fight her.

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