Sons of Silence


EXPLICIT WARNING: Controversial topics will be discussed in this fic, such as but not limited to; RAPE, RACISM, VIOLENCE, DRUGS, SEX, NEO-NAZIS {aka SKINHEADS} HOMOSEXUALITY.

Please be forewarned of such events. While I appreciate critical reviews, I do not appreciate flamers, nor will I respond to any flamers. Flaming, for all who do not know, are those who know of the events beforehand, or intentionally try to bash an author for their story. If you do not like it don't read it, I have forewarned you here. If any of you have to give up midstory I will totally understand. This is definitely going to be a story of controversy.

Also please note the Sons of Silence is a biker gang and while they can be associated with Neo-Nazis and white supremacy, they are in no way associated with this story. I am just using the name because I like it and believe it will serve as a big purpose later on in the story.

The intentions of this story is to be informative, but all the events and topics discussed are entirely fictional. I DO NOT endorse or condone any of the behaviors that may be portrayed in my story.

Thank you Camoozle for holding my hand through the controversial controversy {haha}.

Characters are owned by Stephenie Meyer, the Twilight God.

Once again, you have been warned.

Racial Slurs ahead, ahoy matey!


"WOO!" Bella screamed her torso half hanging out the window as we barreled down Second Street in Reece City, Alabama. The street looked as though it were deserted despite the fact that it was the middle of the day. We were cruising in Jaspers 1968 Chevelle, it was his prized possession. She was a beautiful dark blue, and Jasper often referred to her as Charlotte. He said he called her that because he had heard once his birth parents were from Charlotte, North Carolina.

"Bella get your ass back in here," Alice yelled over the blaring rock music emitting from the stereo. Alice laughed at Bella as she tugged unconvincingly on her shirt trying to coerce her to return to the vehicle.

"But I feel so free!" Bella shouted back as the air tousled her short black hair. Bella's hair was normally longer, but after losing a bet that she and Alice couldn't out drink Jasper and I, they were both forced to cut their hair as short as possible and dye it black. Suffice it to say both girls actually wore it extremely well, and tend to wear it spiked out. It gave them more of an edgy look, Jasper could help but jab at the girls after it was done that now they looked less like Aunt Jemimah. Of course both girls were pissed at that, who would want to be compared to a nigger?

"Come help me drink this at least," Alice offered before taking a large swig from the bottle of whiskey she had produced from her bag.

"Alright bones, give me that," Bella said taking the bottle from Alice and downing nearly a quarter of it.

"That's my girl," I cheered loudly, throwing my head back against the seat in amusement.

Bella grabbed my face as she maneuvered herself towards me into a kiss. Her lips tasted of cherry chapstick and her tongue was bitter from the whiskey. The combination of the two made my eyes roll back into my head.

Bella released my face as Jasper hit the gas causing us to lurch forward. I laughed, my head still leaned back as I watched Bella take another swig. Grabbing my face once again she lunged forward and I felt the hot liquid rush down my throat as Bella's tongue caressed my own. The alcohol burned my nose from the awkward angle and I smacked my lips appreciatively reveling in the taste.

Jasper laughed as he pounded my chest with his palm, indicating for me to take the wheel. Alice grabbed Jaspers head as Bella had done to me and proceeded to pour whiskey straight from the bottle down his throat.

"Down the hatch," he yelled before cranking the music up even louder. The girls behind us both stuck their heads out the windows screaming and laughing as we drove down the street.

Looking at the site around me I realized I was living the life.

Bella and I had been together since we were 12. Well, if you wanted to count my suave 6th grade move of shoving Bella into the dirt and shouting, "You're my girlfriend now!", before running away.

But Bella hadn't taken my actions quite as harshly as some girls would have. We'd been together ever since. It seemed like we'd been through everything together. When Bella's father was killed by a nigger while waiting at a stop light, I was there to see Bella through it. The guy just came up and sliced Bella's dad's neck, for no reason. Didn't take his money or shit, just did it because he was a fuck just like everyone that wasn't like us. Or like when my mom lost her job so some poor nigger woman could get it to feed her little nigglets, Bella was there for me. It didn't matter that my family went hungry for days, no, not as long as the "minority" was taken care of. So of course when I became a skinhead Bella followed suit.

I still remember the day after my initiation. I was only 16, still just a young fuck, but I knew these beliefs were right. I mean I had seen those damn niggers take so much from everyone around me. Jasper and I had to complete our initiation together, he too had issues with those damn savages. He had been adopted by them at a young age, his entire life he was subjected to their constant drunken state, and his adopted father would constantly beat him so bad he couldn't even go to school. Now we beamed proudly at one another as lock after lock of our hair fell to the ground. Each lock representing our freedom and power.

Bella watched from the crowd, tears glistening in her eyes. She loved my hair and I knew this was extremely hard for her to watch. She didn't say anything though, and when one tiny tear trickled down her cheek she quickly wiped it away before anyone else had seen.

As the last lock of hair fell to the ground the guys around me began to hoot and holler as an attractive young girl was thrust onto my lap. I opened my mouth in shock only to find the girls tongue desperately searching for mine. My eyes opened as I gazed in the direction of Bella. She just shrugged her shoulders before turning and walking away.

I wanted to pull away. Everything about this girl was wrong, but this was what being a part of the group entailed. The young girl climbed off my lap and I relaxed for a second thinking it was over. She than proceeded to give me the shittiest blow job in front of everyone. Glancing over, I saw Jasper was receiving the same treatment from some other slut of the club. She was my first of many pointless fucks.

The next day when I picked her up for school I tried to apologize but she only shook her head before cutting me off.

"It's what we signed up for," she stated blankly.

She wasn't my usual Bella. After that day Bella became a totally different girl. She was tough and began to get into fights. Often she would pick them with the stupid niggers that tried to mess with her at school. Spics at least knew there place and generally tried to avoid us, but every once in a while they would fuck with Bella too and she would just go off on them. I never thought much of it, just figured she was trying to fit into her role in the club.

Since than my life's been full of fucks, drugs, and rallies. Little did I know my entire life was soon about to be changed.

So the first chapter is considerably shorter than I plan on writing, but now you all kind of have the feel of how this story is going to go. In case you've never read anything i've written just know things always get worse with me before they get better.

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