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P.S.- Naru female pronouns and Sasuke is Sasuke unless confronted by anyone but Naruto

"Sasuke?" Naru asked wrapping her arms slightly tighter around the slim, toned waist before herself.

"I'm not mad." Sasuke said snippily, still not turning to the petite girl holding him.

Naru became slightly flustered with Sasuke's behavior, and her now short time with this new lover of hers. If only Tsunade hadn't made such a extravagant offer.. But now she had no choice but to take things into her own hands and speed up their relationship. So standing on her top toes slightly, she placed a small and subtle kiss on the small of the neck bore before herself. A smile spread widely across her face when their was a shiver and goosebumps form.

Sasuke now turned, releasing himself from the girls grasp, and looked down surprised at the blonde. When an innocent look met him wide eyes, a small chuckle emitted from the olders throat.

"That was my imagination, no?" he asked mockingly, teasing Naru lightly with his faked curious look.

"Is this?" Was the answer he got before both of their lips were suddenly occupied by each other. The kiss that started off as a semi-casual kiss quickly turned to a passionate one, due to Naru of course. But she did not fight him when he tried to take control of the newly sparked passion.

Sasuke took advantage of his new freedom to her small body and lifted her up, to toss her softly onto the bed. Never breaking the passion they shared through their lips. Sasuke pushed himself slightly on top of Naru but did not intrude her space in fear of pushing too far and losing his chance. At what? Even he did not know in his young mind.

Their kiss lasted just a tad too long for Naru as she now placed kisses lower down Sasuke's face and to her destination. His bare and untainted jaw line and neck. She sucked and kissed everywhere she could, wanting to mark him but afraid of what might come of it so she only left little bites. Temporary marks, that would only last a few hours.

Sasuke moved to appease the girls wants and moves, and moaned as she bit his ear lobe lightly, sucking the flesh that could be tainted. Sasuke moaned and pressed his body against hers heavily in appreciation. Naru smiled at the action and continued til their was a large bite mark and a purple mark on his ear lobe.

"I take it you approve?" Naru whispered lightly before licking the now tender flesh, earning another moan and shiver.

"Very much. Will you?" the raven asked devilishly before taking control of the situation and kissing the neck bore before him. Leaving purple marks and hickeys in the once pure flesh. But he didn't spend his time their long as Naru melwed and moaned below him pressing her body pleasurably against his own. Encouraging him to move lower and bite and play on his collarbone then the hem of her dress. Sasuke pulled at the hem of her dress questioningly and looked up in a begging way.

When he got a look and nod of approval he immediately blushed with excitement, the same excitement that already tainted the blondes face below him. He took the loose dress and pulled it lower and saw as Naru arched her back as the cold air welcomed her warm and sensitive breasts. Sasuke blushed deeply at the sight before him and felt a rush of heat go down his body to his groin.

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