Just a little one shot about New Moon. Its off the movie that premiered last night, of course, I got to watch it at 10:00 pm, cause I'm awesome. But anyway. I hope everyone liked the movie. I might think of another one shot to add to this as well, from the movie. It's not going to be long though.

"I'll come back once you put the dog out." Alice sneered uncharacteristically at Jacob.

"Bite me." He replied with the same amount of venom in his voice.

"I would, but I don't want to get fleas." She shot back, and left through the backdoor, shooting over her shoulder on the way out, "You should get a spray bottle Bella, just in case you doesn't behave."

Jacob started shaking, "Where's some bloody sunlight when you need it."

Bella refrained from replying that vampires only sparkled in the sunlight.

See, short. It would be nice to get some reviews, even if to only to discuss the movie.

Tashie xo