Two Worlds


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Put your faith in what you most believe in.

Two worlds one family.

Trust you heart.

Let faith decide to guide this life we see.

Jane stepped into the boat..but didn't feel like it was right...she felt like she should stay with Tarzan then her father said what she wanted him to say...

" can't go..."

"Oh daddy!" she said stating to cry.

"...without me!"

"Daddy!" she stopped crying and gave him a hug.

"Know boat you take us back to shore?" The row boat driver looked at the water and how fare they had gone to have to go back, then looked at the Professor...with a glare, "I take that as a no. Well Janey we will just have swim back...last one there is a rotten egg!" The Professor said jumping into the water and swimming not very well...

"Daddy! Thats not fair you got a head start!"

While they were swimming to the island Tarzan was staring at the glove that she left behind and wished he could give it to her.


"Yes, Tantor?"

"What are they doing out there?"

Tarzan looked at where Tantor's trunk was pointing, he turned his head to see if it looked right...and Tantor did the same.

"I-I don't know."

"They look like they are drowning." Tantor said squinting, "Maybe you should go help them?" Tarzan perked up.

"Then I can give her back her glove!" He ran into the water and started swimming under water.

When he finally got to Jane he throw he in the air and caught her again, the got to the beach before the Professor, and then they kissed. The Professor finally go to the beach and saw them kissing and said something so they would stop.

"Oh I guess you won Janey old girl...Janey? Hullo? Anyone there?"

The End


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