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"I have some good news Mr. Harris, all the tests we've run have come back negative. You are in perfect health – in fact a couple of the physicians on staff suggest you're slightly better than that. Your reflexes, hearing and lung capacity are superior to most." The doctor winked at him. "Not enough to label you an X-man, but certainly superior."

Alexander smiled. "Well that's lucky for me. Any idea about the memory problems?"

"Unfortunately there is no quick fix for amnesia. There was a very good chance your memory would have returned in the last couple of days, unfortunately that didn't occur. Most cases of amnesia last less than a week. It is out hope that familiar surroundings, filled with things you want to remember, will jar your memory. Failing that … well there is no easy way to say this so I'll just give it to you bluntly – if your memory doesn't return during the next month... It's likely to never return at all."

"Wow, that was blunt." Alexander said. "But I appreciate it Doc. I'd rather deal with the cold hard facts than someone blowing smoke up my … nose."

"Then I'm glad to be of service. Just be glad that you only lost your personal history. It could have been much worse. Imagine having to attend kindergarten all over again."

"Good point," Alexander said gratefully. "I'm healthy and I know who I am, even if all the details are gone, so not a lot of drama there. Well shucks, seems like I'm not movie of the week material after all."

The Doc laughed. "Nah, but maybe a fifteen minute warning video on the dangers of head injuries."

Alexander grinned. "When I got up that morning I thought to myself; I should wear a helmet. Then I foolishly dismissed the thought because I wasn't on the football team. Now I know better."

"But in all seriousness, you have to want your memories to return. So I heartily encourage you to do anything you find you enjoy doing and have your friends over as much as possible."

"So it's about my mental state, not my physical condition?" he asked curiously.

"Six of one, and a half dozen of the other, unfortunately. In most cases like yours it's been found that those who want to regain their memories will do so. While those that have had … less than pleasant lives will take the opportunity to repress everything. You see, people try to repress memories every day but the way one memory leads to another by association prevents it from working, so when the brain is offered a 'repress all free' ticket – it takes it and with no memory associations to work with …"

"I get the picture Doc. Let's hope I have a happy life or I'll have to find a new one, but truthfully, I seem to be a pretty upbeat guy so I'm betting I have a pretty good life."

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