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"Hmm…Hey son, have you noticed recently that there's been a number of attacks on Namimori students?" Serina asked as she passed him his breakfast. "Yeah, I think there's been a total of six attacks on six middle school disciplinary committee members during the weekend if I remembered." He replied as he took a sip of his milk. "So what does that have to do with me, I'm not from the disciplinary committee."

"You should still be careful, it doesn't hurt to play safe, and you off all people should know that." Rika added as she joined in. "Although I proberly don't have to worry, since I haven't started attending school yet."

"Humph…cheeky as always, well I'm off, see you later." He cried as he left the house. As he left the house, he received a phone call. "Hmm…who's number is this? Hello who is this?" He asked "Umm…excuse me, I'm calling from the hospital, I believe you've a friend called Sasagawa Ryohei, is that correct.?" Azures merely sweat dropped. "Who the hell told you I was his friend? But whatever what is it?"

"Umm…I'm sorry to tell you, that he has been hospitalized, he has suffered many injuries which we believe was from a fight."

"Oh okay, guess I'll visit him later, well thanks anyway, goodbye." He bluntly replied as he walked off. "Hmm…such a headache, what to do, what to do?" He mumbled out.

"You should pay him a visit." Came a voice from below. Looking down, he found Reborn in his usual mafia attire. "Ciaosu Azure." He waved his hand. Azure could only frown as he saw him. Whenever Reborn shows up, it's never for anything good. "Why should I? I don't have any reason too." He remarked. "That's because your part of the family, and so is he. Just because you and your mother have the right to disobey orders and act independently, doesn't mean that your not part of the family. And that's why you have to visit him." He replied. Dropping his head in defeat, he mumbled out, "Fine, I'll go see him." Turning around, he left for the hospital.

Later as he visited the hospital, he found not only Ryohei injured, but also other students from his school. "What the hell happened here?" He thought as he approached Ryohei's room, only to find Tsuna whining like a baby outside. "Hey what's going on?" He asked. "What?! How can you be so calm? We just had another series of attacks." Tsuna exclaimed, just than two members of the disciplinary committee walked by, and everyone immediately got out of their way and bowed their heads in respect, all except Azure. He recognized one of them as Kusakabe, the other he didn't. "So you haven't seen the chairman?" He asked his partner as they walked by. "No he received a clue about the culprits, and now it's only a matter of time before their destroyed." His partner responded. "That's good."

As they left, everyone's rejoiced, for they all knew Hibari's strength, Everyone cheered at that news, all except Azure and Reborn. "Hey Reborn, do you know something you're not telling us?" He asked. "Maybe, maybe not, but first you should visit Ryohei right? He's just inside this room." Not wanting to waste his time arguing with him, he left.


As soon as he stepped out, he muttered, "Crazy bastard, he was beaten to that extend and all he can think about is getting him to join to boxing club." Just than, a doctor and a nurse rushed past him, while escorting another patient there. It was Kusakabe, apparently he was attacked the moment he left the hospital.

Just than Reborn jumped onto him, and dug his hands into his shirt taking out what appears to be a watch. "Hey Reborn, what's that for?" Tsuna asked as he approached him. "Is it broken or something?" At first he didn't answer, until after a few moments, he finally spoke. "There's no mistake, they're after you." "What?! That's impossible!" Tsuna freaked out, but Reborn calmly replied. "Because according to all the victims, they all had a watch that was given to them." Taking another watch, he replied "This one was from Ryohei, and this was from Kusakabe, Ryohei's was stopped at five, while Kusakabe was stopped at four. Meaning that this is a countdown. Though I should have known." He mumbled out the last part. And took out a piece of paper from his pockets. "Here, take a look at this." He passed Tsuna and Azure the paper. "Namimori fighting prowess ranking? What does that have to do with this?" Tsuna asked, while Azure shook his head. "The order in which people were attacked and the rankings are the same." He answered. "Hey your right, wait a minute, this ranking is-" "Yes Fuuta's ranking." Reborn replied.

"Than if Kusakabe who was the fourth who was attacked, that means that the next one will be the third, so who is it?" Azure asked.

Glancing down, the list, he suddenly freaked out, again. "Oh no, it's Gokudera! I got to warn him!" He cried as he ran out. "So what are you going to do?" Azure asked just as soon as he left. "I'm going to check something out, for now, you should be careful yourself, by the way, this letter came to you, it from the ninth. I believe that you mother should have received it as well." He said as he passed him a letter.

As he opened it, a flame came appeared. "Dear Azure, it has been a long time since I saw you, I understand the reason's why you and your mother left, but even so, that doesn't change the fact that you two left us. Despite my best efforts to cover for the two of you, I'm afraid many still resent the two of you, and are looking for any chance to get rid off you, as such I'm afraid that you have no choice but to assist the Vongola the tenth on his mission, otherwise we will have no choice but to label you two as traitors. I understand that even we will have a hard time tracking you down if you run, but at the same time, you'll destroy every thing you work so hard for. Please consider this request, otherwise, I'm afraid I have no choice but to hunt the two of you down."

"Sigh…Looks like I have no choice but to come along. Anyway, I suppose you plan to do something later, contact me when you're ready." He requested. "Yeah, glad to have you with us." Reborn answered as he turned around.

As he reached home, he opened the door, he encountered Rika directly in front of him. "Waa! You scared me, what's wrong?"

"Good timing, come on." She answers as she grabs Azure of a sudden and drags him away. "Wha-whats wrong?" He asked as he was dragged along. "Apparently it seems that Reborn and the rest have already gotten ready to attack the enemy, they found their hideout and are gathering everyone they can. And we're going too, I heard the news from Aunt Serina, we currently don't have a choice but to go as well, come on, we're meeting at Tsuna's house." She explained as she continued to drag him along.

"Whoa there!" He exclaimed as he broke out of her gripped. "Are you sure you know what your doing? It's dangerous to follow us."

Frowning, she placed her hands on her hips and shouted." I've been placed in many dangerous situations before and such, don't forget, I was kicked out of my home before, and had to learn to survive, I'm not like I was back than, besides you already knew that I could protect myself don't you?" Softening up, she continued. "Besides, I want to protect you as well, so I'm coming along no matter what you say."

Not bothering to reason with her, he gave in. "All right, you win, let's go." He than took her hand and ran off.

Later at Tsuna's house, they met Reborn, Bianchi, Yamamoto, Gokudera and Tsuna. "So It's time to go huh?" Azure casually asked as they approached. Looking up, Reborn couldn't help but smile. "Ciaosu. Glad to see you could join us you two."

"Yeah well, not that we have any choice, either we help, or we'll be hunted down once again." Rika stepped in to answer. "By the way, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be injured?" She asked while looking at Gokudera.

"Shut it bitch! This level of injury is nothing at all." He retorted. "What did you call me you stinking bastard!!" She countered. "You heard me, bitch!!" He repeated it. "That does it!!" She screamed, as she took out what appeared to be a kunai with a chain attached to it, while Gokudera took out his usual set of dynamite. Just before they started fighting, Reborn coughed and immediately separated them. "Enough, we need all the help we can get, now let's go."


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