'Did anyone wonder why Arthur was so worried that Merlin had been under there the whole time? ...Well, we did, and this is what we came up with! Co-written by MidnightSky101'



The Prince and The Pauper

As Merlin lay in silence under Arthur's bed, he heard the strangest sound… A familiar yet slightly different voice began to moan his name


Merlin wondered if the Prince was dreaming, missing Merlin's presence, but that thought disappeared as quickly as it came as Arthur moaned again.

"Merlin...faster!" Oh no. Merlin thought Please no.

The young sorcerer's mouth slowly fell open in shock as the Pendragon above him continued to moan.

"There Merlin... Right THERE!"

Merlin's eyes shot down to where his trousers had tightened considerably around his groin area. This can't be happening! Merlin slowly moved his hands down his body to the tent in his breeches. No, this is completely unprofessional and inappropriate! He closed his eyes and tried to block out the sounds coming from the bed above him.

"Merlin...Merlin...Merlin...Yes!" Arthur chanted, and Merlin found his hand moving down his body again. Then again, he thought, when have I ever been either of those things? Merlin's hand found his own desperately hard erection and he started the stroke it softly in time with his Prince's moans, biting down on his hand so his own weren't heard. This is ridiculous! Merlin thought as he bit back another moan The prince is gay, he's thinking about me while he's jerking off, and I'm jerking off to the -delicious- sounds he's making! How can this- Merlin froze as one of Arthur's hands dangled over the edge of the bed, clenching and opening with the prince's pants. Merlin didn't move, for a brief moment he didn't even breathe.

"Merlin...Merlin...Yes...So close...Merlin...Oh! So TIGHT!' Merlin flushed as he stared at the hand that was grabbing the wooden frame of the bed right in front of him, all it would take would be for Merlin to move a few inches… 'NO!! I can't do that! I can't even think about doing that!! Merlin thought desperately as both the Princes moans and the pace of his hand on his erection sped up.

"Merlin...Merlin...Merlin... please... please... please..."

Despite his earlier thoughts, Merlin found himself moving towards the hand that was now clutching the bed frame so hard, Merlin was sure it was going to break. He could feel his own climax approaching and couldn't help but whisper "Arthur....."

The prince's hand flinched on the bed frame at the feel of Merlin's warm breath washing over it. "Mmm..." Merlin bit his lip to stop himself crying out. He closed his eyes as his climax drew nearer, he was so close, so close, he realized too late that the sounds from above him had stopped.

"Ahem..." Merlin's eyes flew open and he turned his head to look at Arthur who was staring at him smugly as he leant over the edge of the bed. "And what," Arthur began, glancing at Merlin's erection, "are you doing, Merlin?" Where Merlin's courage came from, when he had his hand wrapped tightly around his cock, was a mystery.

"Same thing you were doing by the sounds of it, Sire."

A slight blush found its way to the Prince 'suddenly handsome face' as Merlin would have put it at that moment. He felt his own face redden. Arthur's eyes had changed, darkened, but not with anger.

"And perhaps you would like to tell me what exactly that was?" Merlin gulped and shook his head. "No?" Arthur asked, cocking his head to the side. Merlin shook his head again. "Get out from under there." Arthur disappeared from view and Merlin hesitantly crawled out from under the bed. Before he regained his balance he was pulled into Arthur's lap and felt an obvious harness pressing into his lower back. "Then perhaps you would like to demonstrate?" Merlin gulped and shook his head again. "Refusing again? Then allow me."

Before Merlin could do anything the Prince strong and surprisingly smooth hand replaced his own on his dripping erection, pumping it slowly and torturously. Merlin's head fell back onto Arthur's shoulder and he whimpered loudly.

"Do you like that Merlin?" The Pendragon murmured huskily, burying his face in his manservant's neck. Merlin groaned at the feel of Arthur breath ghosting over his skin. The Prince's caresses stopped on Merlin's erection before pulling on it harshly. "Answer me Merlin."

"YES!" Merlin shouted, gripping Arthur's thighs hard.

"Good." Arthur resumed his stroking and Merlin moaned and wriggled in front of him, causing delicious friction on his own weeping prick. "Mmm...Merlin, I bet you're so tight." Merlin bit his lip and picked his head up off Arthur's shoulder, hanging it forwards slightly. "Listen to me." Arthur hissed as his hand jerked again. "I bet you want me buried inside you, thrusting into you to make you cry out, you want to feel me mark you, so everybody knows, don't you? You want me to go faster and harder and his that spot that will make you see stars, don't you, Merlin?" He growled, stroking Merlin faster still.'

Merlin bit down on his lip so his please for Arthur to fuck him would remain inside his mouth. The Prince growls and his hand sped up on Merlin's erection, grinding his own hips into Merlin's backside. The sorcerer's head fell back and he moaned loudly. Arthur smirked as he leant forward and ran his tongue up the smaller male's neck. Merlin whimpered.


"Beg Merlin," the Prince demanded his tongue travelling back down the pale skin before him. Merlin whimpered again and shook his head. "Beg Merlin!"

Merlin shook his head. "You will learn to obey me, Merlin." Merlin shivered at the thought of Arthur controlling him, binding him, punishing him. Arthur held Merlin up slightly and pulled his breeches off, knocking his shoes off with them. "Beg me." He whispered again. Merlin shook his head again and bit his lip, trying not to moan at the feeling of being lain on a naked prince when he was so vulnerable. Arthur ripped Merlin's tunic and neckerchief off, making Merlin shiver at the cold. "Merlin, this is your final warning."

Still Merlin remained silent. The Prince sighed.

"Fine." Arthur stated. He stood, releasing his grip on Merlin and causing him to fall to the floor with a yelp. Merlin watched as Arthur walk, completely naked, away from him and towards the window.

'You must be joking,' Merlin thought, staring from the Prince's strong, tanned back to his rock hard erection and back again. 'He can't leave me like this!!'

Merlin looked from the prince to his straining erection and back again. I wonder if he would really...No, I don't need-Oh who the fuck am I kidding? Merlin stood and walked silently to Arthur.

"Ahem." Arthur turned to Merlin, an eyebrow raised.

"Yes?" Arthur asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest. Merlin gulped and fell to his knees.

"Please, my Lord, I beg you, make me yours. Show me what happens when I disobey you. Punish me. Hurt me. Please, my Lord, fuck me hard, mark me, please Master, I beg you, make me forget my name; make it so I can't walk for a week. Please, my Lord, teach me to obey." Merlin begged, his hands shaking.

A smile spread across Arthur's face. He wrapped his arms around his man servant, pressing their bodies and erections flush against each other. "Of course I will Merlin. I'd do anything for you."

Merlin squealed as Arthur picked him up and carried him back over to the large double bed, placing him down on it gently and crawling over him. He leant down to kiss Merlin and Merlin kissed back passionately, holding Arthur's head tight, pulling his closer as Arthur grinded their hips together.

"Mmm...Merlin..." Arthur moaned against his lips. "I don't think I'll be able to stay like this for much longer, I need to be inside you-"

"Yes!" Merlin said breathlessly before Arthur had finished. "Yes, yes, always, please!" Merlin bucked his hips.

"You're a horny little bugger, aren't you? When's the last time you got any?"

Merlin blushed and looked away. "A while..."

Arthur chuckled before reattaching his lips to Merlin's neck, trailing kisses, licks and bits down the smaller male's collar bone and chest, dipping into his navel and stopping, coming face to face with the magician's (would you call Merlin a magician?) erection.

Merlin blushed, closing his legs and trying to hide himself. "Arthur... please don't stare..."

"Why not?" Arthur held Merlin's thighs and gently pushed them apart. "You look delicious." He kissed the head of Merlin's weeping prick making him whimper and shudder.

"Arthur..." He whispered. "Don't tease."

"Okay." Arthur took all of Merlin in at once making Merlin cry out at the feeling. He laced his fingers in Arthur's hair and closed his eyes in bliss.

"Oh! Arthur, don't stop!" Merlin moaned loudly. Arthur quickly released Merlin's erection and put a hand over Merlin's mouth making his eyes flash (I don't like that word, it's not what I mean, please try to fix it) open to look into sky blue.

"Shh...We don't want the guards running in and spoiling our fun, do we?" Merlin shook his head frantically. "Good boy. You'll keep quiet from now on? Won't you?" Merlin nodded his head, his eyes never straying from Arthur's. "Good boy." He repeated the praise. "Good boys get rewards."

Arthur started sliding down Merlin's body again. "Wait," Merlin said suddenly. "You didn't lock the door?"

Arthur smirked. "Of course not, life's more fun with a little risk." Before Merlin could protest, he took him in his mouth again.

All thought left Merlin's mind apart from the feel of the Prince's lips around the base of his member and the feel of the Pendragon's tongue sliding up the underside. He bit back a moan and tried to force more of himself into Arthur's mouth, but Arthur placed his hands on Merlin's hips, holding him down.

"Arthur, Arthur, Arthur, Arthur!" Merlin's whimpers gradually turned into whimpered pleas. Arthur's fingers were at the corner of Merlin's mouth and when he looked down questioningly at the Prince. He immediately regretted it. It was one thing to feel the warmth around his erection, another thing completely to see it disappear into the crown prince's mouth. Arthur quickly clapped his hand over Merlin's mouth, ceasing his actions.

Merlin began wriggling beneath Arthur and he resumed his sucking and licking and poked his fingers against Merlin's mouth again. Merlin opened his mouth slowly and three fingers worked their way inside, encouraging his to lick and suck them as Arthur was doing to his cock.

Merlin began to suck on the fingers, running his tongue around them, making sure they were good and wet. When Arthur was sure his fingers were lubed up enough he removed them from his manservant's mouth and trailed them down to his backside, caressing one of the cheeks with his free hand.

Arthur released Merlin's member again with a dull pop and crawled up his body. "Have you ever done this with a man before?" He whispered into Merlin's ear. Merlin hesitated then shook his head. "Okay, this is the part where you need to relax. Otherwise it'll just hurt." Merlin moaned loudly and Arthur clapped his hand over Merlin's mouth again. "You're a noisy masochist aren't you?" He moved his hand and kissed Merlin gently. "Later, I promise, just relax for now."

Merlin did so and Arthur slipped one finger into him and Merlin whimpered, biting his lip hard. "Shh..." Arthur brushed a lock of hair out of Merlin's eye. "And don't damage your lips, I might need them later." Merlin shivered at the thought of tasting Arthur and whimpered when Arthur added another finger, thrusting them in and out of him.

When Arthur added a third and final finger and began to stretch them, Merlin couldn't help by cry out in pain.

"Shh," Arthur whispered, soothingly caressing Merlin's cheek, "I promise it'll get better. Just relax. I wouldn't hurt you."

'I love you.' Those were the words Merlin wanted to hear from his Prince, the words that Merlin knew Arthur would never direct at him. "Arthur..."

"Shh, it'll be okay, trust me." Merlin looked into Arthur's eyes and nodded, holding Arthur's biceps tightly. Arthur removed his fingers and Merlin squirmed and groaned at the loss. "Just wait." Arthur chuckled quietly and positioned himself at Merlin's entrance. "And relax."

He pushed in slowly until he was buried to the hilt inside his manservant. "Arthur..." Merlin whined.

"It won't for very much longer. I won't mov-"


It hurt Arthur to see Merlin in pain but he wanted to give him what he wanted. As slowly as he could, the Prince pulled out of Merlin and push back in even slower. Merlin groaned and arched his back, pushing against Arthur's hips, signally for him to go faster.

"Faste-oh!" Merlin let his head drop back in pleasure as Arthur moved faster. "Arthur, Arthur, Arthur, Arthur!" Merlin chanted with every thrust. Arthur leant down and kissed Merlin, leaving one hand on his hip and bringing the other to the back of Merlin's head.

Arthur broke the kiss and rested his forehead on Merlin's, still thrusting. "Shh, remember the guards." Merlin kissed Arthur again to silence another moan as Arthur hit his prostate dead on, after that he managed to keep his moans as growls in the back of his throat. "Good boy." Merlin smiled at this, I wonder if he'd call me that, every time I obeyed him.

Arthur picked up his pace as he littered Merlin's neck and chest with kisses and bites. He bit particularly hard in one place and Merlin had to bite his lip to keep from crying out. He smiled, knowing that he would be wearing that mark for a while.

"Arthur....Arthur....Mmm...Arthur..." Arthur moved to look into Merlin's eyes. "Arthur..." He whispered again as Arthur kissed his nose then moved to hold Merlin tightly, biting his shoulder gently. Merlin's arms wrapped around Arthur so naturally he couldn't stop the words falling out of his mouth as quickly as he had fallen for Arthur. "I love you."

Arthur stilled above him.

"W-what?" The crowned Prince stuttered, still buried deeply inside his man servant. 'H-He didn't just say... He couldn't have said... Could he?'

Merlin hated himself for ruining the moment but Arthur deserved an answer. Sighing and turning his head to the side he whispered "I love you"

Arthur raised himself above Merlin. "You...You..." Well done, Merlin, Merlin thought, you've blown it, you had to open your big mouth and- Arthur pulled out of Merlin and thrust back in, making him moan. "Sorry, you were zoning out and I was worried you wouldn't hear this," he rested his forehead on Merlin's again and whispered. "I love you too."

Merlin could have cried with relief, he held his prince tightly and kissed him passionately.

The two of them smiled into the kiss, smiled so much that they broke the kiss. Their foreheads remained together as they gazed deeply into each other's eyes.

"D-did you really mean that?" Merlin asked, part of him not wanting to know the answer just in case it was 'No.'

One of Arthur's surprisingly soft hands came to rest on Merlin's cheek. "Of course I meant it. I love you Merlin, I worship you." Merlin giggled quietly. "What?" Arthur asked.

"I'm sorry; it's just strange to hear a prince say that to a servant." Arthur rolled his eyes and kissed him again.

"Servant? You think that right here, right now, you're just my servant?"

"I hope not." Merlin let his arm hang loosely over Arthur's neck. "Umm...Arthur, I don't suppose you could..." Merlin wriggled his hips making Arthur groan.

Arthur took this as a sign to continue. Moving slightly fast, he pulled near enough all the way out of Merlin before thrusting back in, searching for THAT spot. He dipped his head down to nibble and suck on his new lover's neck, creating many marks and showing to the world that Merlin was his.

"Don't even try to wear your scarf tomorrow, if you do I will personally rip it off and add to this collection." He warned, nuzzling Merlin's neck.

"Yes, S-Sire-oh!" Merlin moaned, not trying to hold his moans back. Let them find us; let them know, we have each other now. Merlin thought as Arthur threaded his fingers through his, kissing Merlin's hand lovingly.

The pair had just found a steady rhyme that both were happy with, Merlin's moans and cries that were music to Arthur's ears but maybe a little too loud when...

Knock knock.

The pair froze.

"W-Who is it?" Arthur asked as normally as he could, his arms straining with the effort of staying above Merlin.

"My Lord, Your father wishes to speak with you."

"What, now?" Arthur asked while Merlin chuckled.

"Yes sire."

"...Can't it wait?" Arthur whined and Merlin put his hand over his mouth to silence his laughter.

"No Sire."Arthur groaned and let his head fall onto Merlin's shoulder whose body was now shaking with laughter. Arthur grabbed Merlin's cock and gave a few tugs making Merlin moan. "Sire? Is everything okay? Do you need us to come in?" Arthur's head shot up.

"No, no, definitely not, there's no need for that, just stay there." Arthur gave Merlin a warning glare as he spoke. "Merlin," He whispered, "I'll make this as quick as possible-"

"Who? Me or your father?" Merlin asked his cheeky grin in place.

"My father, Merlin." Arthur growled, pulling out of Merlin who groaned at the loss.

"Arthur..." He whined and the prince laid a finger on his lips as he picked up his breeches with his other hand.

"I'll be right back." He promised as he dressed quickly.

"You better be, or I'm taking care of this problem myself." Merlin warned.

"Don't you dare." Arthur pointed a finger accusingly at Merlin as he pulled on his boot. "If you get cold, get under the covers, do not put your clothes back on. Do not move from this bed." He said, walking to Merlin to kiss him one last time before he left. "I want you right here when I get back," he laid a hand on the side of Merlin's face. "Always."

Merlin watched longingly as Arthur closed the door behind him. Immediately the loss washed over him and the young man felt cold, empty and alone. It was so tempting to touch himself but he knew Arthur would kill him for it. Besides, he was sure what Arthur was going to do to him would be much more pleasurable than jerking himself off.

Merlin crawled under the thick, satin covers and pulled them up to his chin. They smelt like Arthur, but were nowhere near as comforting and warm as the real thing. He closed his eyes, remembering the way it felt to have Arthur buried deep inside him, the two of them becoming one person.

Perhaps he would sleep in this bed tonight, next to Arthur, curled round each other, holding tightly, a promise to never let go. He let his thoughts drift to why Uther had to talk to Arthur so late. It was probably something to do with, Merlin yawned, patrol or the knights, he would find out when Arthur returned.

- - - - - -

Arthur walked through the door to the council chambers. "Father," Uther turned to his son, "You wished to speak to me?"

"Arthur, you are going to be King soon," Uther informed his son.

"I am aware of that Father, is there anything else?" The young and curios Prince asked. 'Where's this going?"

"I feel it's about time you start thinking about settling down."

"Settled?" Arthur asked. "I am very settled, thank you for your concern, Father, now if that is all-"
"Arthur, I meant marriage."

"I...I-I...I have no wished to be married yet, most women will seek the power and wealth, I will find a woman in my own time and I must-"

"Arthur, why are you in such a hurry to leave?" Uther asked, resting a hand on his throne.

Arthur imagined the look on his Father face if he told him about the naked man servant waiting up in his bed. Thoughts of Merlin made Arthur's semi-erection twitched and the Prince bit back a moan.

"Actually Father, I'm not feeling too well. I think I need to go and lie down for a while."

"Do I need to call Gaius?" Uther asked, his eyes filled with worry.

"No, I just need to rest; Merlin will be able to take care of me." Arthur assured him, backing towards the door.

"Merlin..." Uther mused, recalling the boy's clumsiness.

"Yes, father, now I'm sorry, but I must leave now." He bowed quickly before turning to the door.

Arthur ran back to his room as fast as he could without drawing any unwanted attention. He entered his room and closed the door behind him as silently as he could, slipping out of his clothes as he made his way towards his bed. He stopped dead when he reached it and a smile crossed his face as he gazed down at a sleeping Merlin. The Prince reached out to push a stray strand of hair away from Merlin's face and the smaller male awoke at his touch. "Wake up, sleepy." He said gently, pulling on Merlin's ear slightly

"Mmm?" Merlin batted the hand away and wiped his eyes. "Arthur, you're back." Merlin said sleepily.

"Yep, fancy finishing what we started?" Merlin through off the covers and pulled Arthur on top of him. "Whoa, Merlin!"

"You have no idea how long I've waited for this," Merlin said, his arms joining behind Arthur's neck as he gazed deeply with eyes full of love at the Prince on top of him, "I am not waiting any longer."

"God, you really are a puzzle, Merlin." Arthur admitted.

"And I think you're a piece that has been missing for too long." Merlin said, stroking Arthur's cheek. "Are we done talking now? I feel empty." Merlin grinded his hips against Arthur's making him moan.

"Impatient brat." Arthur muttered before he slipped back in to Merlin.

Merlin moaned and winced as Arthur filled him once more and the Prince froze?

"Merlin? Are you...?"

"Stop stopping!!" Merlin hissed, "I'm fine so either you get moving or I flip us over and ride you myself!" Arthur didn't move. "Arthur?"

Arthur leant down to whisper in Merlin's ear. "Do it." He breathed, flipping them so Merlin was on top of him, moaning and rocking his hips slightly at the change direction. "Merlin...More..."

"Sorry, Sire, I'm in control now."

Merlin leant forward and nibbled on Arthur's collar bone. Instead of riding Arthur as he had said he would, Merlin clenched his muscles around the Prince's cock, causing the Royal and moaned and grasped his arse.

"Mmm...Sire, don't worry, this is just revenge for everything." He said, before biting down hard on Arthur's neck.

Arthur cried out, digging his nails into Merlin's smooth, round butt cheeks, causing Merlin to bite down harder on the Prince's neck.

"Merlin!" Arthur shouted, "Christ, are you a fucking vampire as well as a sorcerer?" He murmured as he stroked his hands back up Merlin's back.

Merlin froze and sat up, pushing Arthur deeper inside of him, but he couldn't enjoy the feeling. "How did you know?"

"Merlin, please, move ad I'll tell you, move and I'll tell you everything, everything from as far back as I can remember, move and I'll get my father to fucking knight you, just please, Merlin, I've waited far too long for this." He put his hand behind Merlin's head and brought their lips together. Merlin pulled away slightly and leant their foreheads together. "And I know you have to, so please Merlin, I'll do whatever you want, take you wherever you want to go, just please, please move, make me scream for you, let me come inside of you. I've been waiting since I first met you." Merlin didn't say anything, just stared at Arthur. "And one more thing, I promise you're safe here." He smiled lovingly as he wrapped his arms around Merlin.

Merlin rolled them so that Arthur was on top again. "Merlin?"

"No teasing, no stopping." Merlin warned.

The Prince smiled a genuine loving smile that only Merlin had seen; only Merlin would ever see. "I promise," he whispered before pulling nearly all the way out of Merlin. He thrust back in and intertwined the fingers of one hand with Merlin's. "Merlin...Merlin...Merlin..." He chanted over and over.

"Arthur, faster, harder." Merlin pleaded, he let his arm lie across the back of Arthur's neck, lifeless. Arthur obeyed and soon Merlin was meeting his hips thrust for thrust.

"Merlin, I think I'm going to-"

"Me too."

The Prince reached down and wrapped a hand round Merlin's weeping member. No sooner had his hand enclosed Merlin's cock, the sorcerer came hard over their stomachs with a cry of the Prince's name.

"ARTHUR!!!!!!" As Merlin tightened around him, Arthur came and bit down hard on Merlin's collar.

They both lay, spent and panting on the Prince's bed, Arthur still inside of and on top of Merlin.

"You...You should stay here tonight, with me." It was more a suggestion than an order but Merlin agreed, only in a nod as he hadn't quite got his breath back. Arthur started to pull out but Merlin wrapped his legs tightly around him and held him in place.

"No..." He breathed. "Just a...Just a little while longer, it feels right like this."

"Doesn't it hurt?" Arthur asked, remembering it was Merlin's first time.

"Yeah, but it's a good kind of hurt." Merlin promised, smiling at how strange it sounded.

Arthur managed to move then so Merlin was led on his side with Arthur pressed right against him, still inside the younger male. The feeling of Merlin around him felt so good, so right.

"Arthur, how did you know?" Merlin asked, closing his eyes and feeling as though he was sinking into Arthur, totally at peace, a feeling that was completely new to him.

"You weren't very subtle about it, Merlin." Arthur chuckled, Merlin's body moving with his, making him smile.

"What will you do?" Merlin asked, flicking his thumb nails together nervously. Arthur laid his hand on top of them to stop them, and then moved it to brush a stray lock of hair out of Merlin's face before leaning in and kissing Merlin's forehead.

"Same thing I always did, protect you, and on the odd occasion, lie to my father's face."

"When did you ever-?"

"In front of my father's council, when Gwen was accused of being a witch, you ran in yelling 'I'm the sorcerer!' remember?"

"Oh." Was all Merlin could say.

"Yes, oh."

There was a soft silence between the two for a few moments, during which the pair gazed deeply into each other's eyes.

"What happens... now?" Merlin asked, his voice weakening.

Arthur's hand came to rest on Merlin's cheek. "I'm not going to leave you if that's what you're worried about. I'd never leave you Merlin."

"Really?" Merlin asked, his hand holding Arthur's tightly.

"Yes, you're with me now, nothing can take you away from me, I'll protect you."

"But what would Uther say?" Merlin's mind was still filled with fears, screaming loudly that this whole thing was a bad idea.

"Shh, it doesn't matter, nothing but here, now, and us matters." Arthur promised. And with those words, the fears screaming in Merlin's mind were silenced and vanquished. All that was left in its place was hope, just like Pandora's Box. And this hope would stay with him, for as long as Arthur did, and Merlin could only hope that it would be forever. But even if it wasn't, he didn't care; he was with him now, lying peacefully, beside, inside and all around him.

This was how it was always meant to be Merlin thought as he drifted into a sleep with dreams of Arthur and their future, the perfect end to a perfect day.