Author note-Thanks for reading and the comments. One comment way back in the first chapter confused me and I now finally figured out what the person was talking about when I re read the chapters. He said in his comment that Quartermain had a Scottish accent and I had said in the story that he had a British accent.

Scotland is part of Britain, Me saying that Quartermain had a British Accent is basically Equivalent to me saying that someone witha Sutheren Accent has an American accent. If I wanted to be tactical I could have said that that he had a scottish accent but I was going for generalization ya'll.

Adrian sat cross legged on a small cot in the room he was forced to stay in. It felt like a cell to him and no matter how much he protested and whined to Mina, the vampire refused to listen. He was locked into the room with one of Nemo's men guarding the door.

He bit on his nails and leaned back onto a wall to look at the single gas lamp in his room. It brought him a little comfort as it casted a soft glow in the room but it couldn't get him to relax enough to lay down. He wanted it to be brighter and he wanted the room to be bigger.

He was hot then cold, his body itched and twitched as time crept by. He ended up getting off the cot and pacing back and forth in the small area feeling like the walls were closing in on him and he started to panic.

"Hey!" Adrian banged on the door and tried the handle not surprised that it was locked, "I have to use the head." he kicked it when there was no answer, "I have been in here for hours!"

"It has only been ten minutes." The voice was slightly amused and unconvinced as he laughed, "You will stay until morning."

Adrian kicked the door again and pounded on it relieving some of his tension, "My bladder will bust and I will die and it will be your fault!"

He went back to the cot when he didn't get an answer and crossed his legs on it, pouting. His attention went back to the lamp wishing it was brighter so it would get rid of the shadows it casted. They made him nervous and seemed to move around him just outside of the lamp's glow.

"Oh god." Adrian laid down as pain went through him wishing he had his opium to help to deal with this pain. He took deep breaths as he closed his eyes and used a considerably a lot of will to get his body to relax and slip into unconsciousness.

The door opened once the sounds of moving stopped with in the room. Dark brown eyes peered in, curious why the noise stopped and they settled on the sleeping figure of the young man in the cot.

"I guess he did not need to go as much as he said he did..."

The man walked in quietly, his white sailor suit make a light whisking sound as he went to the lamp and turned it off. The only light now came from the hall and that was distinguished when the man left the room, closing and locking the door.

Adrian found himself in his apartment looking out the window at the people walking down the sidewalks. The women with there brightly feathered and flowered hats added needed color to the gray and black dinginess of London streets.

"Enjoying the view?"

Turning Around Adrian smiled softly at a slightly older blond man standing in the bedroom doorway not that far away. He was naked except for a sheet wrapped around his waist and his arms were crossed against his muscular chest as he came forward.

Adrian laughed as he leaned against the window frame, "I am now." He looked at the floor and winced at the numerous magic books, "I guess I need to tell Mrs. Collions not to clean today." He muttered as Strongarms wrapped around him. He relaxed into them and closed his eyes inhaling deeply smelling the cologne the other male used along with the scent of sweat and sex.

The man lightly turned Adrian around and craddled the smaller body against him making Adrian look out the window again, "Here she comes." he whispered into his ear.

A young teen girl came walking down the sidewalk. She was laughing with her friends and wore a dark red long coat over a pink and white dress. The red made her pale skin seem snowy and her dark hair was done up in a braid.

Adrian frowned as he watched the girl pass, recognizing her but unable to place her. "Do you know her, Alex?" he looked up and back receiving a small peck on the nose and he looked back out at the girl.

"I don't." Alex nestled his face into Adrian's neck, "What I I do know is that her 15th birthday in a week and she is now dead and laying in a coffin cut up by a hack coroner."

"What?" Adrian tried to look back and away but Strong arms kept him in place, "Alex what are you talking about? Let me go."

The warm body against him cooled as he tried to move away, "Adrian look at her, she was so full of life and love." the taller male's voice turned icy, "There will be other girls, Adrian, so many other girls all of them unable to live full lives, have children and share their love, because you won't help. You can stop this."

"I...I can not...Alex..." The body suddenly disappeared and Adrian fell back, blackness swallowed him choking him as he seemingly floated in it. He Felt cold hands over his body and the aching twitchynessof his body that was absent in his dream came back with a vengeance. The hands didn't help as they roughly caressed him making him moan in discomfort and fear.

He opened his eyes knowing that he was awake now as the ache in his body increased and the hands disappeared. He remembered keeping the light on when he fell asleep and cursed the one who turned it off. He could see a thin line of light shining into the dark room from the crevice on the bottom of the door but it added no solid light he needed.

He sat up feeling disoriented as he felt around trying to find the lamp but before he could be could hear a whisper in his ear and a slight touch to the back of his neck and it moved down his back.

Regret filled him as he jerked away with a soft cry. HIshand bumped against the lamp and a box of matches. His hands shaking as he took one out and struck it against the wood of the table as he lit it. The whispers stopped as he lit the lamp filling the room with it soft glow. He laid back down wrapping his arms around himself as tears filled his eyes. "I can not..." He whispered to himself as sleep engulfed him again.