The Crooked Creek Ranch is five thousand acres of high rolling hills and lush green valleys with a thick forest of trees and thickets and a private riding trail on it's borders, as well as the creek that winds around and through the property, thus giving it it's name. My grandfather bought the property with the money he inherited from his own grandfather in the early 1900's. With the help of his my grandmother he worked the land and built what started as a modest house, barn and stable up to the thirty five hundred square foot, sprawling mansion, and the two story, five hundred square foot barn, as well as the two thousand square foot stable it is stable houses sixteen horses, it is heated and air conditioned, and has a very spacious birthing stall with all the modern devices needed to keep the horses and live stock well cared for. There are also 4 corrals, each with a circumference of a mile across that are used for breaking and training horses, and a very large blacksmith workshop. The horses are some of the best breeds that money can buy. Four show horses, 2 Arabians and 2 Thorough Breds, all first-place winners in their divisions.

The Cullens are well known for being one of the most influiential families in Dallas, and throughout the North American Region. Carlisle and Esme passed the ranch down to their youngest son Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. Edward continued in his mother and grandfather's footsteps in running the ranch but also went to college studied and worked hard to be come one of the world's best veternarians. After graduating from college, he returned to the ranch and Dallas and began working fulltime at the ranch. With in just a few short years he had become a world renowned veternarian. Now, he had added even more wealth, power and prestige to his family's name, and as happy as he was with that, Edward realized his life still wasn't complete. He realized he was missing that special someone to share it with. He noticed this even more so when he was together with his two older brothers and their wives as well as his mother and father. Edward was very picky in his choosing, the woman who won his heart had to be a kind and loving woman, as well as intelligent, and of course beautiful too. That didn't seem like much to ask for, but he found it to be rather hard until he attended a charity dinner for children with rare diseases.

Isabella Marie Swan, a stunningly beautiful 25 year old woman, was the one who caught Edward's eye. She was making her way to the stage to give a welcoming speech when Edward first laid eyes on her.

Chapter 1


I watched intently as the unknown woman made her way up the steps, and onto the stage to introduce herself and give a welcome speech to all the attending guests. I watched as she sauntered across the stage to the microphone and was mesmerized by her musical voice. Her delicate, five foot, six inch tall frame was the exact opposite of my large, six foot, two inch frame. Her dark brown, almond-shaped eyes a vast contrast to my piercing, emerald green eyes. I sported a head full of wild bronze colored hair, while the young woman's hair was a mixture of chocolate brown and red, ringlet curls that hung down her back to her waist. Her skin was as flawless and fair as alabaster, which is a great difference to my dark sun-tanned skin. In my own opinion we are both exquisite looking people.

I found that I couldn't take my eyes off of her while she made her speech nor could I keep myself from watching intently as she passed by me. I now knew her name was Isabella and that she was the most beautiful woman walking the face of the earth. By the end of the evening I intended to know more than that about her. Isabella has completely captivated me with her physical beauty as well as the inner beauty I saw radiating from inside her. Apparently I was so captivated that I didn't realize one of my older brothers had walked up beside me and was talking to me.

" Edward!", Jasper exclaimed. " Huh? What? Oh Jasper, I didn't notice you there, sorry man.", I told him as he stood there with an amused expression on his face. He looked to be straining to hold in a gut busting laugh.

" Are you alright brother? You looked a little lost there for a minute.", as he let go of the laughter he'd been trying to hold back.

" Yes, Jasper, I'm fine. Thank you. I was just in deep thought.", I told him. " Okay, just checking because I've been standing here calling your name for about 5 minutes.", he replied.

I apologized to him again and he just laughed while he shook his head and said, " Seems Miss Swan really got your attention."

I thought about his words and knew within myself I had without a doubt found the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I made up my mind then and there I would do whatever it took for her to become mine.

I smiled and replied, " You are right about that Jasper, but she has more than my attention, that woman already has me wrapped around her little finger."