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Warning: boy sexing, language, disturbing mental images of Alastor Moody

Five months later

Sirius threw down his quill with an exaggerated groan of relief. It felt as though he'd been chained to his desk for weeks, his paperwork suddenly seeming to multiply faster than he could get through it, but he had finally reached the bottom of his in tray tonight. He checked the time and cursed when he realised how late it was. Alastor Moody looked up from his desk, his eyebrow crooked.

'Problem, Black?' he asked and Sirius glared at him.

'We are wizards,' he grumbled, standing and gathering the parchment on his desk into a pile. 'Can't we figure out some way to do paperwork that doesn't involve me wasting a day at my desk when I should be out in the field?'

Moody snorted and looked back down at his own parchment. 'When you work it out, Black, let me know.'

Sirius carried the sheaf of paperwork to Moody's desk and dumped it in front of the man. 'I'm off before you give me more desk work to do,' he declared, swiftly moving back to his desk and tugging his robes on. 'I swear you've been giving me some of yours as well.'

Moody chuckled and stretched. 'You'll never prove it,' he said and Sirius smiled distractedly.

He felt Moody's eyes on him as he buttoned his cloak and looked up. 'What?'

The older Auror contemplated Sirius for a moment longer then leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms behind his head. 'I've never asked because, frankly, I don't need to know the details,' he said quietly. 'But whatever went on between you and Lupin a few months ago has been affecting your work.'

Sirius, flushing deeply, opened his mouth to object, but Moody got in first. 'You've pulled yourself together a bit now,' he continued, raising a hand to warn Sirius off interrupting. 'But you were a complete fucking disaster there for a while – distracted, irritable - hence the increased amount of desk duty.'

He pushed himself to his feet, pulling his own cloak off the back of his chair and ignoring Sirius' gaping stare. 'You know, I've always respected Lupin for his honesty. He doesn't hide who he is and doesn't allow others' opinions to guide his life. There's a lot of sense in that way of living. I wish I had the courage to be so honest with myself, and with others, earlier in my life.' He glanced at Sirius with a crooked smile. 'You could do a lot worse than Lupin, Black.'

The smile changed to a smirk as he turned towards the door with a swirl of his cloak. 'Some of the best shags I've had have been with blokes. There was one...'

He winked at Sirius. 'Well, let's just say I needed a Cushioning Charm on my chairs for a week, but it was the best fucking night of my life.'

Moody's smile became wistful as he said, 'If I'd been as up front as Lupin is when I was younger, perhaps...'

He cleared his throat and shook his head, his tone matter-of-fact when he spoke. 'I don't wear my sexuality like a badge, Black, but I don't hide it either if I'm asked. If others have a problem with it, they can shove it up their arses.' He grinned again. 'Might make them understand the attraction.'

A shocked Sirius stared after the other man as he disappeared out the door. Moody was bisexual? And a bottom? Sirius closed his eyes tight, trying to block the images of the Auror getting pounded by a faceless man that assaulted his mind.

'I will not imagine Moody having sex,' he muttered to himself. His brain immediately took the opportunity to morph Moody's body into his own and the faceless partner became Remus – making Sirius groan in frustration even as his cock responded enthusiastically.

For weeks after he left the hospital he'd refused to allow himself to think of Remus, to think about how much his body craved his touch, how much he longed to hear the other man's voice in his ear. He avoided anywhere he thought he might bump into the other man and made excuses not to go to Ministry functions Remus could possibly be attending. But slowly, inevitably, Remus crept back into his head and under his skin, memories of their few stolen moments together planting the seeds for more graphic and detailed fantasies to which Sirius had been wanking himself raw for weeks.

It had been a slow acceptance but when he found himself coming explosively one night, three fingers jammed up his own arse and Remus' name on his lips, he couldn't deny any longer two things: he was definitely bisexual, and he was madly, incontrovertibly in love with Remus Lupin.

He hadn't come out to anyone but James and Lily – not brave enough to do it without Remus' support and hand to hold – but he knew now that while he might still be worried about some of the reactions he might get, he wasn't ashamed of who he was. He'd never felt as at peace with himself as he did now – having finally acknowledged that part of him that he'd always pushed aside, hidden away.

And he had Remus to thank for that.

James had suggested he see Remus, adding that the other man was working himself to the bone, quietly miserable, in James' opinion, but hiding it well.

'Better than you, anyway,' he'd noted as Sirius had cursed loudly and creatively as he spilled ink on his parchment.

'I'm not fucking miserable,' he'd shot back, but James had just raised a sceptical eyebrow and walked away.

But Sirius hadn't yet gathered enough courage to face Remus and apologise for his behaviour, for hurting him so badly. And, he hated to admit to himself, he was scared that James was wrong and that Remus had moved on. He couldn't stand knowing if Remus was seeing someone else, knowing that he didn't want to be with Sirius anymore.

He much preferred ignorance to knowledge in this instance.

He sighed and flicked his wand at the wall light, extinguishing it. Enough moping about – he was tired and hungry and, he checked his watch, very late for dinner.

'She's going to gut me,' he mumbled to himself as he hurried from the Auror offices.


'Is there something I can do to help?'

Lily Potter looked up and grinned. 'Remus!' she said cheerfully, coming forward to hug him. 'I didn't hear you arrive.'

'James let me in,' he explained, inhaling deeply. 'Gods, Lily. That smells fantastic.' He peered into a pan, reaching in for a chunk of meat when Lily slapped his hand.

'You can wait a few minutes,' she admonished lightly and he chuckled.

He had been a regular visitor at the Potters' home since he and James had become friends. Lily and he had taken to each other like a Niffler to a shiny Sickle and he adored little eighteen-month-old Harry who, as if he'd heard Remus' thoughts, toddled into the room with his father close behind him.

'Weemooss!' he cried, holding his arms up for Remus to pick him up. Lily laughed at her son's mangling of Remus' name.

'Perhaps we should try something easier for him to call me,' Remus said with a chuckle, tickling Harry. 'How about Moony? Can you say that, Harry? Moony?'

'Mooey,' Harry said obediently and the adults grinned.

'Pete used to call me Moony at school,' Remus said, jiggling Harry up and down as he chanted, 'MooeyMooeyMooey'.

'Is that because of the lycanthropy?' Lily asked and Remus grinned wickedly.

'No,' he said, grin changing to a smirk and James burst into raucous peals of laughter.

'I have to hear that story,' he demanded, grabbing Remus' arm and leading him to the living room.

Lily snatched Harry out of Remus' arms before he left, saying, 'I think that we can wait until he is at least two before his innocence is shattered.'

Remus laughed as James dragged him into the living room, shoving a generous glass of Ogden's into his hand. Remus told him the tale of how he got his nickname, noticing that James' eyes kept sliding nervously to the fireplace.

'And just as I pulled my pants down, the Headmaster came around the corner...' Remus said, sipping the drink.

James laughed, his gaze shifting again to the Floo.

'Are you alright?' Remus asked, putting his drink on a small table next to the couch. 'You look... distracted.'

James' hazel eyes widened behind his glasses and he opened his mouth, but before he could say a word, the Floo flared into life. James shot to his feet, staring at the green flames in trepidation before he turned to Remus.

'I'm sorry,' he said quickly. 'This was Lily's idea.'

Remus frowned, standing slowly. 'James, what are you talking...?' he said, the words drying up as he saw a red-cloaked Sirius Black step out of the fireplace.


Sirius barely glanced up as he stepped out of the Floo, vaguely aware of the others' presence as he brushed the soot off his clothes and began to apologise.

'I know I'm late,' he said hastily, thinking he'd get in before Lily realised he was here and started yelling. 'I had a fucking tower of paperwork and don't think I didn't see that the report for the Chandler case was somehow left on my desk, Potter.'


He looked up, smiling at James before he realised that the other person in the room wasn't Lily. His jaw dropped as joy and fear battled for prominence inside him.

'Hello, Sirius,' a remarkably calm looking Remus said, but Sirius could see the shock and anxiety in his eyes.

'Remus,' he whispered, unable to take his eyes off the other man.

Gods, but he looked good despite the faint shadowing under his eyes and the deeper furrows in his brow. Remus looked away, glancing at James and reminding Sirius of the scheming that had brought them to this point. He glared at his friend who held up his hands defensively. 'I swear, I tried to talk her out of it...'

'Interfering bint,' Sirius muttered and, sensibly, James didn't try to defend his wife.

'I... er... might go and tell her we're ready for dinner,' James said, hastily exiting the room, leaving Remus and Sirius alone.

There was an awkward silence, Sirius sneaking a quick look at Remus and starting when he caught the werewolf staring at him. They both averted their eyes immediately then Remus said, 'You've been busy then?'

Sirius blinked, staring at him. Had Remus been asking about him? His heart leapt up into his throat and he stuttered, 'W...what makes you say that?'

Remus frowned and gestured to his robes. 'Work robes, and you were late,' he replied and Sirius exhaled.

'Yeah,' he said disheartened. 'I've been busy. You?'

Remus nodded, shoving his hands in his pockets as he studied the floor. 'I... I got my legislation passed,' he murmured and Sirius' face broke out into an involuntary smile.

'I heard,' he said, wanting nothing more than to hug the other man. 'You worked hard on it, Remus. Congratulations.'

Remus looked up and his hesitant smile made Sirius' breath hitch. 'Remus...' he began just as Lily Potter poked her head cautiously into the room.

'Dinner,' she said, eyes shifting from one man to the other. 'Keep it civil; Harry's in here.'

'Should've thought of that earlier,' Sirius muttered, loudly enough for her to hear and, although she didn't react, her cheeks flushed.

Dinner was excruciating. Lily tried to keep the conversation going, Remus tried valiantly as well, but James sat in uncomfortable near-silence and Sirius sulked, shooting Lily glares that could bring down a dragon in between glances at Remus.

His heart ached just looking at him and every time their legs touched accidentally under the table, sensation thrummed through him. He watched, little things causing an unbearable longing to well up inside him: Remus' hands, and the way those long fingers wrapped around the stem of the wine glass, the way his throat undulated with every swallow, the way his tongue snuck out from between his lips to capture every last drop of wine. By the end of the meal, Sirius' cock was hard and throbbing and he was only barely managing to restrain himself from reaching out to touch the other man.


He jumped, looking up at James. 'What?' he asked, having obviously missed the question.

'I said would you like a Firewhiskey?'

'Oh,' he said, surreptitiously adjusting himself so his erection wasn't tenting his trousers before he stood. 'Sure, just one.'

He sat on the edge of the couch, staring into his drink. Remus was playing with Harry and laughing, each low, melodic note making Sirius' heart clench painfully. He racked his brain for an excuse to leave early without offending James or Lily; it hurt too much to be around Remus who had so obviously managed to get over him.

'I think it's time for Harry to go to bed,' Lily said, breaking into Sirius' thoughts and he watched her take Harry from Remus.

Sirius waved good night to the toddler as Lily left the room with him, followed closely by James. He was surprised when Remus stood as well and emptied his glass of Firewhiskey in one long pull.

'I should go,' he murmured, putting his glass on the coffee table. 'This is awkward and you should spend some time with James and Lily...'

'Don't go,' Sirius said quickly, standing as well. 'I... It's good to see you...'

Remus let out a harsh, humourless laugh. 'Yeah, well, I'm sorry I'm not as evolved as you because this is fucking torture,' he spat, pulling his robes off a hook near the fireplace. 'It's too damn hard being in the same room as you, Sirius.'

Sirius' skin prickled as his heart hammered out a staccato beat. 'I miss you,' he blurted out as the other man reached for the Floo Powder. He saw Remus' hand falter then fall to his side.

'Merlin, Sirius,' Remus whispered, his back still to Sirius. 'Why are you doing this to me?'

'Because I'm sorry,' he said, moving swiftly to stand beside Remus. 'I'm so fucking sorry. I was a coward – a complete and utter coward – for pushing you away. I... I wasn't ready and I hurt you, but I've had months to get used to this and... I want to be with you. So badly.'

Remus exhaled long and low and leaned heavily against the fireplace, his head bowed. 'Gods, do you have any idea how many nights I dreamed I'd hear you say that?' he whispered, shaking his head. There was a moment of silence that felt like it lasted hours before Remus said softly, 'How do I know you won't run away again? I can't take another broken heart, Sirius.'

'Because I'm not scared if I've got you,' Sirius said, gripping Remus' hand. 'You're my safe place, Remus. I'm not stupid enough to give that up twice.'

Remus turned his head slowly, looking at Sirius directly for the first time. Sirius felt the sizzle of connection, of an elemental attraction, and knew without a doubt that this is where he belonged. Right next to Remus. 'You're ready to be public?' Remus asked, eyes sweeping over Sirius' face. 'You want to hold my hand in public, kiss me even if people might see...'

'I'll shag you in the Ministry Atrium if that's what you want,' Sirius declared and the corner of Remus' mouth turned up.

'I don't know if we'd need to go that far,' he murmured and Sirius smiled, reaching out to brush the hair off Remus' forehead.

'I'll do anything for you, Remus,' he said softly. 'Anything.'

Remus stared at him, the battle waging inside him playing out in his eyes. 'I missed you too,' he said finally and Sirius whimpered, throwing himself across the small space between them to crush his lips to the other man's.

The kiss was hungry and frantic as they tried to relearn everything about each other in that one lip lock. Sirius wrapped his arms around Remus' neck, trying to get closer, to mould their bodies together to make up for the months when his every cell screamed for contact. Remus' arms were like iron bands around his waist, holding Sirius tight to him as if he was afraid Sirius would disappear again.

Sirius tore his lips from Remus' and carded his fingers through the light-brown hair, peppering kisses all over the other man's face and making him laugh joyfully. Sirius smiled as well, chuckling as he leaned back, eyes devouring Remus' flushed cheeks, swollen lips and lust-blown pupils.

It was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

'My place or yours?' Remus asked, a little uncertainty flickering in those blue eyes.

'Yours,' Sirius said decisively, pressing his body firmly along the length of Remus'. He brushed his lips over Remus' and murmured, 'I've been dreaming about you fucking me in your bed.'

Remus whimpered softly and smashed their lips back together again.

A muted squeal broke the kiss then Sirius heard James say dryly, 'I really did not need to know that, Sirius.'

'Then you shouldn't have been eavesdropping,' he retorted, not taking his eyes off Remus. 'Thanks for dinner, Lils, but we really need to get going.'

Remus smiled, his eyes lighting up with pleasure as Sirius' arms tightened around him. 'Thank them then take me home,' Sirius ordered softly and he felt the shiver that shook Remus' body.

'Thanks for dinner,' Remus said, gripping Sirius' upper arms. 'I'll talk to you both later...'

Then he turned on the spot and Apparated, leaving a laughing Lily gloating, 'I told you it'd work!'


Remus wasn't sure how he did it, but somehow he managed to Apparate Sirius and himself into his bedroom without splinching off anything they were going to be needing later. Before their feet hit the ground, Sirius' mouth was on his, moving with fierce intent, and their fingers were already working at each others' buttons and zips, an ominous tearing sound ignored by them both. By the time they tumbled onto the bed, Remus was light-headed and drew back, panting.

'Sirius, are you...?'

'If you ask me if I'm sure I want to do this, I'm going to fucking scream,' Sirius interrupted his voice thick. 'For the last five months, I've been wanking to this fantasy with three fingers shoved up my arse. Remus, I'm sure.'

Heat slammed into Remus, his body burning as Sirius' words set every nerve ending on fire.

'Gods,' he moaned but instead of doing what he desperately wanted to and plunge into Sirius right then and there, he moved away, putting some space between them.

Sirius sat up on the edge of the bed. 'Remus?'

'We have to slow down,' he murmured, running a hand through his already tousled hair. 'This is going too fast...'

'Too fast? Remus, it's been months...'

'I don't want to hurt you,' Remus said roughly. 'This is... fuck, this is your first time, Sirius. I want to make it good for you and I can't if I'm this worked up.'

Sirius shut his mouth then nodded, pushing himself off the bed and moving to stand in front of Remus. 'Okay,' he said soothingly, stroking his hand down Remus' partially exposed chest then smiling a wicked-looking smile. 'I'll slow down.'

'Why,' thought Remus, 'does that not sound reassuring?'


Sirius flattened both his palms over Remus' abdomen, feeling the muscles tighten at the touch, then dragged them slowly up, up, up. He watched Remus' face as his fingers traced each rib, as they flicked and lightly pinched each nipple, as they glided along the curve of his collar bone then finally as he cupped the other man's rough textured jaw.

'Sirius...' Remus whispered huskily and Sirius smiled.

'I'm slowing down,' he murmured, biting his lip when he saw the expression of abject frustration spread across Remus' face.

He pushed the shirt off the werewolf's shoulders, letting it fall gracefully to the floor. His hands meandered along the same path they had previously traced – backwards this time – working their way down, down, down until Remus' hard, damp bulge was filling his palm.

Remus' hands came up to grip Sirius' biceps, the man groaning when Sirius squeezed his handful lightly. With a cheeky grin, Sirius lowered himself to his knees, enjoying the sight of Remus' eyes widening in surprise then closing tight when Sirius nuzzled his face along the length of his cloth-enclosed cock. Sirius bit down carefully, rewarded with a hissed intake of breath then he flicked open the button and drew down the zip. Remus' hands clenched almost-painfully on his shoulders then Sirius thumbed the head of the thick cock through already sodden material of Remus' briefs.

The groan that rent the air was raw and guttural and so completely primal and Sirius felt an answering call pounding through his bloodstream. He took a moment to concentrate on forcing his own demanding libido down then dipped his hands inside Remus' underwear, pulling the garment swiftly down his legs. Remus' pulsing, pink cock sprang free, jutting away from the lean body proudly. Sirius' breath caught. He felt like an idiot for getting so worked up over the sight of another man's cock, but his mouth was practically watering in anticipation and he couldn't wait another minute.

'Tell me if I fuck this up,' he murmured, unable to take his eyes off his prize then he pressed his lips to the sticky head and Remus cursed loudly.

Sirius stroked his tongue over the leaking slit at the tip of Remus' cock, tentatively at first then with enthusiasm as his actions tore the most fucking amazing noises from Remus' lips. His tongue traced the thick vein that ran along the length of the underside, pressing firmly before circling the ridge of the glans. Remus' hands moved to Sirius hair and twisted as the usually loquacious man babbled incoherently. Sirius caught a few words... fuckmoregodssuckmeplease... but paid them no mind, taking his time as he drew the almost-violently red head into his mouth.

Remus' hips jerked forward, forcing half of his cock into Sirius' mouth. The tip hit the back of his throat and Sirius tried not to gag. He sucked hard as he pulled back, and Remus let out a strangled moan. If he could have, Sirius would have smirked at the tortured sound, but instead, he brought a hand up to fondle Remus' balls as he bobbed his head on his cock, slowly at first then with increasing speed and suction as one of Remus' desperate moans began to run together. Sirius scraped his teeth carefully over the sensitive head and Remus gasped loudly before his hands scrabbled at Sirius' face. Sirius frowned worriedly as Remus eased him off his cock.

'No good?' he asked, his voice hoarse, his mouth feeling utterly fucked.

'Too good,' Remus ground out, pulling Sirius to his feet then kissing him hard and fast. 'Gods, you look fantastic on your knees, your pretty mouth wrapped around my dick...'

A wave of lust crashed over Sirius and he growled, launching himself at Remus and sending them both crashing onto the bed. 'No more slow,' he muttered and Remus smirked, rolling them so he was spread across Sirius' body.

'Accio lube,' he mumbled, letting the lube hit his outstretched hand and fall to the bed as he concentrated on pressing open-mouthed kisses along Sirius' sternum.

Sirius wriggled under him, trying to hurry him up then sucked in a sharp breath when he felt Remus' hand cup his balls firmly.

'You really want me to hurry... this?' Remus murmured, tongue circling Sirius' navel while his fingers copied the concentric motion on Sirius' tightening sac. 'You really, really want me to rush... this...?'

That wet, nimble tongue licked a straight path over Sirius' abdomen to the base of his cock, pressing tiny, light kisses up the hard shaft until he reached the tip; his fingers, all the while, skating teasingly along his perineum... closer and closer to where Sirius ached for Remus to fill.

'Remus... gods, please...' Sirius begged unashamedly, arching up in an attempt to force Remus' fingers further back, but the other man seemed determined to drive him insane with need.

'I really think you need to learn some patience, Sirius,' Remus murmured, his lips dragging over the puckered skin of his sac. 'You miss a lot when you hurry...'

He sucked a ball into his mouth, sucking softly, and Sirius whimpered, hands gripping the sheet under him as he writhed helplessly. 'Remus... Remus...' he whispered, the name becoming a mantra as Remus' tongue laved and stroked over his balls, his perineum, his...

Sirius' eyes snapped open and he stared down at Remus, who had stilled, looking back at him.

'No?' Remus asked, his mouth moving against Sirius' thigh before he kissed the smooth flesh.

'Remus, that is...' Sirius began, but Remus shifted his lips back between his legs and Sirius jolted as he felt the wet swipe of a tongue over his hole.

'Want me to stop?' Remus said, his voice muffled then that soft muscle traced the rim of the puckered hole, making the nerve endings there tingle and spark.

It was dirty, it was filthy and obscene, but Sirius found himself spreading his legs like a wanton slut and whispering urgently, 'Don't stop.'

Remus' moan reverberated right through Sirius' core, sending flames rushing through his veins, infusing every single molecule. Sirius' hands grappled feverishly for something to ground him and his fingers closed tightly around the bars of Remus' cast iron bed head just as the man's tongue breached him. Sirius' breath hitched, his body bucking off the bed as desperate desire plucked at his tightly wound nerves like a musician playing a guitar. And when Remus' fingers pushed inside him alongside his tongue, Sirius' almost-hysterical half-sob filled the room.

'I can't,' he panted, throat dry, muscles flexed so tightly to try and halt his orgasm that it was painful. 'I'll... please... Remus...'

Remus raised his head, eyes darkened with something so primal, so animalistic that Sirius wasn't surprised by the growl the other man emitted before he grunted, 'Roll over.'

Sirius did eagerly, crushing his hard, throbbing cock against the mattress, then he felt Remus' long fingers inside him, stretching him and he pushed back, fucking himself on the thrusting digits like a two Galleon whore.

And then they were gone and he almost wept at the loss.


Remus looked down at the pale round flesh of Sirius' buttocks and wrapped a hand around the base of his cock, tightening the ring to try and stave off the orgasm he could feel threatening to burst from him as he slavered himself with lube. Finally being here with Sirius, about to fulfil all the fantasies that had both warmed him and nearly driven him mad during their separation, was almost too much to handle and he took a few deep breaths.

'Remus...' Sirius whined, pushing his hips off the bed and wriggling his arse temptingly.

'Gods, Sirius,' he moaned, biting down hard on his lip to try and distract himself. 'I'm too...'

Sirius twisted his upper body so he was looking at Remus. 'So am I,' he said, eyes blazing hot like quicksilver. 'I'm not asking for a marathon, Remus. I just want to feel what you felt. I just want you inside me.'

Remus closed his eyes, shaking now with an overpowering need that only this infuriating man in his arms had ever managed to inspire in him. He grasped Sirius' hips, turning him onto his side gently and lying down behind him. For a moment, he just lay there, face buried in silky black hair as his arm curled around Sirius' abdomen, running his fingers languidly along the hot, hard erection that pulsed between Sirius' legs.

'Sirius... I... I...' he stammered, trying to put his overwhelming emotions into words before his chest exploded from the pressure of attempting to keep them in, but his tongue tied itself into knots. He grunted softly in frustration then Sirius reached back, sliding his fingers into Remus' hair.

'Me too,' he whispered and Remus knew that the other man understood exactly what he was trying tell him.

Some of the pressure lifted and Remus let out a long exhale of relief, kissing the nape of Sirius' neck. His hand left Sirius' cock, trailing lightly along the hair-sprinkled thigh until it reached his knee then he closed his fingers around the limb and raised it, hooking his arm under it.

'It'll burn a little,' he warned, positioning himself, and Sirius nodded, slinging an arm back over Remus' hip.

'Please,' he rasped out, pushing his arse back encouragingly as he squeezed Remus' buttock. 'Please.'

Remus groaned, resting his forehead on Sirius' shoulder as he pressed forward and as the crown of his cock pushed through the virgin ring of muscle, he lost all the breath from his lungs.


Sirius hand closed reflexively around the flesh of Remus' arse as the other man entered him. It did burn – more than Sirius had expected from his own exploration – and he tensed instinctively.

'Stop?' he heard Remus whisper against the shell of his ear but he shook his head.

'No,' he breathed, inhaling and exhaling slowly, calmly. 'No, keep going.'

'That's the worst part over,' Remus assured him softly, draping Sirius' leg over his own then reaching for the slightly deflated cock. 'Distraction helps...'

He stroked slowly, from root to tip, and blood immediately rushed back to the sticky phallus. Remus twisted his wrist on the upstroke, rubbing his thumb over the leaking slit. The spilt pre-come made his hand's motion smooth and Sirius was soon moving his hips back and forth under the practised ministrations.

Remus' cock slid further inside Sirius as he moved, Remus lying submissively behind him and letting Sirius guide the depth of penetration. When Sirius felt the soft head of Remus' erection brush over his prostate, he yelped and dug his fingernails into Remus' arse.

'Fucking move,' he growled and, without a single hesitation, Remus slid all the way home.

It was an odd feeling to have another person inside him and Sirius was glad Remus had stilled, giving him time to adjust. Remus was breathing hard behind him, kissing and nipping his shoulders and neck as he slowly began to withdraw. Immediately, Sirius' body clenched down around the other man, trying to stop his departure. As strange as the sensation of being filled so thoroughly was, the sheer rightness of having Remus in him overrode everything else.

'Relax,' Remus hissed into his ear. 'For Merlin's sake, Sirius. It's going to be over in seconds if you don't.'

Sirius remembered the feeling of being inside Remus – tight and hot – and he tried to unclench. 'Better,' murmured Remus, pushing back inside him and Sirius groaned in approval. He lifted and bent his leg, digging his heel into Remus' buttock to try and pull him in deeper, hissing when the motion created a pleasurepain burn.

'Fuck me,' he ground out then gasped in surprise when he found himself face down on the bed, Remus still buried inside him.

The first stroke made him wince as Remus drove himself deep into unchartered waters, but the next and the next and the next had Sirius crying out in pleasure, arching back to meet those ploughing hips. Remus wrapped an arm around Sirius' waist then reached for his cock, fisting him hard in time with his now-frantic pace.

'Sirius... gods, you feel... So. Fucking. Amazing.'

Remus' last words were punctuated with a harder thrust of his hips, pushing Sirius higher and higher until, with Remus' last plunge, he cried out hoarsely, his orgasm suddenly crashing down over him.

As he spun out of control, he retained enough of a grasp on reality to hear Remus' broken cry of 'Sirius!' before he collapsed heavily onto Sirius' back. He groaned at the weight pressing him into the now-sticky sheets beneath him, but wasn't really complaining. After so long without Remus' touch, he wasn't ready for any kind of distance between them and, when Remus tried to move, he grumbled and quickly reached out to keep him in place.

'I'm too heavy,' Remus murmured, face buried in the crook of Sirius' neck.

Sirius smiled as Remus' breath and the fluttering of his lips tickled him then sighed when he felt Remus slide off to the side. He watched Remus pull a pillow under his head then reach for his wand, concentrating a little too hard for the simple cleansing spells he was casting.

He's stalling.

Sirius watched Remus' face intently as he lingered over the spells then returned his wand to the bedside table carefully before fussing with the sheets, pulling them over both himself and Sirius then smoothing them unnecessarily. Finally, he had no choice but to look at Sirius, his blue eyes wary and as vulnerable as Sirius had ever seen them.

'Are... are you alright?' he asked softly then he made a surprised noise in his throat as Sirius leant in and kissed him, long and deep.

'I told you,' Sirius said a little breathlessly when they pulled apart. 'This is what I want.'

The grateful, joyful smile that lit up Remus' face brought tears to Sirius' eyes and he quickly leaned in for another kiss to hide his emotional response. He felt Remus' thumb slide over his cheek – his damp cheek – and knew that he hadn't managed to disguise his reaction but, as he cupped Remus' face and his fingers came away a little wet, he knew the other man understood.


'Are you sure about this, Sirius?' Remus asked nervously, looking at the still-closed elevator doors. 'I mean, I don't expect you to make an announcement or anything. Just let them figure it out on their own. We won't hide it, but you don't have to flaunt it blatantly either.'

'Remus, I am who I am,' Sirius said blithely, his calm outward appearance doing a marvellous job of disguising the anxiety within. 'I won't hide it anymore. If I want to hug you, I will. If I want to kiss you, I will...'

The elevator door slid open and the usual raucous from the Auror's office greeted them. Sirius looked around the room and caught James' eye, smiling at the other man who grinned approvingly when he saw their clasped hands.

'In fact,' Sirius said, turning back to Remus. 'I think I fancy a snog right now.'

Remus tried to argue, but before he could get more than a word out, Sirius had crashed their mouths together and plunged his tongue between the open lips. It was as though someone had flicked a switch; the noise and chatter ceased and they could have heard a pin drop. Sirius pulled back, face flushed and jaw set, staring at Remus with determined eyes.

'So fucking reckless,' Remus muttered and the corner of Sirius' mouth quirked up.

'See you tonight?' he asked and Remus nodded.

Sirius smiled and slapped Remus on the arse, making him yelp a little in surprise. 'Have a good day, honey,' Sirius called as he stepped out of the lift, making James and, to Remus' surprise, Moody laugh loudly.

'About time you sorted that, Black,' Moody shouted across the room. 'Perhaps you'll be able to get some work done now?'

Sirius grinned and several of the other Aurors laughed, still a little confused but catching on quick. 'Is Lupin the reason you've had a face like a smacked arse lately?' a tall redhead asked with a smirk at Remus who recognised him as one of the Prewett brothers; a senior Auror.

'Yeah,' Sirius said, raising his chin as if to say, 'What about it?'

The whole room seemed to hold their breath as the man contemplated first Remus then Sirius carefully. 'So now you've finally got some, are you safe to go out in the field?' he asked.

Sirius nodded and the other man raised an eyebrow. 'Then I guess I should thank Lupin for fucking some sense into you,' he said, loudly and clearly – a challenge for the others to go up against him – and Sirius smiled gratefully.

The other man nodded at him then turned back to his desk, ostentatiously taking up where he left off. The others followed his lead and, as Remus scanned faces, he saw only a few openly hostile glances. The lift doors began to close just as he caught Sirius' eye.

Sirius winked at him and Remus couldn't help himself, mouthing, 'I love you,' at the other man. Just before the doors shut, he saw Sirius' lips move...

'I love you, too.'