By the time Jessie and Buzz awoke on Monday morning, Andy had already left for school. "Good morning, Prairie Princess," Buzz said with a smile when Jessie opened her eyes.

"Good morning," she answered, wiping the sleep from her eyes. For a moment she had to think about where she was and then she remembered sneaking in after looking at the stars the night before. She grinned. "Last night was awesome," she said.

Buzz laughed. "It sure was. But everybody's going to be wondering where we are and I don't want Woody to get mad."

Jessie nodded. "Now what?"

"Now we go see what the others are up to and pick whatever game we want to join," Buzz answered. He offered her his arm. "Can I walk you to the desk?"

Jessie slipped her arm through his and was delighted to find that the butterflies were awake too. "Sure!" She walked with Buzz across the floor.

Rex and Hamm were playing a board game nearby with Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and they waved the two over excitedly.

"Jessie! Buzz! Come play with us!" Rex said gleefully.

Buzz turned to Jessie. "Shall we?"

"We shall," she said with a laugh. She hugged his arm in both of hers as they walked toward their friends. "I'm really glad we have each other," she said with a friendly smile.

Buzz nodded. "For infinity and beyond," he replied.

Jessie thought for a moment. "Hey, Buzz?"

"Yes?" Buzz looked at her with a gleam in his eyes.

For a second, she almost forgot what she was going to say, but then she asked, "What exactly is beyond infinity?"

Buzz hesitated for a just a split second before answering. "You'll have to stick around long enough for me to show you," he said with a wink.

Jessie giggled. "Are you just saying that because you don't know?"

"No!" Buzz said. He leaned closer to face. "I'm saying that because I really hope you stay."

Jessie's cheeks grew warm, but then she realized that they had reached the desk.

"Hi there, Jessie!" Rex welcomed her warmly.

"Howdy, Partners!" Jessie greeted them. She settled down next to Hamm on the floor and Buzz took a seat next to her. Mrs. Potato Head handed them game pieces and the toys all began arguing over who was going to go first.

Jessie felt someone nudge her hand. She looked up into Buzz's sparkling blue eyes and smiled brightly as she took his hand. She still wasn't sure how much Buzz really knew about infinity, but she would definitely stick around to find out.