Marcus gave me a lot to think about. There are so many questions I now have. All of them surround one thought. Nesse. Who is this intriguing creature? Obviously, I shouldn't go to them. They don't know me and I don't trust them. I am still drawn to them. It is as if she haunts me. I have never even seen her yet she stars in my dreams. I must see her. I would go to her but how? Then it came to me I my father said she was last seen in the Amazon. I will have her brought to me. I have to talk to the guard. I will have my way.

Mrs. Black

"Nesse, what are your plans for today?" Jacob inquired.

"Ummm can't we just stay in bed all day? It is after all our Honeymoon."

"Whatever my princess wants" He said in his best sultry voice.

She touched the side of his face and images of him and her making love in the deepest part of the Amazon. Colors and jungle sounds echoing through our minds was exotic and completely sexy.

They made love all day and part of the night until they fell asleep tangled into each other.

Life can't get any better than this she thought. She was finally married to her best friend, confident and lover. He was made for her and she knew it from day one. Not many people understood their connection even her family had a huge problem at first. Time and Jacob's unwavering love, protection and loyalty finally won them over. Dad still has issues but what dad wouldn't?

The morning songs of nature were awaking us along with my husband's arousal, which began another round or two of Honeymooners delight. I am so glad we decided to wait until he made me his completely until after the wedding. He always knew what was best for me and could be as stubborn as I am. I don't know where he got the will power because I didn't make it any easy for him. It was definitely worth the wait and now he is like primal and inhibited, controlled turned to uncontrollable need for one another.

Mom and Dad surprised us with a trip to the Amazon to visit our old and dear friends. They were at our wedding. We had a traditional wedding for a non-traditional couple. Imagine the irony of the two tribes, the cold ones and wolf pack under the same tent. The two tribes are bound to hate one another to be united because two fell in love was like the classic fairy tale.

"Honey when was the last time you hunted? You look exhausted. Beautiful but exhausted."

"I guess I lost track of time, how long have we been here?"
"Two weeks I guess."

"I guess we better go hunt, I'll race you." She giggled and took off running.

Jacob waited a second as he watched his angel take flight. He was mesmerized once again of her beauty. He phased and took off running after her. She smelled the jungle cat and pounced on it like a pro. Her hunting was even graceful and seductive.

All of a sudden the hair on his neck instinct of the rawest nature occurred. He sensed danger nearby and his only thought was to protect his love. His knew this scent, it was a member of the guard he just knew it. He growled and hissed. He ran toward them wanting to stop them before they found Nesse. Before he knew it he was surrounded by three guards, Alex, Jane and Demetri. Damn it. They wanted Nesse and there was no way in hell he was gonna let that happen. I was able to send a telepathic message to Leah to tell the Cullens what was happening. "If I don't survive at least I will know that her family will find and protect her. " He pondered.

Nesse ran up to me as Jane was doing her psycho pain thing. He seen the look of pain shoot across Nesse's face a look I never want to see again. He gave her all the love he could muster in one glance and bowed my head to rest. He hoped his death would be quick and that Nesse would be safe. It took all of his will power to phase back to human form. He looked up at the love of his life and with his dying breath told his angel that he loved her one last time.

Nesse screamed and held Jacob so tight her fingers bled. He was her everything and he died trying to protect her. Her screams turned to silent promises as she swore they would pay, she would have to stay alive for that to happen. She turned to the guard with an eerie calm. She bent down and took his necklace she gave him and a lock of his hair and walked silently way. She knew what they were taking her to Italy where she would seek her revenge she just didn't know how or if she could. They were a powerful family. She began to have this rage inside of her she never experienced before. She only knew of love even when her family was about to all be slaughtered ten years ago she never felt this hatred she has now. The intense feeling numbed her briefly and she began to sob. She didn't like this strange new feeling.

They loaded up onto the private jet set to Italy, of course and she looked up at her captures with such pity. I bet they never loved anyone like she loved her Jake. Her hate began to ease but it was still not quite gone yet. She never wanted her mother this bad before. She would know what to do. Her mother, Bella was brave and fiercely protective. Her mother would have been able to protect Jake, where she had failed. She was so mad at herself for failing. She was angry even at Jake for making her fall in love with him and leaving her. She would never fall in love again she swore. He will always be her first, last and only love.