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It's now three days later and I am planning on going to check on my dad.

"Be careful if you go." Heidi said.


"Wait how do you go out in public without sparkling?" Alice asked, looking towards the window pointedly because it was a rare sunny day.

"I created a cream, you put it on and it covers up the skin enough that it looks like your wearing sparkly lotion."

"So that's how you got around in Italy?"

"Yeah, I have six extra jars with me in my bag. You can have one. It'll definitely be a change for you." I said with a smirk.

"Thanks." Alice replied with a small giggle.

"No problem."

"You don't really need it here in Forks, unless it's like it is today. Always good to have it just in case." Heidi said.

"Very true." Alice agreed.

After the short talk with Heidi and Alice I went to my dad's house. He wasn't at home so I figured he was at work or out fishing, so I snuck into my old bedroom through the window the way Edward always came to visit me. He never took any of my stuff out of my room; my bed, desk, shelves; everything was where it was when I left. I looked around the house and found that Charlie had put up all of my old school pictures. When I went back upstairs to my room I stepped on a floor board that never used to creak. I bent down and pulled the board up and found my pictures of Edward, the plane tickets, and the CD that Edward made me for my birthday.

I grabbed the stuff out and put the board back, and then I got in my closet and found the scrapbook with the pictures of my friends, house, and truck in it then put the photos of Edward back in it where they belonged and sat on my bed.

About an hour later I heard a car outside but when I looked out of the window I didn't see the cruiser….it was Jacob Black's Rabbit.

"Crap." I said aloud.

Jacob walked up to the front door and opened it. As I started to climb out of my window Jacob came into my room and all of a sudden I got a whiff of the disgusting smell of wet dog. I just sat there in the tree, motionless, not knowing what to do.

"What are you doing here? Who are you? How did you get in?" He was yelling and he looked surprised.

"Crap." Was all I said as I jumped off the tree and ran through the forest.

Jacob was right behind me he had turned into a werewolf, which explained the smell I got in my room, as he jumped out of my window. As I ran away, further into the forest my phone rang.

"Hello?" I hadn't looked at the caller I.D.

"Where are you?" It was Alice, of course.

"Running from Jacob."

"Where are you?"

"Almost to the house. Come outside." I answered and ordered as I took a sharp turn towards the house.


I hung up my phone and ran faster. Jacob lost a few feet when I went faster leaving him about ten feet behind me.


How does this girl know my name? I've never seen her before, she has a resemblance to Bella, and she knows Alice and Bella obviously since she took her scrapbook, CD, and tickets. I found those things the last two things in Bella's floor a month after she died.

And the only reason I'm not killing this girl is because she's leading me to Alice. Which, from the sound of the voice on the phone, has to be Alice Cullen.


*Jacob don't kill me.* I thought to him as I reached Alice.

*Who the hell are you?*

*Um…talk to Alice.*

I ran in the house, passing both Alice and Heidi. Alice was standing about twenty feet from the front porch and Heidi was by the front door.


Bella ran into the house as Jacob skidded to a stop in front of me. He was bigger than the others and slightly taller. He looked confused, from what I could tell by looking at his eyes.

"Jacob I'm not a mind reader. Please transform?" Unless he transforms the only person here that'll be able to understand him is Bella. But is it good for him to know she's alive?

*He said he'll be right back.* Bella's voice popped into my head breaking my train of thought.

Jacob walked into in the forest, went behind a tree for a minute, then came back as a human wearing a pair of black basketball shorts. Even as a human he was bigger built than the others, and his hair was not long anymore.

"Who is that Alice?"

"I can't tell you that Jacob." I sighed knowing Bella made her decision to tell him.

"Why not?"

*I'll tell him…as long as he doesn't tell Charlie.*

*You sure you want to do this?*


"If she tells you who she is you have to promise you won't tell a single human."

Jacob was silent for a moment, probably thinking over why he couldn't tell anyone.

"I promise."

"This should be good."

"Why?" I said that aloud? Whoops.

"Because it's unbelievable and you'll think we're lying." Honesty is the best policy….right?

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