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Chapter One: Oh, I'm New Here

Saturday. November 21 2009

''Are you serious?!'' A loud voice boomed through the front door. ''I'm sorry, Hinata-san, but this has been going on for way too long.'' A male voice said, a bit more calm. The girl, Hinata, groaned. ''Please give me another chance. Just give me a few more weeks and I'll pay you the rent.'' The man shook his head and re-ajusted his glasses.

''I'm sorry, I tried to reason with my manager, but Orochimaru-san already made up his mind. You have 'til the end of the month.'' He stood up, getting ready to leave. ''I'm sorry, Hinata-san, I don't make the rules, I just follow them.'' He said. With her nod, he took his leave.

Hyuuga Hinata, age 21 and studying to become a lawyer fell on her couch with a heavy sigh escaping her lips. How in the world was she going to find an apartment cheap enough that she would be able to pay for it monthly.

For the past few months, Hinata's been getting chances when it came to paying the rent. But apparently, this time, it's been going on for way too long. Not knowing what to do, she decided to deal with it. I mean, she was working nights and was failing in law school since she almost never did the homework they were assigned.

In the middle of her brainstorming, her phone rang. She let out another heavy sigh before reaching for it and looking at the caller-ID.

''Nii-san?'' She asked, unsure. See, sometimes, one of his friends would call her and pretend it was him.

''Hey, what are you doing?'' A male voice asked through the line.

''I'm just,'' She looked around. Her living room was a mess, dirty dishes were in the sink and she wasn't even started on her laundry. ''..not doing much. Why?''

''I was wondering if you wanted to grab a cup of coffee with me.'' He said.

''Oh, uhm..sure. Where do you wanna meet?''

''How about at that little place where the 'tea is just to die for'.''He quated her. She let out a giggle. Even though her cousin was more of a coffee person, he was willing to go with her to the place she wanted to go. ''Sure, I'll see you there in 10.''

''Roger, copy that.'' And with that, he hung up. She could've sworn she could hear him smirk. She hung up and stood up. Again, for the fourth time today, she let out a heavy sigh. She walked into her room and got dressed.

As she walked out of her apartment door, she saw Hoziku Suigetsu, one of her neighbors walk out of the elevator with his laundry. Hinata smiled. ''What actually got you to stop playing Halo and do your laundry?'' The said man smirked and walked towards her. ''My mom.'' Probably, he remembered something as he looked at her with a worried look. ''Are you gonna be okay, Hinata-chan?'' He asked.

Suigetsu was one of the people who knew about her situation. In fact, he was one of the few people to paid for her rent once. He really was a good guy but, he was and always will be a child at heart.

Hinata smiled, realizing that he was talking about that situation. ''I'll manage.'' He's usually a quiet person and never really did care about the people around him, especially the girls who were trying to score him. But despite that, he cared alot about Hinata. Since she was literally the only one who did drool around him.

''Are you sure, I mean, I can pay your rent for you-''

''Suigetsu-kun, thanks really. You've already done so much for me, I couldn't ask for more. I think it's time I move away from this place. '' She let out a laugh. ''I think, the old lady who lives next to me thinks I'm a horrible person for letting other people pay for me.''

Suigetsu waved his hand in front of him, his basket of laundry on the floor. ''Who cares what other people think.?'' He sighed. ''But if you don't want to, then I guess there's nothing I can do.''

Hinata rolled her eyes. ''If you think making me feel guilty will make me say: Fine you can pay the rent for me. Then you're wrong.'' He cursed under his breath. ''You can't leave, you're honestly the only person in this building that I can tolerate.''

Hinata let out a laugh as she started to walk away from the pleading 25 year old.

''I'll see you around, Suigetsu-kun.''

Hinata's POV

I walked down the road, passing people by. Sometimes, I wonder what kind of lives these people live. I mean, is everything okay in their life or is it similar to mine? Is someone failing to pay the rent or is someone better off? Maybe someone knows someone famous and doesn't even have to think about their future..But, then again, that's just me thinking.

I finally got to the cute little tea-place that Nii-san was talking about. I walked in and noticed him sitting at our usual spot. One of the waitress' was flirting with him. He saw me walk towards them with a smile on my face, he gave me a pleading look and I knew what he meant.

I cleared my throat and pulled out my phone as I got closer. ''Nii-san, you girlfriend is on the phone.'' I said, giving the other girl a look that said: He's taken..

..Even though he wasn't. After that, the girl left us alone after we told her what we would be getting. I got green-tea and he got the same as me..It's not like he had a choice in the first place. We sat there, talking about how things have been since we last met up. Then I figured out that I wasn't really good at hiding things, because he noticed how weird I was acting.

''Is everything okay?'' He asked. Even though he wasn't in a relationship and spent most of his free time at work, he still cared about me. How sweet.

I put on my best 'shocked' looking face on. ''Why wouldn't it be?''

He sighed. Words came out of his mouth, but I didn't hear anything. I realized why that waitress was flirting with him. He and I have the same eyes, I guess it runs in the family. He's tall too. He's successful and was currently wearing a suit with a tie hanging loosely around his neck. And he has this long brown hair. It's soft and free of split ends. Even though it's long, he can still make it look manly.

''..Hinata, are you even listening to me?'' Apparently, I heard those words come out of his mouth. I lightly shook my head. ''Yeah. Now that you mention it, I'm having a bit of problem.''

His eyes widened, making me laugh. ''It's nothing serious or anything..''

''Well.?'' He never really was a patient person.

''I kind of have to find an apartment by the end of the month..'' I mumbled, taking a sip of my tea. ''What? How could that be? Haven't you been paying rent?''

''If they're kicking me out, then I obviously haven't been paying the rent.''

''Why haven't you been paying like you're suppose to?''

''It was either my future as a lawyer or a roof over my head. I'd rather have a future.''

''What are you going to do?'' He asked.

I looked at him with a 'seriously?' look on my face. ''Uh, find another apartment.?''

He rolled his eyes-something he rarely does-before going into deep thought.

''I think I might be able to help you out, Hinata.''

''Oh really. You know, Nii-san, you can't always be here for me. I'm 21. I should be able to take ca-''

''I can get you an apartment.'' He said, cutting me off.


''I can get you an apartment. It's in the same building that I'm staying in and isn't expensive.''

I thought for a moment then groaned playfully. ''Does that mean I have to live close to you?''

''Haha, very funny.'' Then there was a serious look on his face. ''Look, a friend of mine is really close with the landlady. I can pull a few strings and maybe, let you stay there.''

''Really? I mean, you'd do that for me?''

He smiled. ''Of course, you're family.''

Normal POV

''Thank you and have a nice evening.'' After receiving a small 'Thank you', Hinata looked at the clock again. They weren't closing for another 30 minutes. She looked around the place. There were two other people there. One of them was a guy, but he was asleep in front of his laptop and there was a girl, reading a book with a cup of coffee seated on the couch.

She sighed, sitting down at a tall stool and picked up her book. She was suppose to read chapter 15 and answer a few questions in the end. Who's idea was it to have one chapter 67 pages long? She cursed under her breath.

''Tell me about it. Sometimes things just don't go the way you want it to go, huh?'' A voice said. Hinata looked up and saw a boy. A man. He sat there, on one of the stools with a smile on his face. Hinata smiled. ''I guess.'' She replied.

As he stood up and removed his coat, she saw that he was wearing a plain white dress-shirt and black khaki pants. He sat down again, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbow and flashed her a smile. It was one of her regulars.

''Bad day?'' He asked. Drumming the counter with his fingers.

Hinata nodded. ''Well, you can say it isn't actually the best.''


''Yeah. Who's bright idea was it to have one chapter 67 pages long?'' Hinata said, slicing him a piece of cake. He laughed. ''How was your day?'' She asked.

He shrugged his shoulders. ''It was rather...boring. I had absolutely nothing to do. Nothing.'' Now it was her turn to laugh. ''I guess you're day was much worse than min, huh?''

''Yeah, you could say that.'' They shared a laugh together. ''You know it's weird, I've been coming here for almost everyday for two months, and I don't even know your name.''

''Didn't we have a deal that we'd keep it like that?''

''Yeah but-'' He was cut off by when his cell-phone went off. ''Excuse me.'' He said, before picking up.

As she looked at him talk to someone else, she couldn't help but stare. He-without a doubt-was one of the handsome looking men she had ever met. He had blue eyes and golden blond hair. His body-structure wasn't bad as well. 'I bet he has a girlfriend.' Hinata thought. She stopped staring when he hung up.

''I have to go,'' He got up put on his jacket and left cash on the counter. He smiled at her one lest time. ''I'll see ya 'round.'' He said, before taking his leave.

Hinata looked at him walk out the door and she noticed something about his foot-wear. He was wearing a pair of blue Converse shoes. Cute.

She was snapped out her train of thoughts when her phone rang. She looked at the caller-ID.

''Nii-san?'' She asked.

''You got it!'' He said, a bit too loud.

''Yeah, I know. Now, what is it?''

''You got it!''

This was starting to be a little frustrating. ''Yeah, I know, it's you. Please stop yelling.''

''..There must be a misunderstanding, Hinata.''


''You. Got. The. Apartment!'' This time, he yelled.

''WHAT?!'' And with that, it woke up the person who fell asleep over his laptop and earning her a weird look from the reading girl.


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