Hey to you all my loyal readers

I am sorry that this is not an update chapter of Full Moon or The New Namikaze Clan these stories a currently on hold until I get my righting spirit back but to show you that these stories have not left my mind I thought I would give everyone a little bit of preview of the rewrite for The New Namikaze Clan which will have a new title called The Coming of the Shadows.


As the Shinigami watched though a mirror to the mortal plane, He could not help but let a snarl out though his clenched teeth his red eyes watched as ignorant villagers and shinobi beat not only a helpless Naruto Namikaze but one of the few friends he was able to make a girl about his age with pink hair named Sakura Haruno. Another much older girl had tried to help them but was now being restrained by the mob of fools, her brown hair and red fang marked face identified her as Hana Inuzuka. Who had been on her way home from training with her Genin team and saw the two younger children being beaten by the mob she had been able to get close to them and made a valet attempt to protect them until help arrived but the mob also had Chunin and some Jonin among them. When one of the foolish mobsters approached the three children, now being held down by others, with a katana drawn the Shinigami had had enough waving his hand to dispel the image he then began to focus on the souls that he wanted once all had been located both in paradise and in hell he summoned the souls forth.

"I have summoned you all here to help in an urgent matter."

One of the new souls asked the question on all their minds as to why they were here.

"And what matter would that be?" the soul asked in a baritone voice dark goggles staring at the death god.

"And what do you expect all of us to do about it?" asked another soul in a wet voice from behind his spiked and rune marked mask.

The Shinigami chuckled at the two who had spoken up then showed the twelve souls the situation at hand in Konaha. Needless to say all twelve were pissed but two more so than the others.

"These children along with three other children will be your students the boy holds a great and at the same time dark secret with in him. They will not be the only ones brought here six others will be brought here to help watch over the children they will return just in time for the Chunin exams where not only the Namikaze clan will rise back up but also the clan I most respected the Uzumaki clan. With all your help of course, so will you help?"

The twelve souls did not have to think twice and as one all nodded their heads. The Shinigami's mouth broke into a wide and dark smile knowing that once the children were trained the world will ever be the same again.

There it is done I know there are grammar errors but this a rough draft of what I have planned. This fic will be a Naruto/Harem the harem is down blow as well as the six who will help raise the children but as for all of the teachers that is a secret but I will give you hints below the guardians.















Teacher Hints

One: Blond hair, loves redheads

Two: Redhead, hot temper

You can't guess these two your a fool

Three: Ice, blue armor

Four: Master of the Kunai

Five: Master of thunder

Six: Silent as a snake

Seven: Loves nature

Eight: Fan dancer

Nine: Best with a knife

Ten: Great and proud warrior

Eleven: Light hair huge sword

Twelve: "We will be the pied piper of Hamelin" Hong Kong

First one to guess all twelve gets the chapters before I update.