She slowly pushed herself up on shaking limbs. Nausea rushing to her throat as her crimson blood gushed from the wound on her head. She fell down again as she felt another powerful blow to her chest. All at once she could hardly breathe. She heard far away voices. With what strength she had left she used it to speak.

"Why?!" she screamed. "Why are you doing this?!"

All she heard was silence in this dark place. As she tried again to stand someone laughed as light footsteps came closer to the girl on this cold concrete ground. She screamed as something sharp pushed it's way into her stomach. Her piercing scream echoed through this unknown place she was in.

She moved her trembling hands down to her blood stained shirt. She pressed down on her stomach, trying to stop the bleeding. Her eyelids began to become heavy. With every blink her eyes made she had to fight them to open again. Tears ran down her beaten and dirty face. She didn't want to close her eyes, but it was hard not to close them. She gave in , closing her eyes, slipping into darkness.

Danny's eyes flew open. Jerking straight up, her book fell on the ground. Looking around her room, she felt as if someone was there. Turning on her light, she gasped at the figure standing in the corner. It was Castiel.