Spicy Chicken

Summary: England discovers America's secret.

Sighing, England straightened his papers one last time before leaving the UN Meeting Room. Sometimes he didn't even know why he bothered to come to these meetings, it's not like they ever accomplished anything. Currently, they were breaking for lunch. Perhaps he could catch up to America at McDonalds and discuss some of the other nation's more "interesting" ideas. Although he doubted he'd be able to talk America out of them, he never could. Really, he didn't know why he even bothered. It wasn't because he wanted to eat McDonald's, and certainly not because he wanted to spend time with America.

On his way to McDonald's, England passed another of America's fast food restaurants, Wendy's. Now that he thought about, of all of the restaurants that America had, England had never heard America even mention this one. England was about to continue on when he spotted a familiar figure leaving the eating establishment. He did a quick double-take when he realized that it was his former colony. England just stared at him for a moment; America was actually eating something other than McDonald's? Well, it's not like it was that big of a deal. After all, this place sold America's beloved hamburgers as well… Then England got a good look at what America was eating. It looked like… chicken.

"Amer – Alfred?" England said, catching himself as he remembered that they were in public.

He watched as America glanced over at him and froze… in the middle of the crosswalk. Cars honked at him as the light changed, and the bespeckled nation blushed and quickly ran across the street to where England was. "Ah, hi Arthur." America said, smiling a bit nervously. "Whatcha doin'?"

Rolling his eyes, England replied, "I am getting lunch." "He paused and gave into his curiosity. "What are you eating?"

"Ah, this?" America gave a shaky chuckle and tried to hide it from England's view. "Nothing much, just felt like trying something new for a change, ya know?"

"Is that so?" England said cheerfully. "I thought you never got tired of your ridiculous hamburgers." He moved so that America's sandwich was in view once more. "A chicken sandwich? From Wendy's, was it?"

"Ah, um…" America stuttered, obviously not wanting to admit that he would ever prefer anything other than hamburgers. "Well, I just – I mean…" Then he sighed, giving in as England merely raised his eyebrows. "Wendy's has an awesome spicy chicken sandwich…" He looked sheepishly at England. "I kinda got a craving for one earlier."

"Craving?" England laughed slightly as he shook his head. "What are you? Pregnant?" At America's blush, he stopped laughing. Green eyes widening, he asked, "You – you aren't really…?"

America just stared at him, shocked, before bursting into loud guffaws, drawing the attention of all passerby's. "Pregnant? Wow, Iggy, you actually think…" The blond idiot just continued laughing, holding his stomach.

Blushing, England tried to shut him up, very conscious of the fact that there were quite a few people staring at them. Finally, he gave up and just dragged the loud American down the street back towards the UN building.