Chapter 7

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Don's P.O.V

It's not a silly little moment,

It's not the storm before the calm.

This is the deep and dying breath of

This love that we've been working on.

We jumped into it too fast. It was too soon after my break up with Liz. I should've given it a break. I should've thought about the possibility that Liz and I would get back together. But I was so drawn to her again. And we continued our relationship, trying to rebuild it but it didn't work.

Can't seem to hold you like I want to

So I can feel you in my arms.

Nobody's gonna come and save you,

We pulled too many false alarms.

It felt different. It felt like I was cheating on Liz. Even though we weren't together at that time. It felt different when I embraced her. I didn't get the feeling I got when I was with Liz. And that wasn't how I wanted it.

We're going down,

And you can see it too.

We're going down,

And you know that we're doomed.

My dear,

We're slow dancing in a burning room.

She knew. She knew my heart wasn't with her. She could see it. And when she got back from Pasadena, she knew something had changed. She saw us drifting apart. She could feel it. We were just pretending and taking it slow. We tried to ignore it. But it doesn't work that way.

I was the one you always dreamed of,

You were the one I tried to draw.

How dare you say it's nothing to me?

Baby, you're the only light I ever saw.

We fought. She said that it was nothing to me. She said I never cared. She said I never really loved her. Inwardly, I understood why she would be angry but I did love her. Once. She showed me how much I could care.

I'll make the most of all the sadness,

You'll be a bitch because you can.

You try to hit me just to hurt me

So you leave me feeling dirty

Because you can't understand.

She can't understand. She won't understand even if I tried to explain it to her. I know it wasn't fair to her. But she doesn't need to be all unreasonable. It's not fair but it was mostly my fault. I really shouldn't have rushed to continue a relationship with her. It wasn't fair to her and it wasn't right for me.

Go cry about it - why don't you?

Go cry about it - why don't you?

Go cry about it - why don't you?

Although I felt sorry, I did want to be with Liz and nothing would change that.

Don't you think we oughta know by now?

Don't you think we shoulda learned somehow?

I should've learned from the past.

At least, now I am. I know I won't do that to Liz, if anything. I am sorry to see Robin go but what other choice do I have?

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