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Tsunade looked out at all the gathered shinobi and villagers all dressed in black as they mourned the loss of all the lives that had been taken in the war against the Akatsuki. Among the names were Asuma Sarutobi, Kakashi Hatake, Shizune, and Jiraiya. Now, three new gravestones lay in Konoha s cemetery. Carved into the stone were the names Hana Inuzuka, Sakura Haruno, and a final gravestone which was covered with a sheet so the name would remain hidden. Tsunade looked out across the graveyard with tears running down her cheeks; finally, she turned to the crowd that had gathered. All of Konoha, along with Gaara, his brother Kankaro, his sister Temari, and many other Suna shinobi and villagers stood beside the people of Konoha, ready to honor the three that had died. Other shinobi and citizens from different hidden villages had also come to pay their respect to the three shinobi that had rid the countries of Akatsuki, Madara Uchiha, and his traitorous descendent Sasuke Uchiha.

Tsunade closed her eyes and hung her head as violent sobs racked though her body. Rukia Haruno, Sakura Haruno's mother, walked over and hugged the sobbing Hokage both crying into each other's shoulders as Tsunade thought back to just a few weeks ago when the last battle with the Akatsuki had ended.


Tsunade and several ANBU walked across the battle field. All around them were wounded or dead Leaf and Sand Shinobi who had attacked to end the Akatsuki. Finally, she and the ANBU reached the edge to the canyon that made up the Valley of the End. The statue of Tsunade s grandfather the First Hokage still stood tall, while the statue of Madara Uchiha had been reduced to nothing but rubble. It was on the bank of the river that Tsunade and the ANBU found the shredded and smoldering remains of Sasuke and Madara Uchiha. Both had had their eyes completely burned out, and around the now smoldering eye sockets were tiny black flames.

"Hokage-sama, these flames aren't they part of Itachi Uchiha's jutsu?" asked one of the ANBU who had crouched next to the bodies to examine the remains.

Tsunade nodded her head when one of the other ANBU looked at her. "But how is that possible? Itachi has been dead for months."

Tsunade then remembered something that Naruto had told her when he and the others had come back from their search for Sasuke. "Naruto told me that he had had a run in with Itachi when he and the others had been out searching for Sasuke. He said that Itachi had passed along some of his power to him. I guess Itachi's power was released. The Sharingan is now gone from this world. Good riddance if you ask me."

The ANBU all nodded there in agreement. "Look for Naruto and the others. We re missing him, Sakura Haruno, and Hana Inuzuka."

All of the ANBU nodded and set out to search the surrounding area. Once Tsunade was alone she looked up the statue of her grandfather. "I hope you all are safe, especially you Naruto. You re all the family I have left. I need you to be alive so I can hold you again while I tell you about your family and your connection to me."

Tsunade became aware of a presence behind her. Looking behind her, she saw three of the ANBU she had sent to look for Naruto, Sakura, and Hana. One look at their body language and she could tell something was wrong.

"What is it? Have you found them?"

The ANBU looked at each other before moving to reveal the other two ANBU. There in one of the ANBU s hands were several torn, bloody, and water soaked clothes, while another ANBU was crouched down next to three dogs that were wet and dirty with wounds covering their bodies. Tsunade immediately recognized the three dogs as The Three Ash Brothers that belonged to Hana Inuzuka. The findings did not bode well for the survival of three missing shinobi.

"I'm sorry, Hokage-sama, but from the evidence we found I m afraid that Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Hana Inuzuka have lost their lives in battle."

Tsunade took the clothes and noticed Sakura's red vest and pink mini-skirt, Hana's Konoha vest, and Naruto's red coat with black flames and orange and black jacket.

Tears welled up in Tsunade s eyes. "Is this all you found?"

The ANBU nodded. Tsunade held back her tears as she looked up at the ANBU. "I want all of the bodies of the Akatsuki destroyed. I don't want so much as a hair to be missed. Seal those black flames away before they burn the whole valley down, and take the three dogs to the Inuzuka compound immediately so that they can get the treatment they need."

The ANBU nodded and started to carry out their orders while Tsunade started on her way back to the village to inform Hana and Sakura's family of their daughters apparent death. Then, she planned to visit Minato and Kushina's graves.


Tsunade finally got her sobs under control and lifted her head from Rukia s shoulder and thanked her for the new-found strength that had now found root in her heart. Tsunade again looked to the crowd that had gathered and started her speech that she had promised Minato and Kushina.

"Today, we gathered to pay our respects to those who have fallen in battle to the Akatsuki. However, we are mostly here to honor the one who has brought about the peace that is now spreading all around the world as we speak. Many here have at one time thought life was just too much trouble or had just wished they were dead because of some terrible event or events that had happened to them. But this young man bought us back to the way we used to be. He did not judge us for our past. He opened up his heart and gave us the love and friendship that we all had longed for. He had the power to change people for the better, and in doing so gave them the strength to once again look at life with different eyes. He became a friend to a lot of us. Many of you probably know who I'm talking about, but at the same time you don't.

That comment got Tsunade quite a few curious glances at that comment, but she continued her speech.

"The young man that all of you know as Naruto Uzumaki is not who you think he is. All of you know Naruto was an orphan whose parents were unknown and who was used to seal the Nine-Tailed Fox away and save this village. I am here today to tell you that Naruto's parents were not unknown. Naruto...was my grandson." Tsunade heard several gasps but continued on. Only Sarutobi-sensei knew that I had had a child and knew that the father was Jiraiya. It was mine and Jiraiya's decision to keep our child a secret because we wanted our child to grow up to be seen for himself and not as the son of two of the legendary sannin. And he did. I m sure that many of you are wondering who our son was. Well, our son was none other than the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze."

More gasps and mummers were heard from the gathered crowd, but still Tsunade ignored them. Many years passed and my son Minato grew under the watch of his father. It was during the second shinobi war that he met his future wife Kushina Uzumaki, who had fled to Konoha from her home, the former whirlpool village that had fallen and become a part of what is now the Village Hidden in the Mist. Minato and Kushina grew up to become best friends and later became lovers. When they found out they were going to become parents, Minato and Kushina planned to marry after the birth of their son. He was named after a character in his grandfather's books, and they named their son...Naruto. The same Naruto all of you know and many loved."

With, that, Tsunade removed the sheet from the grave stone to reveal the name, Naruto Namikaze.

Tsunade then walked toward the Hokage tower, tears still running down her cheeks for the loss of her student and grandson when she felt a hand on each of her shoulders. Looking behind her she saw Tsume Inuzuka and Rukia Haruno. Both had tears running down their cheeks and a smile on their faces. It was Tsume who spoke up.

"I don't think any of us should mourn alone tonight. How about we drink to the memories of our loved ones?"

Tsunade smiled, but tears still ran down her cheeks as she nodded in approval. All three women walked to the Hokage tower where they drank and reminisced about their loved ones.

In the graveyard, the last people moved on towards home or the bar to drown their sorrows in alcohol. Then, when the area was completely deserted, a section of the cemetery began to weave up and down as though the area had been hit with tremendous heat wave. Finally, the waves disappeared to reveal four large foxes about the size of a tiger. One fox was a dark brown with two white tipped tails and brown eyes; the second fox had pink fur and two white tipped tails and jade green eyes; the third fox had reddish-orange fur and two white tipped tails and crimson eyes; and the fourth fox had bright blond fur with three white tipped tails and sapphire blue eyes. The blond male fox lead his head on the ground with his front paws over his muzzle, crying while the three female foxes looked on with tears in their eyes as well.

They had heard everything that Tsunade had said and knew that the blond fox was crying for his family. He felt something nuzzle him and give him a lick on his muzzle. He heard one of the females speak to him.

"Come on, Naruto-kun, this isn t like you. You should be happy you finally found out about your family," said Sakura

Naruto sniffled, but his eyes remained closed. "I know. That s why I m crying. If had know Ero-sennin was my grandfather, I would have called him Ero-jiji instead."

This caused all three females to laugh before the brown fox spoke up. "I'm sure Jiraiya would have loved that nickname, but I have to ask why you saved us at the valley of the end and turned us into Hanyou's, Kyuubi."

Kyuubi looked at Sakura and Hana and smiled at them. "I did it because even though Naruto-kun here was my jailor, that didn't stop me from having feelings for him. And I guess after being sealed in him for sixteen years I just fell in love with him. That was why I saved him. However I saved both you and Sakura for two different reasons. Reason one was because I knew Naruto-kun would be saddened and angry with me if I didn't save you both as well. Even if he hasn't said it, he has always been in love with you, Sakura, and I'm sure he can come to love me and Hana just as much."

Sakura leaned down and licked Naruto's muzzle then whispered in his ear. I love you too, Naruto-kun, Naruto smiled even though no one saw it. Sakura then turned back to Kyuubi.

"What is reason two for saving me and Hana?"

Kyuubi walked up to the two other females, then using her tails she drew one tail down each of the other females muzzle causing the other two females to blush. "The second reason I saved you two is because of the last male clan law. It states that if a noble clan is reduced to one, two, or even three males, then those males have to take at least three female companions to rebuild their clan. I thought that with the three of us we can help Naruto-kun rebuild his clan and keep other females from trying to steal Naruto-kun from us."

"So what do you girls say? Do you think we can share Naruto-kun?"

Hana and Sakura looked down at Naruto, then at each other, then Kyuubi who had the same smile on her face that now spread across their faces.

Hana licked her lips looking at the two other females then down at Naruto with a hungry look in her eyes.

"Well, my mother has been on me to find a mate and settle down, and Naruto-kun was all ways cute to me, and he has the type of personality that like. I'm in."

Sakura looked down at Naruto and saw how beautiful and powerful he looked in his fox form, then looked back at the other two females and smiled. "Of course I'm in; we can't have any other females try to claim what's ours now can we?"

Kyuubi and Hana shook their heads and then turned their attention down to Naruto. Opening his eyes he saw the three females who were now standing in front of him. They each had a smile on their face. The sight of them slowly brought an end to the blonds sadness and a smile appeared on his face. He stood up and licked Kyuubi on the sided of her muzzle, then gave her a foxy smile.

"Thank you Kyuu-chan for saving us back at the valley of the end." Naruto then proceeded to lick Sakura and Hana's muzzle and gave them each a foxy smile, leaving all three females blushing with shy looks on their faces. Naruto just smiled and started to leave the cemetery followed closely by Sakura, Hana, and Kyuubi. As the four foxes were about to exit Konoha, Hana stopped and looked back at the village, sadness and pain evident in her eyes. Hana felt something lick her muzzle. Looking to her left, she found herself looking in Naruto's sapphire blue eyes with a soft loving look on his face. Naruto then used one of his tails to wipe the tears from Hana's eyes.

"I know you love The Three Ash Brothers and your family more than anything in the world, Hana-chan, but at the moment none of us have the necessary energy to shift out of our fox forms nor the chakra levels needed to help us heal. The Three Ash Brothers need to recover from their injuries. We were barely able to conceal ourselves during the funeral. You even said that they understood why you had to leave them for now, and that they would not tell anyone what happened to us. I promise that as soon as we're healed and our chakra reserves and energy are back to full capacity. We'll be back, and you and your companions will be together again; we can tell everyone why we disappeared but right now I don't think they would give us the chance to explain all they would see are four fox demons and try to kill us."

Hana then felt something brush up against her right side. Turning her head she saw Sakura with a caring smile on her face.

"Naruto-kun's right. Kyuubi has healed most of our more fatal wounds, but we re still hurt and our chakra and energy are almost gone. We need to rest and allow our bodies to recover."

Hana then felt something brush up against her again, this time on her left side. Knowing who it was Hana turned her head again to see Kyuubi on her left side next to Naruto with a warm and caring look on her face as well.

"They're right, Hana. I probably say in two years time we should be back to normal and we can return home and we ll be able to see our loved ones again."

Hana smiled then licked Kyuubi, Sakura, and then Naruto on the side of their muzzles. "Thanks guys. I needed that."

The three other foxes smiled and Naruto then turned to Kyuubi. "Well, why don't you lead the way to your old den, Kyuu-chan, so we can rest and regain our strength?"

Kyuubi nodded and led the three other foxes away from Konoha to her old den sight to rest and recover.