The car revved, holding the brake while he stepped on the gas, making the wheels smoke. Travis let go of the brake, letting the car speed forward. The man standing up flung the man on the ground to the side. Then he tried to move out of the way, but it was too late. The car slammed into him with a loud bang. He flew over the hood, toppled on top of the car, and slid off onto the hood of the trunk. He tried to break the windshield open so he could get to Travis with a knife. He looked in the rear view mirror and started to turn the car in sharp circles, trying to fling him of the car. The man hung on for dear life, but even that wasn't good enough. He lost his grip and slammed into the other man, who had been doing nothing but watching in a daze the whole time.

" Damn it!" he said to himself in annoyance.

The two men where trying to dodge the swerving car, tripping over themselves in the process.

"Huh? Whats going on....." the cab driver said, his voice trailing off, "What 'd I miss???"

"Oh,... u finally woke up." Travis said distractidly, swerving the car with a violent jolt.

The cabdrivers head hit the side of the car. He groaned out in pain.

" Sorry 'bout that" Travis said in reply.

" Go get the Boss." one of the men ordered.

" But the horses are gone, Jack." the other man yelled in reply.

Jack staired at his partner in anger, annoyed by his foolishness. Out of all the people in the group, why had he chosen him to come along?

"Jack, in front of you!" his partner yelled.

He dodged it just in time. Missed him, Dang it... Travis thought. He got in position again, ready to ram into one of them. The cabdriver was fully awake by now and was yanking at his arm to stop. But Travis hardly noticed, he was focused on a much more important task.

"Hey Jack! I see one of the horses!" the man said, pointing to a section of dense brush.

"Well go get it and tell the Boss where we're at!" Jack yelled at him.

Alisa could hear what they were saying and had to get out of there fast, and find a new source of transportation.

Enough with the games. he thouht to himself.

He sped towards Jack one last time. Just when he was about to jump out of the way, Travis swung the door open, hitting him in the back and slamming him into the ground. He didn't know if he was dead or not, but he didn't really care. If he was dead, good, one less person to worry about. If not, that meant he was injured, and that was just as good as him being dead. Having to take care of an injured person would slow Billy and his possy down; Buying him valubal time. She searched his pockets and took any money and weapons she could find.

"Sorry pal." Travis said, patting the man's back twice while counting out the money he held in his hand.

After doing so he went up to the cab driver and tossed the pouch of money into his hands. He looked at Travis questioningly, wondering if he was to keep it nodded his head once to assure him.

"It's all your's," he said, wiping his forehead "Now get out of here before the Billy comes."

At the mention of his name the cabdriver nodded his head hastily in gratitude a hurredly started the car. Travis watched him drive off into the distance, wondering what he was going to do now.