Prince and Pauper chapter 4

Arthur's eyes narrowed as Gwaine dropped his arm lazily over Merlin's shoulders, pulling him into his side as they laughed, Merlin turned and grabbed Lancelot's arm to tug him close so he could share in the joke.

Now, it was a well known fact amongst the people of Camelot that Arthur was the jealous type, the three men who had captured his attention tonight, however, were not men of Camelot, and so had not been there to witness the consequences of Arthur's jealousy.

Sir Leon, however, had seen what happened when the Prince became too jealous. Wincing slightly at the memories, he strode briskly over to where Arthur was stood; hands fisted at his sides, and hoped to draw his attention away from the three men, who were now shoving each other playfully, their laughter filling the room.

"Sire, don't you think it's time you retir-"

"No." Arthur answered quickly, leaning back on the wall with his arms crossed over his chest, his eyes fixed on his manservant and two of his best knights. Traitors, he thought coldly. Leon moved directly in front of the Prince, blocking his view of the room. "Leon, what are you-"

"Sire, don't," he warned. "You're not a child anymore, you must understand that Merlin-"

"Cannot behave that way in public." Arthur answered through gritted teeth.

Sir Leon sighed, glancing back over his shoulder at the three men. "They are just having fun Sire. I'm sure..."

"Merlin is my manservant."Arthur growled, trying to see said man over Leon's shoulder. "He should be here with me, not fooling around with those two. And I should warm you Leon, that if you don't move out of the way I'll..."

"My Lord?" Leon asked, trying his hardest not to laugh as his Prince frown, trying to think of a punishment.

"You have seen me at my worst, Leon; do you really want to test me?" Leon sighed and stepped aside, letting the prince pass before he went to Percival.

"We need to do something," he said quietly to his companion. "You wait here, I'll get Lancelot and Gwaine," Percival nodded, not understanding what they were trying to accomplish quite yet.

"And another thing," Arthur was yelling at Merlin while Gwaine stifled his laughter and kept his arm around the slighter man and Lancelot looked from Merlin to Arthur apologetically. "What the hell do you-?"

"Sorry my Lord. Lancelot, Gwaine, a moment please?" He indicated behind him with his head to where Percival was waiting patiently.

"Of course," Lancelot replied, polite as ever. He bowed respectfully to Arthur before slipping past, making his way over to Leon, giving him a grateful look.

"What's this all about?" Gwaine asked with a slight slur, leaning heavily against Merlin, an arm slung around the slimmer male's shoulders.

"Well, it's kind of...knight-y, here," he quickly pulled Gwaine off Merlin and patted Merlin's arm. "You can have him back in a minute, but for now you have Arthur here." Arthur glared at him, "good luck." He smiled before dragging Gwaine away to the circle of knights.

"Right, we need to sort out Arthur's...jealousy issue, if you will." Leon explained to them, motioning vaguely with his hand. "Otherwise it may end up with deaths," Leon looked at Lancelot and Gwaine, "your deaths-"

"Like he would," Gwaine scoffed.

"Never the less," Leon continued, "it is a problem that must be solved, and I have an idea."

"Idea?" Gwaine asked, frowning and swaying slightly, "I'm not sure I like the idea of that."

"Anything is better than death," Lancelet replied before turning to Leon, "What is this plan?"

"Well," Leon started, indicating them to move closer before he began to explain his plan.

"What do you think they're talking about?" Merlin asked Arthur as he raised himself onto the balls of his feet to see the knights over the crowd.

"I don't know, maybe what a shameless flirt you are," Arthur said, glaring at Merlin.

"That's not fair, Arthur. I'm allowed to have friends and I'm allowed to have fun with my friends. I was not flirting," he said decisively. "Besides, Leon-"

"Sir Leon," Arthur corrected, not liking the thought of Merlin getting to close to them.

"Leon," Merlin countered, "said something knight-y so it's not even about me." When he looked back over to them, they kept looking in their direction.

"See?" Arthur said, motioning to them, "shameless flirt," he concluded.

"They are not talking about me and I am not, they're probably wondering why you're not there, considering its all 'knight-y'. Ah, see, Leon and Percival are coming to get you, have fun." Merlin said, pointing at the two knights making their way over.

"What?" Arthur said to Merlin before turning to face Leon and Percival.

"My lord, may we speak with you for a moment?" Leon ask, his manner now complete different from their previous conversation.

"Why?" Arthur asked suspiciously, glancing over to the corner where Lancelot and Gwaine were talking to each other in a hushed whisper.

"All will become apparent My Lord." Leon replied

Percival smiled his small, shy smile and Arthur followed him out into the hall where he was lifted onto Percival's shoulder to be carried. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" He yelled.

"I'm sorry Sire," Percival said honestly.

"It's for your own good, Arthur." Leon said as he walked behind them. "Everything should be prepared, yes?" Leon asked Percival who nodded in response.

"Guards!" Arthur shouted, kicking, squirming and hitting Percival.

"Please, Sire, I don't want to drop you, please keep still." Percival stroked Arthur's thigh in an attempt to calm him.

"Guards!" Arthur shouted again.

"Prince Arthur!" he heard a guard shout.

"Yes, help me!" Arthur shouted, trying to turn to see the guard.

"Sorry about this, he's had too much to drink and is making a fuss; we decided it was best for him to retire, but..." Leon gestured to Percival, "it seems this is the only way he would be moved."

"This is preposterous! Put me down!"

The Prince's shouts could be heard all the way down the hallway. Merlin frown, slightly worried.

"What are they going to do with him?" he asked, watching from the doorway.

"Ah I wouldn't worry," Gwaine replied, draping himself over Merlin's shoulders again. "I'm sure they'll be gently with him."

"Now then, pet, you're part of the plan." Gwaine said, pulling Merlin towards the door and grabbing Lancelot as he went, looking every bit the drunk he was.

"Plan?" Merlin asked, slightly worried and Lancelot, sensing that he might make a run for it, switched to Merlin's side so he was caught between the two knights.

"It'll be fine, we won't do anything you say no to, we just want to help with the Prince's problem." Lancelot said, patting Merlin's back where he held him.

"Yeah, he's a very jealous man, Merlin, and they're dangerous to be around," Gwaine pointed out.

"And we don't want you to get hurt in any way so umm..." Lancelot couldn't bring himself to say it, so Gwaine did instead.

"We'd like to shag you while the Princess watched."

"WHAT?" Merlin shouted, stopping in his tracks, looking from one knight to the other.

"It was not our idea Merlin, believe me," Lancelot said, gazing at him softly.

"Whose idea was it?" Merlin demanded, aware now of just how close to two of them were to him.

"Leon," Gwaine grinned cheerfully, "And may I say what a brilliant idea it is"

"How is it-" Lancelot stole him from under Gwaine's arm and pressed him gently against the wall.

"Please, Merlin? We'll be good to you," he leant forward to lick a stripe up Merlin's neck then suck in his ear lobe. "And so gentle and it'll be good for Arthur to learn to share, won't it? We don't like to see him shout at you."

Gwaine appeared behind him and reached round to hold Merlin's chin, "we don't like it when you look scared. You trust us, don't you, Merlin?" Gwaine asked, pulling Lancelot back to stand next to him. "Will you let us?" He asked, holding Lancelot's hand.

Merlin stared at the two, mouth dry and slightly open, eyes wide. Finally, he licked his lips and nodded, uttering a quiet and shy 'kay' before allowing himself to be led down the hallway to Arthur's chambers.

"This is ridiculous!" Arthur shouted, struggling as Percival held him tightly, arms trapped behind his back. "Let me go this instant!"

"I'm sorry My Lord," Leon said from in front of him, "But this is for your own good."

Arthur was about to reply, but at that moment his chamber door was thrown open and his eyes widened.

Gwaine had picked Merlin up and had his legs wrapped tightly round his waist as he kissed him passionately, grabbing the front of Lancelot's shirt to pull him close to them to switch attention to him.

"Merlin!" Arthur shouted, struggling more in Percival's grip and Leon stepped forward to help keep his legs still.

"Arthur, listen to me," Leon said calmly, "we're here to help."

"Help! How is-"

"Shh, just listen, we're going to teach you what you were never taught as a child, that you need to be able to share."

"Merlin isn't a thing to be shared, he's-"

"We're going to show you that there is no need for jealousy when Merlin only ever thinks of you." Right on cue, Merlin moaned Arthur's name and Arthur looked to see Gwaine latched on to his servant's sensitive neck, looking over at them.

Arthur fell silent. He stopped struggling in Percival's grip, his gaze locking onto Merlin's face. His checks were flushed and his eyes closed and he leant his head back to give Gwaine more room. Lancelot came and stood behind Merlin, slipping a hand round his slim waist and up under his shirt, caressing his pale skin and causing another moan to fall from Merlin's lips. His other hand buried itself in Gwaine's dark locks and he tugged lightly, pulling his head up from where it was trailing kisses along Merlin's collar bone, and pulled him into a heated, passionate kiss.

Merlin let his head fall back onto Lancelot's shoulder and rolled it slightly to look at Arthur, smiling dazedly at him, before his attention was turned back to Lancelot as he tweaked his nipple.

"You know, don't you, Sire?" Percival asked. "You know that no matter what they do to him, given the choice, he'll always choose you." Percival, always kind, and extraordinarily gentle, despite his size. His word could be trusted, but Arthur still didn't want anyone touching what was his.

"If that's the case, then give him the choice," he growled, struggling again as Gwaine and Lancelot guided Merlin to the bed.

Gwaine pushed Merlin onto the bed on his back, quickly moving to straddle his waist, leaning down to nibble as the manservant's pale neck. Lancelot led beside them, watching with a slight hungry lust in his eyes as Merlin moaned, head tilted right back. And Gwaine's hand trailed down to rest on the waistband of Merlin's breeches. Lancelot's own hand moved to run up Gwaine's muscled back as he leant forward to lick the shell of Merlin's ear.

"Calm down, Sire, please." Percival held him tighter and Arthur groaned in pain as his ribs were crushed slightly. "I'm sorry, Sire, I didn't mean need to calm down-"

"Ah, Arthur!" Merlin moaned, drawing the prince's attention again. When he looked he found that Merlin had been stripped of his tunic and Lancelot had moved to remove Merlin's boots, Gwaine's thumb stroking across and dipping under Merlin's waistband as he licked Merlin's nipple, tweaking the other one.

"There's a good boy, Merlin," Lancelot praised as he climbed back on the bed, kissing Merlin briefly. "Nice and loud for our prince." Merlin turned his hooded gaze to Arthur again.

Arthur felt himself harden at the look of pure lust in Merlin's dark eyes. His eyes never left the Prince as Gwaine's hand slipped under the waistband of Merlin's breeches. Merlin's back arched into the knight's touch and a groan escaped his bruised red lips.

"Arthur…" he moaned again, eyes slipping closed as Lance's mouth replaced Gwaine's hand on Merlin's other nipple. He ran his tongue around it, pushing down before taking it into his mouth and sucking.

"Arthur!" Merlin's hands fisted in two sets of brown lock and Arthur found himself replying.


"More...please, more," Merlin moaned, moving his hands to tug at the knights' tunics. "I want to touch you...I want to touch..." Gwaine pulled back and tugged off his
tunic, returning so Lancelot could do the same without them having to leave Merlin. Merlin immediately splayed his and out across their skin, kissing down Lancelot's chest desperately.

"You're so beautiful, Merlin," Gwaine murmured against his skin. "Look at you, so desperate to be touched," he purposely looked at Arthur as he spoke, "does Arthur not satisfy you properly?"

Arthur struggled against Percival's grip again but Leon calmed him, "it's not true, Arthur, and you know it. Gwaine, stop antagonizing him, this is to help him share, not to manage his temper."

"Okay, okay, I'll leave the Princess alone," Gwaine kissed Merlin's chest again.

"I know why you're like this, Merlin," Lancelot told him, moving down the bed to look him in the eyes, "And it is most definitely Arthur's fault. You're used to getting it so often you can't go without, can you? And I'm betting he knows just how you like it, so you'll be extra demanding with us so we get it right too, won't you?"

"Y-Yes…" Merlin moaned breathlessly as Lancelot lower his face, rubbing noses with the slimmer male affectionately. "Yes… Yes…" He continued to moan as the knight above him nuzzled his face into Merlin's neck, kissing it with gently care, nibbling the pale skin. The stubble around Lancelot's mouth scratched Merlin's soft flesh, but it didn't hurt, in fact Merlin found he quite liked it.

Gwaine in the mean time, and feeling very left out from the emotional exchange going on above him, had stopped his kisses once he reached the waist band of Merlin's breeches. Moving so he was led the other side to Merlin than Lancelot was, Gwaine spared the pair one final, slightly jealous glance before his hand delved down into Merlin's breeches, fisting around Merlin's member none too gently.

"Ah!" Merlin shouted in surprise and pleasure, looking down at Gwaine.

"Hi, yeah, I'm still here," he said, smiling before moving his hand to fondle Merlin's balls, and using the other to pull Merlin's breeches lower to press a kiss to the head of Merlin's cock. "So, Princess," Gwaine called to Arthur, "how does he like it?"

Arthur gave a menacing growl and tried to lunge forward, only to be caught in a tight grip by Percival's over muscular arms.

Gwaine chuckled at the Prince's frustration, nuzzling his face into Merlin's lower stomach. "Someone's jealous," he murmured, his mouth soon returning to Merlin's member.

"Come on, Sire, we promise we won't compare to you, we just want to please Merlin," Lancelot told him as he rubbed Merlin's nipple.

Arthur struggled again, raising his voice, "He is not yours to-"

"Sire," Leon said calmly and Arthur forced himself to calm and resigned to his fate.

"He likes it when..." he closed his eyes and imagined Merlin spread beneath him, remembering what to do to make him moan, how to make his back arch. He took a shaky breath and swallowed thickly.

"T-The inside of his thighs…" Arthur whispered breathlessly, eyes still closed, picturing him doing this to Merlin. "Gently… ever so gently… "

Gwaine dipped his head, nudging Merlin's legs apart. He pressed a kiss against the pale skin of the servant's thigh, caressing softly with lips, teeth and tongue.

"Ah! Oh God, yes!" Merlin cried, bucking his hips.

"His neck, just under his jaw," Arthur continued eyes wide at Merlin's reaction to the touches - he had never seen his face while he did these things. Merlin wrapped an arm around Lancelot's neck, using the hold to direct his lips to the perfect spot. "And just...just behind his balls," he felt himself grow hard as he watched Merlin writhe, and too his discomfort, he felt the same happening to Percival.

Gwaine stroked at the soft, delicate skin and Merlin arched off the bed, moaning loudly. "The door," Arthur licked his lips before continuing, "is the door locked?"

"Yes, Sire," Leon answered hoarsely, eyes fixed on the scene in front of him.

"Hmm, what about a little further back, Lancelot, hand me that oil, will you?" Gwaine held out his hand for Lancelot.

"No!" Arthur cried, but this time not from rage, but desperation. Everyone looked at him. "Please, no...Ok, I understand, share; don't get jealous, Merlin loves me. I love him too and if you dare try to..." Arthur took a shaky breath, "Please don't, that's too much." Gwaine and Lancelot looked back to Merlin for confirmation, but his eyes were fixed on Arthur's. "Please," Arthur tried again.

"Let him go," Merlin told them, Percival looked to Leon unsurely.

Leon nodded his head, realising that Arthur had learnt his lesson and that they maybe had gone a step too far. Percival, at the command, released his grip on the Prince and Arthur ran across the room to the three men on the bed. Both Gwaine and Lance moved aside as the blonde haired man scrambled onto the bed, scooping Merlin into a hug, which the darker haired male willingly returned.

"I'm so sorry…" Arthur whispered, burying his face into the crook of Merlin's neck and breathing in his welcoming and addictive smell. "I'm too jealous and too protective over you Merlin and I'm so so sorry. But, please believe me; I only do it because I care so much for you."

"I know, but I'm not flirting with every guy I talk to, you have to trust me," Merlin told him, giving him the affection he needed in a tender kiss before flopping back on the bed. "Sex," he said simply.


"Now," he added. Arthur glanced around to his knights.
"So what are we meant to do?" Gwaine asked, "Just watch?" Arthur smirked regaining his confidence.

"That's exactly what you're meant to do; watch and learn from the master. Then you can see your point proven," he said confidently as Merlin giggled and wrapped his arms around his neck.

"And what was that?" Lancelot asked, grinning as he knew what was to come.

"That I have nothing to worry about, because nobody can make Merlin feel the way he does during sex, nobody but me."

"Hmm, if only your penis was as big as your ego, that might actually be true," Merlin said cheekily before pulling Arthur down for a kiss to show that it lacked seriousness. "Come on love," he whispered against his lips, "show them that I'm yours, have me."

Grinning widely, the Prince gladly did what he was told. Pressing his lips against Merlin's, Arthur kissed him deeply, pushing him back into the bed. He buried a hand in dark locks, his other sliding up Merlin's pale leg, which was soon wrapped tightly around Arthur's waist. The servant moaned loudly as Arthur found the sensitive spot on his neck, his hips bucking up towards his lover's, desperate for more contact.

Silence had fallen between the other knights in the room as they all stood, gaze fixed on their Prince and his lover. Never before had any of them seen such affection between two people.

Arthur kissed Merlin repeatedly, his lips, cheeks, chin, jaw and neck, loving the way his breath hitched and his chest pushed up against his when he inhaled. He smiled and looked up to his knights, seeing the way they stared and strained not to touch themselves, though it was clear from the tents in their breeches that they wanted to.

"Lancelot," Arthur called, "the oil, if you would be so kind." Lancelot fumbled as he picked up the oil and took handed it to his prince. "Thank you," Arthur looked round again, "for God sakes, just do it," he said, nodding at their groins, "God knows what'll happen if you don't."

He turned his attention back to Merlin as he heard his chair scrape against the floor and a satisfied sigh as someone relaxed into it and followed his orders.

Percival had been the first to give into temptation. He dropped heavily into Arthur's chair, head falling back with a groan and hands burring themselves in his breeches. His eyes slowly slipped closed as a hoarse groan escaped his lips.

Arthur's lips began their pilgrimage down Merlin's chest and stomach, kissing tenderly and nibbling softly, reddening the other male's pale skin. The Prince's hands were busily undoing the stopper from the bottle of oil and coating three of his fingers on one hand with the substance. He stopped and grinned as he reached Merlin's lower abdomen. He could feel Merlin's stiff member pressing against his chest and his fingers began to trail down between Merlin's legs before…

He froze as he felt a pair of lips attach themselves to his neck and a strong, warm body press against his back from where he lay on the bed.

"What are...?" Leon's beard scratched across his skin as he nuzzled in, "what are you doing?"

"It's only fair that Merlin learns the same lesson as you, Sire," Leon insisted as his hands stroked down Arthur's sides. Merlin looked indifferent about the display.

"Please..." he begged, "just do...anything!"

Arthur growled and turned his attention to Leon, "fine, stay, but don't get in my way."

"Yes, Sire," Leon's eyes locked on Lancelot and Gwaine where they stood.

Or rather, where they used to be stood. Gwaine had pushed Lancelot up against the hard stone wall and had locked their lips together in a very heated and passionate kiss. Their hands roamed everywhere and their tongues invaded each other's mouths.

Leon gave a groan at the sight of them, his hips bucking of their own accord. He returned to nuzzling Arthur's neck, a hand pulling the Princess' shirt from where it was tucked into his breeches. Once free, Leon's hand moved up underneath it, caressing Arthur's muscular chest and stomach.

Arthur hummed his approval into Merlin's neck and slipped a finger into the slighter man beneath him. "Ah, about time...mmm, more," he prompted. Arthur smirked as Leon moaned into his ear and tweaked his nipple. Arthur groaned as he worked another finger into Merlin's hot body.

"He's so wonton isn't he?" He asked Leon, "so willing to give, so perfect," he added, before kissing Merlin and adding another finger, twisting and spreading them to stretch him.

Merlin groaned in a mix of pain and pleasure as he was stretched apart. He arched his back upwards, allowing Arthur a better access. In return Arthur pushed back against Leon, eyes widening slightly as he felt the knights member press into his lower back.

Beside them, Gwaine and Lancelot were soon heading towards a full blown fight of desperate, raw emotion. Hands flew everywhere, touching and feeling every muscle, exposing every inch of skin possible. Lips slipped and parted, travelling down a bared neck.

Gwaine pulled at the laces of Lancelot's breeches, dropping to his knees to desperately tug off his boots and breeches as Lancelot pulled off his tunic, leaving him completely naked. Gwaine stood again, pressing himself against Lancelot as he kissed him and began lifting his own tunic. "Percival," Lancelot muttered, making Gwaine halt.

"Percy?" He asked, confused, but still took off his tunic.

"He's alone, can we...relocate?" Gwaine's features remained un-amused, before he kicked off his shoes and breeches and smiled seductively, turning to walk to Percival.

"Come on then, Percy," he called, "let's see if your strength matches mine," he challenged, Lancelot following behind him, grinning

Percival open a heavy eye at Gwaine's word and gazed longingly over at the pair of them. His hand, which was still buried deep in his breeches, was soon replaced with Lancelot's as Gwaine walked around the back of the chair and draped himself over Percival's shoulders, kissing at his neck.

With his free hand, Lancelot tugged at Percival's breeches, encouraging him to lift himself up so he could slip them, along with his boots off him. He threw them on the floor and smirked when Gwaine's followed immediately, looking up at the man. "What? It wouldn't be fair otherwise," was all he said.

Lancelot was stopped from replying by strong hands grabbing him and tugging him up. He gasped in surprise as he was hoisted onto Percival's lap, knees crushed between his thighs and the arms of the chair. Percival tugged him down for a kiss and Gwaine switched to kissing Lancelot's neck, sorely tempted to join him on Percival's lap. He groaned as he imagined one of them straddling each of Percival's muscled thighs, kissing and stroking him, licking and biting at his skin. They'd need a wider chair, was the only reason he could think have not to do this. He glanced around, looking for something that might fit the purpose. The floor was too cold, but the table...wide, study, not too cold...

With a grin, Gwaine locked eyes with Lancelot and nodded over at the table, his fellow knight understanding his reasoning immediately. Breaking the kiss, Lancelot slowly slide off of Percival's lap and took his hands, pulling him to his feet also. The bigger man gave a confused look as he was led over to the table by Lancelot as Gwaine cleared the surface. He was pushed to sit on the wooden table top and soon all conscious thought left his mind. Lancelot and Gwaine were soon on top of him, their warm, muscled legs either side of one of his thighs. Lancelot reached up a hand and cupped Percival's cheek, turning his face to him and resuming their kiss. Gwaine in the meantime, pressed his lips against the strong pulse on Percival's neck.

Percival stroked down each of their bodies, cupping a cheek each and pulling them to rub against his hips. Their matching groans echoed around him and he pulled again, just to hear that sound. "Ah, yes, Percival..." Lancelot bit his lip to hold in another groan and Gwaine took the opportunity to steal a kiss from Percival's lips. Lancelot frowned at this but quickly smirked, "fine, but I get first dibs on his cock," he said, trailing down Percival's body. Gwaine quickly pulled away and followed him, pushing Percival back to lie down, making it easier.

"No fair, you kissed him first!" He protested, holding Lancelot's shoulder so he couldn't reach Percival's erection.

"Then you stole him," Lancelot reminded him, able to get close enough that his breath could be felt on Percival's dick.

"Well, you can have his lips back," he eyed Percival's cock, admiring the length and thickness of it. "I want his cock." Percival groaned at the feel of their breaths, it was a tease, but not enough.

"But…" I-"

"Will one of you just do something?" Percival finally shouted. Lancelot and Gwaine looked at him in surprise before turning back to each other and smirking.

"Share?" Lancelot suggested.

"Definitely," Gwaine agreed.

Both knights dropped to their knees and spread Percival's legs apart. Lancelot leant up and wrapped a hand around Percival's thick member, licking the head teasingly. Meanwhile, Gwaine moved forward and took Percival's balls into his mouth, sucking on them and rolling them round with his tongue. The bigger man dropped his head backwards, groaning loudly as the two knights went to work on him.

Percival's groans were drowned out, however, by the strangled cry Merlin made as Arthur thrust into him. He was sat on the Prince's lap, eyes scrunched closed and teeth gritted as Arthur help raise and lower him back onto his member. Sir Leon was before him, nibbling harshly on one of his nipples, tweaking the other between thumb and finger. His other hand was wrapped tightly around his member as he stroked himself slowly

"Oh...oh, God," he opened his eyes to look at Leon and caught sight of the other knights in the corner of his eye. "Oh, God," he pawed at Leon's shoulder and tapped Arthur's thigh. "Look, look at them," he said breathlessly. Arthur and Leon stopped moving when they looked at the other knights.

"Lord have mercy," Leon whispered as he watched Percival moan and grab Lancelot's head with a strong hand. He was too gentle to push him down lest he hurt him, but he was too aroused to let go, so he just held on.

"Humph, we can put on a better show than that," Arthur commented, returning Leon's attention to him, "I'm sure we can be louder that that as well, look who we have on our team." He brought Merlin's attention back to them with a sharp thrust upwards, earning a loud cry from the slighter male, "See?" he asked Leon.

Merlin's cry made Lancelot look up, pulling away from Percival's cock and making the larger knight groan. He smiled, seeing the challenging look in Arthur's eyes. "So competitive," he murmured. Gwaine looked up to the Prince. Lancelot saw the same look in Gwaine's eyes and rolled his eyes. Gwaine dropped to take Percival's cock into his mouth, making him moan as he took him in deeper and guided his large hands to tangle in his hair.

Lancelot stood and got onto the table beside Percival. Leaning down, he kissed along the knight's exposed neck, his hand travelling across his chest and down his stomach. Percival moaned at the feel of the two man's lips on his skin and tightened his grip on Gwaine's hair and reaching to cup Lancelot's backside with his free hand. He stroked a finger across Lancelot's entrance, enjoying the feel of him shudder.

Not wanting to be beaten, Leon released his grip on Merlin's nipples and dropped down and led flat on the bed. He couldn't help be grin as Merlin's member twitched when his hot breath ghosted across it. He licked at the white substance forming at the top before taking it fully in his mouth, relaxing his throat muscle so he wouldn't gag.

"Ah! Oh," Merlin squirmed in Arthur's lap, trying to push into Leon's mouth and back onto Arthur's cock. "Ah, fuck...Please! I can't...Oh God," he tangled a hand in Leon's hair and threw the other one back over Arthur's shoulder.

"Oh dear, I think we've broken him, Leon," Arthur said calmly, thrusting forwards and upwards as be pulled Merlin back down. Merlin was near sobbing by now, desperate for that extra spark that would push him over the edge, just waiting for Arthur to find the right angle. "AH!"

And there it was, Merlin exploded into Leon's mouth, all but screaming as he did so.

The three knights on the table looked over to the bed at the sound, "damn," Lancelot murmured, "we lost. Ah well, we can still have fun. Well done, Sire!" he called before retuning his attention to Percival.

"Leon, move." Leon looked up at him curiously, still licking Merlin's cock clean as the warlock whimpered at the touch on the over sensitized skin. "Either lie down on your back so we can be on top of you or move," Arthur prompted, more impatient this time. Leon quickly obliged both him and the Prince lowering Merlin down to lie on him, Arthur still in him.

"No, I...I can't," Merlin tried weakly.

"Oh," Arthur kissed his neck hard and kept his face pressed against it as he spoke. "You can baby, I know you can, you're doing so well, being so good, for me, yeah?" Merlin grumbled but nodded, hiding his face in Leon's shoulder as Arthur started thrusting again. "If you're still hard after this, I'll suck you off," he promised Leon, who Merlin was simply regarding as a lumpy mattress at this point.

Leon nodded to his Prince before wrapping his arms around Merlin and kissing him deeply, thrusting his tongue into his mouth and exploring every inch. Merlin groaned loudly, his eyes slipping closed as his soft, sensitive member rubbed against Leon's rock hard and needy one every time Arthur pushed into him.

Lance gave a cry of pain as one of Percival's thick fingers pushed into him. He lowered his head, trying to for the tears to stay in his eyes as the man below him curled his finger, searching. He knew he had found what he was looking for when Lancelot through his head back, eyes wide and gave a groan of pleasure.

Gwaine had frozen in what he was doing. Percival's member dropped from his mouth as his wide eyes locked onto Lancelot's arched back and neck. Standing slowly, he got onto the table behind the knight and leant across him, kissing down his shoulder whilst he too inserted a finger into Lancelot's entrance.

"Ah, Gwaine, please-"

"Hush, love, I'll make it better, I'll make you feel good, then you can take Percival." Gwaine turned slightly to spit on the fingers and Lancelot's hole, easing the way slightly, then leaning down to lick them, poking and lapping at Lancelot's stretched entrance.

"Oh, Gwaine," Lancelot moaned.
"Is that good? We'll get you nice and ready for Percy," he said, almost mumbling to himself at this point.

Lancelot gave a shaky cry and screwed his eyes tightly as Gwaine began to thrust his finger gently. Tears began to stream from his eyes and he dug his nail into the wooden top of the table. Percival, seeing this, moved forward, forcing Lancelot to kneel up. He took the knight's hands and placed them on his own shoulders, allowing Lancelot to cling tightly to him. He gently reached up and wiped the tears away from his face before pulling Lancelot into a passionate and surprisingly gentle kiss.

"It'll be ok," He whispered softly, hand stroking Lancelot's hips in an attempt to take his mind off the pain as Gwaine inserted a second finger.

"Shh," Gwaine kissed the base of Lancelot's spine and rubbed gentle circles into the small of his back, "we've got you, you'll be alright, nearly there. Oh, you're so good, Lancey. You're so strong," another kiss, "so brave," another, "and now you've got to do what you've never allowed yourself to, you've got to relax."

"Hurts," Lancelot whimpered.

"That's why you need to relax," Percival told him, running a hand through his hair, "come, on, you're so beautiful, I don't like to see you crying, come on," Percival kissed Lancelot again and Lancelot forced himself to relax, to focus on Percival and the way Gwaine was kissing up and down his spine. Gwaine felt the difference immediately and set to work looking for his prostate.

"Percy, your fingers are longer, help me," Gwaine begged and Percival wiggled his finger, twisting it to rub against Lancelot's prostate, making him moan and arch. "Again," Gwaine ordered, spreading his fingers as he watched Lancelot arch and writhe. "There, you go, that's better, isn't it, Lancey?" Gwaine asked, Lancelot nodded as he moaned. Gwaine kissed his spine again and rubbed his cheek, "so good."

Lancelot gave another moan in response as he opened his mouth up to Percival's searching tongue. He could feel the bigger man's thick member pressing against the inside of this thigh. It was unfair, his scrambled mind just managed to piece together; here was him and Percival having all the fun and Gwaine doing all the work. Something had to be done about that.

Arching backwards slightly, Lancelot searched blindly behind himself for what he was looking for. His fingers met Gwaine's bear chest and travelled down them lightly, causing his companion to shiver and groan against his back. Lancelot's hand continued downwards until it met the waistband of Gwaine's breeches. He slipped a finger inside them and tugged at them, the other man wiggling his hips slightly to help remove them. Once they were gone, Lancelot wrapped a hand around Gwaine's needy member and squeezed it as Gwaine added a third and final finger into his entrance.

"Oh, Lord," Lancelot moaned, squeezing Gwaine's cock. "Oh, Sir Gwaine." Oh yes, Gwaine liked that. Percival smirked at Gwaine over Lancelot's shoulder and nodded. Gwaine understood and removed his fingers, Percival still twisting his inside Lancelot as Gwaine rubbed the oil over Percival's cock.

"Nearly, there. Are you ready?" Percival asked, as he slipped his finger out of Lancelot's body. Lancelot nodded and whimpered as Gwaine moved out of reach to admire Lancelot's quivering hole.

"Percival..." Lancelot whined, hoping the larger knight would bring Gwaine back. Gwaine and Percival's combined strength lifted Lancelot above Percival's cock and slowly lowered him onto it, trying to hold the writhing man still when he was fully seated on Percival's pelvis (that's fun to say ^_^). Gwaine sat on Percival's thighs, wrapping an arm around Lancelot's waist and gripping his hip with his other hand, overlapping Percival's that was also resting there.

On the bed, Merlin lay with his eyes closed, resting on Leon's shoulder as Arthur thrust into him, jolting him backwards and forwards, rubbing him against Leon and it hurt so good. His cock was painfully sensitive, but was making a valiant attempt to become hard again

Leon's face was nuzzled deeply into Merlin's pale, outstretched neck. He kissed it gently, nibbling on it softly and creating numerous red marks all over the male's smooth flesh. His one hand was buried deeply in Merlin's dark locks, holding his head in place on his shoulder. His other hand reached down to grip Arthur's ball, massaging them gently, his eyes locking with Arthur. He smiled widely to himself as the Prince threw his head back and groaned loudly, hips bucking wildly into Merlin.

Suddenly the dark haired sorcerer found himself back on his knees, back pressed again Arthur's chest as the Prince gripped his arms tightly. Leon wormed his way out from beneath them and pressed himself against Merlin's chest, kissing him deeply.

Merlin grabbed Leon's arms tightly to hold his exhausted body up. Arthur gripped his hips tightened and started thrusting faster, more erratically and he sank his teeth into Merlin's shoulder to stifle a groan as he came. Merlin pulled away from Leon and cried out in pain and surprise, sighing in relief when Arthur finally let go and pulled out of him. Tighter, Leon and Arthur lowered him onto the bed and Arthur shoved Leon down next to him, bending to lick the head of his cock.

"Ah, Sire!" Leon shouted.

"Told you I would," Arthur reminded him, a hand resting on Merlin's stomach as he sucked Leon off.

Leon gave a groan as Arthur's mouth engulfed him entirely. He shakily managed to push himself up onto his elbows to get a better look at the blonde head bobbing up and down on his lap. The Prince licked up the thick, pulsing vein on the underside of Leon's member, flicking his tongue teasingly over the head. At this, Leon gave out another breathy moan and collapsed back onto the bed, turning his head sideways to look at Merlin. He reached across and grabbed the young warlock by the chin, drawing him into a deep tongue-y kiss. His hands fisted themselves in Arthur's hair and he guided the Prince's head up and down his member, going at a speed that suited him.

Look at you," Merlin murmured against his lips, "controlling my prince, you must feel pretty powerful." Leon laughed.

"I know I have much more strength than you right now," Leon joked, Merlin could only laugh, knowing that he was well and truly fucked and now he just wanted to sleep. Arthur reached blindly for Merlin's hand, slapping lightly at Merlin's skin until Merlin offered his hand to him. He gladly took it and moved it to caress Leon's balls, making the knight groan. Merlin smiled at this and moved to suck at Leon's nipple.

Percival helped Gwaine lift and lower Lancelot, taking all the power away from him, as he listened to the moans that filled the room. "Please," Lancelot begged, pulling at Gwaine's hand then, seeing it was no use gave up and fell back against his strong body. "Please, I need more. Please don't do this." Percival and Gwaine smiled evilly at each other and kept the steady pace, lifting Lancelot so that only the head of Percival's large cock remained in him (and this was a good eight inches away from Percival) then gently lowering him back onto it.

"I am a fighter!" Lancelot insisted, grabbing Percival and wriggling, but it was no use against Percival and Gwaine's combined strength. "I do not do gentle, I don't...oh please, just..." He let out a frustrated growl. "Merlin!" He called, "Merlin, help!"

"Sorry, Lance, I'm in no position to, you know...move. So you're on you're own, but if it makes you feel any better, you can cuddle up to me after." He promised

"I shall hold you to that," Lancelot muttered, his head falling forward to rest lightly on Gawain's shoulder. He turned his gaze to the knight in front of him and frowned deeply. "I hate you…"

Gawain laughed and pressed a gentle kiss against Lancelot's cheek, continuing to help Percival raise and lower him onto Percival's member. "No you don't Lancey. It's not possible for you to hate people. You don't know how to hate."

"I'll make it possible," Lancelot grumbled, nipping harshly on Gawain's shoulder, who gave a shudder and chuckled in reply.

"Percival!" Arthur called across the room, stroking Leon's cock, "are you loyal to your Prince?" Percival looked confused and stopped moving.

"Of course, Sire, always," he swore.

"Excellent, stop breaking my knights. Do as your prince commands; plough him," he ordered. Lancelot moaned and closed his eyes, relief flooding through him as Percival answered 'yes, Sire.'

"Thank you, Sire!" Lancelot called, thankful that he would finally be given release.

Percival's thrusts grew harder and Lancelot moaned, feeling the pleasure building and building, and built on a shaking foundation, it wouldn't take long to come crashing down.

"This will be a test of your stamina," Gwaine murmured, "after all, I'm having a turn next," he promised.

"Y-You… talk… to… much…" Lancelot managed between gasps, fisting a hand on Gawain's hair and pulling him closer, crashing their lips together. Gawain eyes wide with surprise, was soon grinning into the kiss, his tongue forcing Lancelot's lips apart and plunging deep inside his mouth.

Percival, still thrusting deeply and quickly into the beautiful male on his lap, nuzzled his face into the crook of Lancelot's neck and kissed it tenderly and with great care as if one wrong more, one misplaced kiss would call his companion to break and crumble. Lancelot groaned blissfully into Gawain's mouth and, breaking the kiss, led his head back on Percival's shoulder, giving the bigger male more room to adorn his neck.

Gawain grinned as he watched the pleasure filled looks on their faces. Leaning forward he took one of Lancelot's pert nipples into his mouth and sucked on it harshly, his hand fisting around Lancelot's member and pumping it torturously slow.

"I'll kill you both if I've not come in the next minute," Gwaine's eyes narrowed as they met Percival's.

"Is that a challenge?" Gwaine murmured. Without giving him the chance to answer, Gwaine sped up with his hand, "come on, come on, Lancey-boy," Gwaine encouraged. Percival grabbed Lancelot's hips and thrust faster, harder, kissing the sensitive skin just behind his ear to combine strength with affection, a gentle touch. That was everything he was, simply gentle strength.

"Ah, close, so close, just," Gwaine swiped his thumb over the slit and just the touch of his finger on his balls had him coming hard over their chests. Gwaine lifted his come-covered fingers and offered them to Percival over Lancelot's shoulder.

"Sir?" he asked, Lancelot watched as Percival sucked his fingers in, cleaning each of them, he barely noticed when Percival slipped out of him.

Lancelot gave a groan as he watched Percival's tongue swirl around Gawain's finger's removing all of the white substance, and his aching, sensitive member threatened to harden again. Instead, panting, he collapsed forward, his head resting on Gawain's chest, not carrying about the sticky mess he had made. Gawain chuckled and reached down to gently kiss the top of Lancelot's head.

"You did well Lancey," He whispered, smoothing down the slightly damp lock with the fingers that weren't being teased by Percival's tongue, "You looked so beautiful."

The knight gave a breathy chuckle and gently kissed Gawain's chest. "Your turn now." He managed to find the energy deep inside him to crawl out of the way before Percival was forcing Gawain to lie down. Gawain did so, grinning cheekily and resting his hands behind his head.

"Show me what you've got Percy," He said, eyes slipping closed.

Percival spread Gwaine's legs and reached for the oil, "ah, ah, ah," Gwaine hadn't opened his eyes but was smiling smugly. "Check first." Percival ran his finger from Gwaine's balls down to his entrance and found that it was oiled and stretched already. "It was a feast night," Gwaine explained, "anything could have happened, and look where we are now, you could compliment me on being so well pre-PARED!" He moaned loudly as Percival thrust in with one smooth stroke.

"My compliments, Sir Gwaine, it was indeed an excellent idea," Percival grinned as he pulled back then thrust forwards sharply. Neither had noticed Lancelot slip off the table and crawl over to the bed, climbing on and crossing over Arthur and Leon's legs to where Merlin lay. Arthur glanced down briefly before returning to Leon, bringing him quickly to completion as Merlin casually played with his balls, smiling a welcome to Lancelot as he flopped down onto Merlin's chest, kissing it affectionately and stroking Arthur's hair.

"I see it's going well over here," Lancelot noticed.

"Yeah, it's taking a bit longer than it should do because Arthur and I aren't going to be shagging anyone but each other for a while, well, properly...blowjobs don't count," he looked down to his lover and smiled, "obviously."

"Obviously…" Lancelot murmured sleepily, yawning into his hand. Merlin smiled and gently guided the knight's head to rest on his shoulder, holding it in place by burying his finger's in Lancelot's dark locks. Lancelot murmured appreciatively, nuzzling his face into the warlock's neck and closing his eyes, resting a hand on his abdomen.

Leon was gasping quickly and breathlessly beside them, his hands fisted tightly in the Prince's hair and guiding his mouth up and down on his member. With the combination of Arthur's hot mouth and wet, heavenly mouth around his length, and Merlin long, thin and slightly cold fingers massaging his balls soon had Leon coming, emptying himself into Arthur's mouth, his head tilted back into the pillow as he cried out in pure pleasure.

Arthur grimaced as he swallowed it and climbed up the bed to kiss Leon quickly before climbing over him. "Everyone off my bed," he ordered, making them all grumble and groan. "So you want to sleep on top of the blankets?" He asked, lifting them slightly. The three shuffled and squished until they were all under the warm throws and Arthur climbed back in, crawling over Leon to settle between him and Merlin.

"Come on you two!" Leon shouted, "We're all waiting for you over here!" Percival was thrusting into Gwaine hard and fast, proving his strength to him as he moved him further and further up the table, having to pull him back down every few thrusts to stop him falling off.

"Yeah, Percival's nearly done, but I could go for hours," Gwaine shouted the challenge and Percival laughed.

"There's no way I'm finishing before you."

Gwaine chuckled, throwing his head back and thrusting his hips back towards Percival, meeting him half way. "Is that so?" He asked, running a hand down the hard muscles of the bigger man's shoulders and back.

Percival shudder in pleasure pushing harshly and deeply into the knight beneath him. He laughed deeply at the slighter man's surprised gasp, his voice dark with lust. He reached a hand between them and flicked the head on Gwaine's member. "Yes, that is so Sir Gwaine."

Merlin's eyes widened and he made to sit up, to go to the two, but Arthur held him down. "Sire?" Leon asked.

"Merlin likes strength, it's something that...he likes," Arthur said awkwardly, pushing Merlin's shoulders back into the bed, watching his eyes darken with lust. "And in the state he's in,

"Oh, but Arthur, look at them, the two strongest men I know and look at them, I want to be there, I want...please, I need," he begged, arching up as Arthur sat astride him.

"Oh dear, seems you're only left with me," he said, leaning down and pressing him further into the mattress. "I hope that will do." Merlin grabbed him and pulled him down for a kiss, reaching around for his hand to guide it to his cock.

"Now, fast, please," he begged.

Arthur chuckled as, with the aid of Merlin's fumbling hand, his finger's closed around the dark haired man's, once again, hard member. He nibbled lightly on Merlin's bottom lip as the male below him wrapped his arms tightly around his neck and tugged him closer.

Leon and Lancelot exchanged looks across the pair and smiled widely at each other. Cuddling up against Merlin's back, Lancelot wrapped an arm around his middle, running his fingers lightly down his chest. Merlin shuddered again him as Lancelot nipped lightly at his shoulder.

Back on the table, both Percival and Gwaine were panting breathlessly, Gwaine pushing his hips back up against Percival's and Percival pumping mercilessly on Gwaine's cock. Both determined to make the other come first.

"I have better self control than you, and you're drunk, you don't have as much control over your body as you think you do," Percival noted, smiling smugly.

"I have excellent self control, I'll have you know. Perfect actually," he returned, tweaking Percival's nipples harshly, making the older man hiss.

Merlin closed his eyes and listened to the sounds the two men were making, concentrating solely on their strength and being touched by two knights. "Oh, I'm..."

"Another thing you should know about Merlin, is that he's insatiably and one orgasm is rarely enough to satisfy him." Arthur told Leon and Lancelot, who nodded as though Arthur had made a perfectly reasonable, appropriate remark.

"Merlin," Lancelot whispered in his ear, "you like strength, I have so much power." Lancelot glanced at Arthur and winked. "You see Percival?" Merlin opened his eyes and looked over to the man, moaning at the way his back curved and moved fluidly as he fucked Gwaine. "Watch what I can do to him," Lancelot licked Merlin's neck as he pushed himself up onto his elbow.

"Percival!" he called, the larger man turned to him, eyes wide with interest. "Do as your master commands; come." And just like that, Percival gasped and shuddered, turning and leaning low over Gwaine as he spilled into him. At the sight, Merlin did the same, screwing his eyes tightly shut and coming over his and Arthur's chests.

He opened his eyes and Arthur was cleaning the mess up with someone's tunic before throwing it on the floor and settling back between Leon and Merlin. Merlin turned to stare at Lancelot, still breathing heavily. "What?" Lancelot asked, shrugging, "you two aren't the only ones who like sex." He tucked himself in to Merlin's side again, throwing an arm over him to rest his hand on Arthur's chest, where Leon rested his on top of it. "Obviously," he chuckled, returning his attention to Percival and Gwaine.

As soon as the larger man had filled him, Gwaine soon followed, coming between them and causing a stickiness to form on their chests. Both were panting breathlessly, clinging desperately to each other. Gwaine gave a breathless chuckle and reached forward, pulling Percival's head towards his and resting their foreheads against each other.

"Y-You beat me… Sir Gwaine…" Percival gasped, trying to catch his breath. Gwaine gave a grin and pressed a passionate kiss against Percival's lips.

"You did great Percy…" he complimented truthfully. "Best I've ever had." And he chuckled again as a light blush formed on the bigger man's cheeks. His chuckled soon turned into a grown of loss as Percival pulled out of him, pressing another kiss against his lips.

Arthur raised his head and looked over at the pair on the table. "Are you two coming to join us or are you going for another round?"

Gwaine gave a grin and looked expectantly up at Percival, who chuckled and shook his head, sliding off of the table. "Tomorrow that I promise you Sir Gwaine." Gwaine gave a slight disappointed look but smiled to show he didn't really mean it, then he too jumped off of the table and took Percival's extended hand.

"Everyone shove over," Gwaine ordered as they approached the bed.

"Clean yourselves up first, I don't want all of that in my sheets," Arthur told them, pulling his knights and Merlin closer to the centre of the bed to make room on either side. Gwaine picked up a tunic off the floor and wiped his torso and thighs, before throwing it to Percival across the bed and climbing in next to Leon.

"Oh, I must say, Leon," he began, kissing the shell of Leon's ear and wrapping an arm around him, spooning him. "This was an excellent plan, ingenious, truly." He kissed his cheek before settling in behind him.

Percival climbed into the other side of the bed, wrapping himself around Lancelot, completely surrounding him. Lancelot reached back and touched his face, stroking his cheek affectionately. "You're such a good boy, Percival," he pulled him down for a kiss.

"Oi!" Arthur shouted. "Enough of that, you'll set Merlin off again." Merlin grumbled and turned away from the two, hiding his face in Arthur's shoulder. When everyone was calm and settled, the slim warlock now asleep, tucked between Arthur and Lancelot, Arthur turned to Leon. "Thank you, Sir Leon. You are a good friend." Leon smiled and nodded in recognition of the thanks and kissed Arthur's shoulder.

"By the looks of things, he's a bloody fine lover too," Gwaine mumbled into Leon's hair. Leon didn't laugh.

"For my Prince, I would be anything," he admitted, settling into the pillow after wishing everyone a good night. Silence fell in the chambers, well, it did until...

"Ninety nine tankards of mead on the wall," Gwaine sang. Everyone groaned in protest, some muttering death threats. Percival managed to silence him with a treat of withholding sex.

They fell into a deep sleep in the large bed; Prince Arthur, his sorcerer and lover, and his knights.

Well, most of them…

Down in a small house in the village surrounding Camelot, Gwen sat frowning at her brother across a scrubbed wooden table.

"…and they've just vanished!" Elyan was saying, a worried and confused look on his face. "All of them, Prince Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot, all of them! You don't think they've been abducted do you?" He raised his fearful gaze to the woman sat across from him.

Gwen's frowned deepened slightly more. "There no where at all?" Elyan shook his head. "Did you try the Prince's chambers?"

The look on Elyan's face changed to one of slight alarm. "That's another strange thing, you see. When I went up to the Prince's chambers the guards outside looked… well… very uncomfortable to say the least. And they wouldn't let me go inside! They said I didn't want to know what was going on inside and there was strange moaning noises…" Elyan's eyes flew wide. "You don't think some wild beast managed to get in do you?"

A look of realisation came across Gwen's face and she laughed lightly, reaching across the table to rest her hand over Elyan's. "Oh Elyan! I wouldn't worry about that. I'm sure they are all fine."

"But…" Elyan began, confused.

"Elyan. Go to the Prince's chambers tomorrow and everything will become apparent." She stood, clearing the table, "And If it is what I know it is… I think I'll be dinning alone tomorrow."

With a knowing grin she turned away, leaving a highly confused and slightly worried Elyan to ponder her words.