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The sound of a blade, unsheathed and the press of cold metal to my skin jerks me from my day dream.

"What are you talking about, onna?" asks a voice from behind me. "You better hope it's not me!"

The threatening tone gives me warning. I turn around and meet the blood-red eyes of the little fire demon, known as Hiei.

"Hiei! I wasn't talking about anything."

"Hn!" he replaces the sword and looks me over. I know what he sees. Short burnt-orange hair, one blue eye and a part of my face. I always try to at least hide in the ever-present shadows of my room the disfigurement of my body.

I relax in the softness of the pillows behind me. I'm not afraid of the threat. It's pointless to even consider the fact that he would hurt me. But I can't resist the temptation.

"Delicious!" I repeat. And this time, I look him straight in the eyes. "Your scent, I mean. It is like smoke. The scent of fire is on you. You always come in here and it is like you have just burned down an entire forest."

"And you find the scent of destruction alluring?" he asks. It is like he is hard-pressed to believe that.

"Not destruction. Power." I reply and we lapse into silence, for he disappears from my room.

Weeks pass and there is no reply from the border patrol. The feeling I have is one of uneasiness. And then, one night, I feel it. Burnt wood, mixed with old and new blood. Unconsciously, my nostrils flair.

"You really should control yourself, onna! One might think you…" he does not go further than that, for his own sense of smell catches something. I know what it is.

"Yes, Hiei?" I ask. "Something wrong?"

"Nothing." This time, I feel the killing intent. Hah! Such simple things as a scent can make him react. Cold fury sweeps his form.

"Hiei! Stop!" I call just as he is about to exit the room. He faces me and I can see his eyes. They watch me as I rise from my bed. "Next time you decide to enter my room, knock first!" I smile at him and he disappears from my sight. As soon as he does, I also exit my room. A shadow reveals itself in front of me and asks in a breathy voice: "Mistress, what is your wish?"

"Seal off the fortress. We are leaving!"

"Yes, my lady!"

I hear the tell-tale sound of doors closing. "Next time, you find me, Hiei!"

A human life-time passes. And, as I languidly stretch myself in my room, I feel it. Fire, wood and blood.

"You ran away. I dislike having to search for something."

I smirk. "I remember telling you to knock the next time."



"Mint and blood. Weird combination."

I am confused. And it shows. My body tenses for an attack. But none comes. He seats himself at my desk. Red collides with blue. Power pulses from our auras.

"That is your scent. I had to concentrate hard to find you again. But this time, I am not forgetting it."

"Mint? I smell of mint?" And I laugh. He just smirks and puts his sword at his side, on the floor.

"Onna, never again leave."

This is as much of a declaration as I could ever get from him. I relax again and I smile.

"If you don't!"

"Hm! I think I could learn to like mint!"