"Jun-kun, a letter from mom and dad just arrived!"

"I'll be down in a minute." replied Jun.

"Hmmm, ah! Uwah! You really need to read about this now, Jun-kun!" said Nori.

Hinaichigo ran up to Nori and said, "I wanna see! I wanna see! Let me read the letter na no~!"

"Like Chibi ichigo could read a letter desu. Let Chibi ningen read it aloud desu!" commented Suiseiseki.

"Hold on, I'll read it then."

said Shinku.

At that moment, Jun arrived in the living room and said,

"Okay, okay, I'm here! Let me read it."

Dear Jun,

We've heard of your recent decision to return to School from Nori. We are so proud of you Son! We're sorry we ever doubted you. However, We feel that Public School Education won't be enough for you. We've decided to send you to Mahora Academy Junior High for Boys near Tokyo. You'll be transferred after summer. Don't worry, we've also taken the liberty of transferring Nori to St. Ursula's High School for Girls, which is also in the same area as Mahora, and have taken a loan on a house near Mahora.


Mom and Dad.

"... Ah! Then we'll move desu? When?" asked Suiseiseki.

"Let's see, if today's the 15th, we'll have to move by next week." replied Nori.

Jun interrupted, "This is so like them. What'll we do for uniforms then! And transportation!"

To his amazement, Shinku replied, "Don't worry about that Jun. Another note fell out of the envelope."

P. S.

Your uniforms will arrive at your new house by the 24th. A mover will come on the 20th.

"... So that's that. I wonder how my new school will be like?" said Nori.

Jun sighed and said, "Okay, we'll go! We better begin packing tomorrow then! Wait, how will the dolls get there?"

"We can go thru the N-Field. You'll have to bring one of us along. There's bound to be a mirror there anyway." replied Shinku.

"Fine. Who will I bring? I'd rather not bring Suiseiseki, she'll talk too much in the car."

"What was that for Chibi Ningen? I'm the best at navigating the field desu! I promise not to talk then desu." said Suiseiseki.

"That settles it! We're going! We have a week to prepare, and say goodbye to everyone. Be sure to tell Tomoe-chan Jun. She'll miss Hina." finished Nori. She chuckled, then added in an inaudible whisper. "and you."

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