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1) Forest children are born every ten years and there aren't any limits to how many are born a year.
2) Forest children age rapidly when they are young but they then stop growing. They grow very, very slowly after the point of 20, meaning a forest child could be 40 and still look 20.
3) They are born with only 2 senses. The other senses develop later. The first 2 senses will be the strongest and they vary for every forest child. The 3
rd one develops when they are 2 years old, then the 4th
sense develops when their 4 years old and then the last one develops when they are 5.
4) Forest children have their own animal form, a form in which they can transform into whenever they want but they only have 1.
5) They can control up to 2 elements from the forest. Elements: Earth, Water, Lightning, Fire, Wind.
6) Forest children seek out lush, green environments due to their connection with the forest.
7) They are born like every other human being, but they are identified with a special birthmark like the forest's mark, an acorn (of all things the forest would pick...) on their body.

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The Fateful Accident

Wednesday, 12:45pm,
23rd May 1934,
Outskirts of Central,
Mustang Manor.

Roy Mustang was happily married to Riza Hawkeye, the one woman that manage to capture his heart, the woman he cared for with all his heart, the woman who was caught in an accident.

Roy had rushed to the hospital when his best friend, Maes Hughes, had came running into his office and told him the news. Roy dismissed his work before driving to the hospital.

Wednesday, 12:56pm,
23rd May 1934,
Central Hospital,
With Roy Mustang.

When he entered the white walls of the hospital, with Hughes right behind him, he went straight to the front desk and demanded to know what had happened to his wife. The nurse shuttered and when he got the whole story, he was pale and shaking all over.

Riza. His Riza was injured very, very badly. She had managed to protect a young pedestrian while she took the impact of the accident. A car had crashed into her and she was sent flying. She went through a shop window, the glass shattering and cutting her skin and worse still, the metal shutter came loose and slammed right into her abdomen, splitting her skin open.

He was led – by Hughes – to the waiting room where they waited and waited and waited. Finally after what felt like decades, a doctor approached them and they both stood up. It was very clear that he had just come out of the operating room as his white uniform had smudges of drying blood and his entire posture spelt exhaustion.

"Are you here for the young woman?"

Roy nodded, not trusting his lips as they felt like rubber. Hughes was behind him and looked between the doctor and his best friend, his face etched into a mask of concern and worry. The doctor sighed and looked at them both carefully.

"What's your relationship with the young woman?"

"Husband," Roy muttered.

"Friend," Maes said, nodding his head to Roy.

The doctor nodded.

"I am Doctor Charles," the doctor introduced himself, right hand offered to the men.

"Roy Mustang."

"Maes Hughes," Maes said, shaking the doctor's hand as he introduced himself.

"I see... The young woman is alive but she isn't out of the woods just yet. There was a huge gash across her abdomen and there was internal bleeding. We had to immediately operate on her, to stop the bleeding. We managed to do so and we stitched the wound shut."

Roy paled greatly. What if he lost her? He could never move on. She was the most important person – besides Hughes – to him.

"Can... Can we... Can we please see her?"

The doctor nodded and placed a firm hand on Roy's shoulder.

"I should warn you, her wounds look worse than they really are. She was littered with scratches from the glass but worry not, we treated her to the best of our capabilities. Give her time and she'll recover. Now we have moved her to Room 226 but please wait for a nurse to guide you. They're still setting up the room. Be patient."

The doctor gave Roy a pat on the back before he moved on – probably to get changed and some rest. Maes looked at his friend and his eyes softened. He knew what his friend was going through. Riza was the only woman he cared for deeply. She was his wife and one of his best friends.

"Roy, everything's going to work out fine. Riza will pull through, she's a strong woman. She'll make it Roy."

Roy shook his head. "What if she doesn't? What if she's not going to pull through? What will happen then?"

Hughes remained silent. Being a Forest Child himself, he could understand what Roy was going through. Forest Children cared very deeply for their loved ones and especially their partner. Roy's partner was Riza and he was over the top worried about her.

Maes gripped Roy's shoulder and shook him. "Roy! Snap out of it! Don't give up! She's still here and you have to do everything you can to help her! Don't leave her alone, Roy!"

Roy looked at his best friend with wide eyes. He was about to respond when a nurse approached them.

"Mr. Mustang?"

Roy looked at the nurse and Maes followed him. The nurse took a step forward.

"Doctor Charles told me to bring you to the patient's room. Please follow me."

With that the nurse turned on her white heels before walking down the white corridors of the hospital. Maes and Roy exchanged a glance before Maes let go of Roy's shoulder and they both made their way after the nurse.

The walk was silent except for the occasional slamming of the door and the nurses and doctors making their way around the building. Finally Room 226 came into view and Maes felt his friend stiffened but continued to walk after the nurse.

When the door opened, Roy immediately stepped forward and went to his wife's side. She was littered with scratches and she was asleep – judging from the slow deep breathes with the rise and fall of her chest.

Roy plopped down on the closest chair and watched his wife with wide eyes. Maes looked at his friend before he looked at Riza. She was pale – nearly as pale as the white sheets that were draped on top of her – but she somehow looked neutral.

"Roy. She'll be fine. You won't lose her and believe me, she'll pull through. She always will."

Roy remained quiet, still looking at his wife. "I pray she does Maes... I don't know what I'll do without her..."


Wednesday, 12:05pm,
30th May 1934,
Central Hospital,
With Roy Mustang.

It's been a week since the accident and Riza had awoken the next day and it was a great relief for Roy. He stayed with her the whole day but she was mostly asleep as the pain medicine did its job and kept the pain – and unfortunately her consciousness – at bay.

However due to the accident the doctor claimed that Riza would not be able to have her own children because of the angle at which the metal shutter had slammed into her abdomen. Riza was devastated as was Roy. But overall, Roy was glad that his wife had pulled through and today she can finally leave the hospital!

After signing the discharge papers, Riza was wheeled to the car park. Riza was looking out the window from the passenger seat, a depressed expression on her face, a faraway look in her eyes. Roy was driving, trying – as hard as he could – to focus on the road ahead.

"Riza dear, what's the matter?"

Riza remain quiet for a moment before she sighed and dragged her gaze away from the window and looked at her husband.

"You heard the doctor. I won't be able to have children of my own... I can't have children with you. I'm so sorry Roy," her voice cracked at the end, tears ran down her pale cheeks and she hugged her stomach.

Roy felt a pang of sorrow. Yes he wanted children, with Riza of course, but it affected Riza more than him. He pulled one hand off the steering wheel and held her trembling hands in his, rubbing them softly with his thumb.

"It'll be alright Riza. We'll pull through this. Trust me; we'll pull through this, together."


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