She is taking Poplar out for a walk on a beautiful afternoon.

The little grey pup is so happy. Her little body romps up and down the sidewalk, going as far from her human companion as the leash allows.

As they take a turn the corner, Poplar begins to yip excitedly. Her tail is going haywire, wagging this way and that.

The woman giggles. "What's up, Poplar? Whazzat?"

Poplar looks up at her and barks, excited for something that was down the street.

Well, make that someone.

As they walk further down the street, the woman realizes why Poplar is so excited.

It's that man from before—that man with the sign that read, "The end is nigh."

As the two approach him, Poplar's tail was wagging so fierce she was wagging her butt, as well.

The little dog stands on her hind legs, wanting attention from the stranger.

"Ooh! I'm sorry," the woman says, smiling apologetically. "She just loves people."

The man bends down to pet the small dog, his face almost void of expression.

As he does this, the woman can't help but examine his facial features. Something about him is familiar.

She is still trying to place his face when he stands up straight and meets her gaze.

"Hey... have we met before?" she asks, tilting her head to the side.

He opens his mouth the say something, but instead closes it and shakes his head.

She is disappointed. "Oh, I see. It's just that you look so familiar."

Once Poplar seems satisfied from the attention she receives, the woman begins to walk down the street once more.

She waves to the red-headed man. "Have a nice day~!" Poplar follows faithfully, happy as a clam.

Half a block down the street, she stops in her track. She turns to look back down the street, but the man is no where to be seen.

She just realized that the man was unshaven. Just like Rorschach.


What's gonna happen next?!

And I hope you are enjoying how fast I've been posting.

I wanted to make it up to you guys for waiting when I was on hiatus.