**************************Sounds Can be Deceiving******************************

This was created when I was sitting infront of my pc at work. I was bored and this idea came creeping into my mind.Now I'm awake...hehehe...randomness ever...i just used the characters that popped up in my bored mind....enjoy! :)

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Neji and Shikamaru were chuckling as the rest of the gang entered Kiba's house.

"Poor Naruto...he lost to Sasuke again...oh boy, will he get it..." Kiba snorted.

The rest of Konoha's ninjas were dumbfounded with the conversation.


"Aaaahhhhhhh....Sasukeeehhh....that hurts!!!!!" Naruto screamed loudly behind the closed door.

"Hn! Shut up dobe...don't squirm too much!" Sasuke's irritated voice filled the air.

Then it was followed by the loud thumping and thudding of some creaking wooden furnitures.

Sakura trembled...'what the heck are they doing in there?...' she thought with a frown.

Sai looked around, he noticed that all were tensed, a new emotion for him to learn.

Ino nervously bit on her nails...'OMG!OMG! Sasuke and Naruto are so vulgar!' she told herself.

Shino adjusted his shades and was thinking if he could send his insects to spy.

Hinata blushed at what she heard...'Naruto-kun...' she murmured under her breath.

"Aaahhh! Teme...please...oh god, stop it...ah!" Naruto screamed even louder.

"Ah! Shut it dobe..or else I'm gonna have to tie you down!" growled Sasuke.

Ino and Sakura fainted, while Hinata hyperventilated in the corner.

Kakashi burst into the room...everyone looked at him with glassy-eyed expressions.

Rock Lee arrived jumping in youthful energy. He had heard about the so called meeting.

Temari began fanning the unconscious fangirls sprawling on the floor.

Tenten tried to comfort Hinata who was getting very nauseous by the second.

Gaara frowned when he reached the house..."What did I miss?" he asked Neji.

Neji just smiled and pointed at the closed door before them.

Kakashi heard the screaming pleads of Naruto, he rumaged his back-beltbag.

He pulled out his favorite book...one Jiraiya's masterpieces and began reading.

'This is gonna be good...I can feel the essence of the story with their noise' Kakashi smiled.

"Hn, Naruto...turn around...now!" Sasuke demanded out loud...his voice clear as a crystal.

"Sasuke...please, no more...can we do this next time?" pleaded the blonde ninja.

Temari gawked...'Naruto wanted a next time? oh, Shit!' as she palpitated.

Temari then fainted, and so did Tenten. Hinata was all flushed and she lost consciousness.

Rock Lee was getting all hyped up. He went near the closed door and kicked it.

WHAM! And Behold!

Sasuke was sitting on a chair and Naruto was sitting on the bed facing him.

Sasuke was holding a pair of tweezers and a puller.

Naruto's left eyebrow were noticably red...and they were fully clothed.

"Hn, what's wrong with you Lee?" Sasuke glared looking extremely disgusted.

"What the heck were you doing in here?" Rock Lee asked, his face blushing a bit.

"Can't you see? I'm shaping Naruto's eyebrows...." Sasuke said with an evil smirk.

"Perverts!" Naruto muttered under his breath, looking at the pile of the unconscious girls.

And everything ended well....bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!