Every year it was the same thing. Hours upon hours were spent wrestling with ornamental paper that always ended up looking like confetti. She honestly did not know why she put so much effort into such a transient thing. There really should be some type of reward for conquering such an Olympian task. If she were comparing the time spent fighting with the damn paper versus its actual life span her efforts truly would seem pointless. It never stayed long enough for her to appreciate its ascetic value. Instead it was mercilessly pulverized by him every year. The only way that it could truly be worth the time and effort was if it was left alone longer than its current one minute life span.

Then again she knew that that was untrue; in order for it to be enjoyed properly by everyone its one minute life span was an unfortunate necessity. The quick exhilaration while turning the festive paper into confetti and then the, hopefully, invigorating climax were her reward. Watching the excitement and then complete happiness over take his face always filled her with a unique rush of pleasure and contentment that could not be replicated.

All in all the traditional wrapping of Christmas gifts was a necessary evil. Now if only she could get Inuyasha to clean up his own mess.