Hikaru shivered as the sheets were pulled from his shoulders. He groaned sleepily into his pillow, burying his face in the cool silk, trying to ignore the pressing need to wake up and investigate the sudden disturbance. He might have been successful; it was hard to tell if he actually went back to sleep, or if he immediately heard a whimper.

Unable to think of any real words, he opted to groan in what he hoped was a questioning manner. A cold hand grabbed his elbow in response.

"Ka-" he hissed, pulling his arm up into his body for warmth. "What you think you're -" His sentence was cut off by half of a yawn.

Kaoru pulled himself closer to his brother, putting a hand on his back through the dark. He couldn't quite see where each bit of Hikaru was, so he was making his best guess. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you."

Hikaru sort of laughed coldly; it was hard to tell if it was actually a laugh or just a convoluted yawn, even for him. "You took my covers," he whined.

"I'm sorry," Kaoru said again. By that point, Hikaru was beginning to be awake enough to hear the trepidation in his twin's voice. He turned his head to try to look at Kaoru, but it was pitch black.

"What – why are you. . . ."

"I. . . had a bad dream," Kaoru answered. He snaked his arm around Hikaru's waist, burying his head between the older twin's shoulder blades.

Two sides of Hikaru's brain were busy doing battle. The side that just wanted to go back to sleep was trying to beat the sympathetic side to a pulp.

"I was so scared that it was real," Kaoru continued, his breath hot against Hikaru's cold back. A barely audible sniffle would have broken Hikaru's heart, if he had been able to process it normally. Kaoru's hand wandered to Hikaru's chest, and he tried to pull himself closer. Hikaru instinctively pulled away. He heard Kaoru prop himself up on one arm. "Hikaru, I'm scared. Can't I just cuddle without you moving?"

Hikaru sighed resignedly and turned onto his back. Kaoru repositioned himself to have his head on his brother's chest. Minutes passed by, but not nearly enough minutes for Hikaru to drift off again. He was about to lose consciousness when Kaoru moved his head. Hikaru could feel a chin digging into his ribs as Kaoru spoke.

"You don't. . . wear anything to bed?" Hikaru was absolutely sure that Kaoru's face would be bright red.

"I wasn't exactly expecting company."

Kaoru laughed a little and put his head back down. "Good night."

"Good night." Finally.

Hikaru had woken himself up with snoring – after all, he always snored when he slept on his back – when he felt Kaoru's lips pressed chastely against his ribcage. Hikaru turned to face his brother, suddenly feeling the overwhelming urge to be touching him. He wrapped his arms around Kaoru, pulling every inch of himself as close as he could to his younger brother. Kaoru gasped a little, then wrapped his arms around Hikaru's neck. "Hikaru?"

"Mm." Just because he was giving in to cuddling didn't mean he wanted to talk.

"I love you."

Luckily, Hikaru mused, Kaoru tended to know what exactly what he wanted.