True Love's First Kiss

I know this idea has been done, like, a thousand times but I wanted to have a go and expand on it! Plus, I absolutely adore the Brother's Grimm! :) Hope you like ^^

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Chapter 1 – The Kiss

The night had never seemed so bitter to Jake. He usually liked the dark cover of it and all the beautiful stars twinkling as if they were stellar diamonds in a black crown of the sky but now, he had no time to appreciate its enchantment. The doorless tower had crumbled to the ground, the forest still felt too dominating and the pressure of the previous, and current, events was crushing him. Angelika and the other girls had been woken, the spell lifted, yet although he wanted so desperately to be joyful, something was stopping him.

It was Will. He was lying in the ruins of the tower, lost in a deep sleep and wasn't stirring, even though the curse had been broken. Jake ran back to him now, his heart thumping and mind spinning. He'd been so stupid, so pathetic up in the Queen's room, allowing himself to do what he'd done. He couldn't get the image of the dagger piercing Will's chest out of his mind. And even though that, and the Queen's thorn, were gone, there was still blood seeping through his shirt, reminding Jake of things he'd much rather forget. He had to do something, couldn't just let Will lie there like that. He didn't know how much time he had left.

'' Will!'' he tried, desperately nudging him with a boot. '' Will, come on, wake up, spell's broken!'' But there was no reply, not even when he dropped to his knees beside him and violently shook his shoulders. '' Will, please, wake up...!''

Still nothing. From behind him, Jake was vaguely aware of the others cautiously approaching and then both Cavaldi and Angelika were by his side, looking with frightened eyes down at Will. '' Why won't he wake up?'' Jake moaned, a lump in his throat as he fought back tears. '' The spell's broken!''

Neither Angelika nor Cavaldi had an answer for that but as time went on, Cavaldi gently suggested something. '' Perhaps another kiss?'' he tried and Jake glanced up, exchanging looks with Angelika. Without any questions, she crawled closer and knelt by Will, leaning over him. Jake sat back and when she moved down, a strange sensation throbbed in his stomach.

Gradually, she got ever nearer to Will's lips but just as the gap was about to be lovingly sealed, there was a flicker on his mouth and he whispered gently to Angelika. '' Not you...''

The girl immediately froze, opening her eyes and glancing up to check she wasn't hearing things. But Cavaldi and Jake had heard too. Will had just denied a kiss from Angelika. He must not have known it was her, must have thought it was someone else...

That was the thought Jake had going around his head as he was urged forward by Cavaldi to Will's side. He was obviously not dead, as he had previously dreaded, but he seemed to not want to go anywhere without a kiss. Yet he must have desired one from Angelika, must have imagined the first advance was from another and now it was her... This was all one big mistake. Jake definitely wasn't Angelika.

Though Will still wasn't moving. Jake thought about bringing Angelika back to his side but then he remembered the feeling he had got when she had leant down to kiss him and realised he didn't want to experience that again. This was his job now.

So, removing his glasses, he knelt beside Will, leaning over him and balancing on a hand by his head. His fingers touched at his blonde curls and suddenly, they were tangled in them. So, so soft...

His heart pounded in his chest as he moved down, his breathing heavy. Will's lips parted ever so slightly and he couldn't help staring. Oh God, they were so wet. And so pink and plump too. Jake had always been secretly jealous of his older brother's good looks but now, he wasn't envious at all, instead admiring of them. He could see why all the girls went for him.

Time felt like it was going so slow. Angelika and Cavaldi were peering curiously on and his pulse was racing, his palms sweating. '' Come on!'' Cavaldi urged and pushed him, immediately closing the gap between the brothers. Jacob's eyes widened as his lips crushed against Will's but when he began to respond, his mouth opening further, they rolled back and then fluttered closed in bliss. He tried to moan but it merely came out muffled, pressed against his brother's lips.

Ages seemed to fall about them and Jake never wanted to let go. Will's arms wrapped around the back of his neck and he fell onto him, hands grasping the front of his shirt. The kiss deepened and although he knew he shouldn't be thinking like this, Jake had to admit he had never felt anything much better than the sensation of his brother's warm body against him as he rolled on top.

But then it stopped and Will pulled away, opening his bright blue eyes. Jake reluctantly followed, dizzy and his lips swollen. He saw a brief look of surprise flit across Will's face and he smiled, hoping for some word of thanks for 'reviving' him. But, before anything happened, Angelika bounced to his side and threw her arms around him, embracing him close. '' Oh Will, oh Will, you're alive!'' she exclaimed and he didn't look back.


Jake was confused. He walked back through the forest with Will, Angelika, Cavaldi and the other girls, trying to be happy, but Will was ignoring him persistently, even when he attempted sidling up to him, a friendly look in his eyes. At first, he thought (or hoped) that he was just trying to spend as much time as he could with Angelika but every time he threw a glance his way, he would always be greeted with a icy stare. He hadn't seen his brother look so annoyed for a long time and as they got further and further into the forest, Angelika leading the way as normal, he came to a decision that he knew what it was about. It was the kiss, it must have been. Will had looked quite shocked when he had opened his eyes and seen Jacob beneath him and when Angelika had pulled him away, he had seemed glad to be off of his brother. Jake had thought it had all been a misunderstanding in the first place and now, he guessed he was right. Will had imagined he was kissing Angelika.

But how on earth he had gone along with that imagining Jake had no idea. He was nothing like Angelika. Unless Will was just dreaming up some excuse to tell him later on. He always seemed to have an answer for everything. Though Jake wasn't sure they would be able to get out of this one quite as easily. It was going to require a lot more than their usual fake witch traps and Will's smart talking.


They were greeted at the edge of the forest by laughter and tears of joy as the villagers of Marbaden rushed to their children, arms outstretched. Music rang out from the bright fields and when the daughters were finally returned to their ecstatic parents, everybody danced, holding hands and spinning in the warm morning sunshine. Jake joined in but his mind was still on the furious glares Will had continuously given him in the forest. His heart sank to remember them yet Will seemed to be occupied for now, staying close to Angelika and her sisters and flirting with any other pretty girl that looked his way. It made him both annoyed and sad that he had wanted to kiss Angelika, who he knew he liked, but in the confusion of the past events, that didn't seem to register with him too much. Of course, he thought Angelika was beautiful and brave though there were the worries about Will's anger and also, something else. Something he was very scared of thinking about.

However, just as he became lost in it, staring blankly into the distance and almost feeling the world slip away around him, there was a voice calling out his name and then a hand on his shoulder. He immediately jumped and turned around sharply, half of him praying it was Will while the other half prayed it wasn't. But the latter was right. It was Cavaldi with a busty girl next to him and a big, proud grin on his face. Jake noticed he had something held behind his back.

'' Jacob!'' he exclaimed in his bouncy Italian accent. '' Jacob Grimmy, I have – ah – something for you!''

Jake couldn't help smiling at his enthusiasm. Yet he smiled even more when Cavaldi produced his journal from behind his back, a little burnt but intact none the less. He abruptly grabbed it from his hands with a torrent of grateful thanks and thumbed through it, elated when he found hardly anything had been damaged in the fire.

'' You should learn to be more careful with that, eh?'' Cavaldi smiled and then ran off with his pretty girl, tumbling with her into the hay.

Jake smiled and then joined in the dance one more time, clutching his journal close to his heart. He felt he desperately needed to write down the adventures he had had in the forest the previous night but as the day went on, ascending into the afternoon, he realised that wasn't the only thing he wanted to write.

No one noticed him sneaking out of the celebrations early. Probably for the best, though his heart still sank to abandon them all.