Hey everyone! Here's the first chapter of the story, basically introducing you to the storyline. This should give you a good understanding of the whole thing.

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The man took the two folders and opened the first. He scanned through it, taking only the most crucial information. The US Marine and his team were good. He grew interested in the individual the first paper in the folder was about.

Shane M. Schofield


US Marine Captain


Investigation of aircruft underneath Antarctic ice

Area 7: US President bodyguard

Bounty hunt

Hell Island


Elizabeth 'Fox' Gant

Gena 'Mother' Newman

Buck 'Book II' Riley Jr.

He read over the rest of the pages in the folder breifly, then closed it.

The man picked up the second folder and looked through the pages. The character that led this second team had accomplished more, but he had already grown a liking to Schofield.

Jack West Jr.


Ex-Australian Soldier


Seven Ancient Wonders: Tartarus Rotation

Sacred Stones: Dark Sun


Horus (Falcon)

Lily 'Eowyn' West

Zoe 'Princess' Kissane

Prof. Max 'Wizard' Epper

Benjamin 'Stretch' Cohen

Zahir 'Pooh Bear' Abbas

He closed the second folder and kept them away.

He ran his finger over the scar, running from above his right eye to below his left eye, across the bridge of his nose. Only two people knew how he obtained that scar: him, and the woman who had done it to him.

He wasn't one for battle. He was a great audience, but never an actor himself. And, with the power he held, he could watch a battle a day, for the rest of his life.

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