You'll Be In My Heart


Author's Note: OK, so one of my favorite movies is Tarzan and my sis (jewel of athos) was sayin' that she really wanted to watch it and I was like "That's a great Idea!" and then I thought to myself why not write a story about Tarzan? So here it is! Read and review please!


Just stop you crying it will be alright.

Just take my hand hold it tight.

I will be here don't you cry...

"Jane! Jane!" said Tarzan.

"Yes Tarzan?"

"I have something for you," He said, taking her hands," close your's a surprise!" Jane closed her eyes,"No peaking," he walked her outside, "OK, open them!"

She opened her eyes and what she saw...I can't even describe but I'll try...what she saw was a big openf sky with stars all around and what looked like chines lamps in the trees...

"It's so beautiful..." She said wtih awe.

"Tantor and Terk helped."

"We worked all day!" said Tantor.

"Well thank you Tantor, and you too Terk it's so beautiful...and thank you Tarzan!"

"You are welcome Jane...may I have a dance?"

She looked at him almost crying, "Yes, yes you may." They started dancing...And then *insert name of gorilla here* started playing music on the phonograph. And the song that he played was...

You'll be in my heart,

Yes you'll be in my heart,

From the is day on know and forever more,

You'll be in my heart,

No matter what they say,

You'll be here in my heart always,

Always I'll be with you,

I'll be there for you always,

Always in all ways...

Then he leaned over and kissed her...

The End


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