If something is written in italic in this story, the person is either speaking Egyptian or Arabic. It's just easier that way.

The tension in the air was clear. I held on tightly to my weapon. It was a shotgun, that I had recently gotten. It wasn't my strongest weapon, but it would do. I had my revolvers tucked in their holsters, two on my left side, two on my right side. I also had four more guns, one in each of my back and front pockets. This was a battle, and I had to be prepared. Our opponents had horses, and we only had guns, with the exception of the boss, who had a horse. They outnumbers us, but we had to give it a try. Our opponents got ready, and we awaited our boss's signal.

Sweat formed on my forehead, the sun beating at me. My white shirt clung to me, and I was tempted to just take it off, but was satisfied with just pulling the sleeves up to my elbow. I took a glance at the boss, and he caught my eyes. He looked terrified. He shouted something I didn't quite understand, just as he turned his horse, and galloped away.

''What did he say?'' I asked Mike, whom was leaning beside me, with his own shotgun.

''Screw this. I want to live.'' Mike said, in a nervous voice. He turned to me, with a scared smile. ''Looks like you just got promoted.'' He let out a nervous chuckle. I groaned.

''Perfect.'' I muttered.

''It'll be alright my friend.'' Mike said.

''At least you stayed.'' I smiled at him. He nodded slowly.

''Yeah. Right.'' The way he said it, made me frown.

''Steady!'' I shouted to the people amongst me. The sound of shotguns being adjusted could be heard, as they cleared against the rocks, we were hiding behind. Our opponents started for us. ''Steady!'' I repeated. They started riding faster. They were getting closer and closer.

''Have a nice life, all of you. I'm going.'' Mike jumped up and started running the same way our boss had. ''Wait for me!'' He yelled.

''Fucking hell.'' I growled. ''Steady!'' I shouted. I gulped, seeing exactly how many people were running towards us. ''FIRE!'' I ordered.

The sound of guns echoed in the air. I shot like a wild man, as our opponents got closer, but also fewer. I used up all my shotgun's bullets, and threw it to the ground with a growl, as I got out my revolvers from their holsters, holding them in each of my hands. I rose from the ground, and started backing out, along with my men, as our opponents got over the rocks we were hiding behind. I jumped up in the air, as someone shot less than an inch from my foot. I started running backwards, as I shot wildly. The bullets were quickly used up.

''Damn it!'' I growled.

I got out my other revolvers, thankful that I stocked up, plenty. I looked around the place, seeing my men lessen, as our opponents seemed to grow larger. What the hell was peoples obsession with owning this land?'! What the hell was so damn valuable here in Hamunaptra?'! I used up my bullets, again, and pulled out my other revolvers. I only had the two guns in my hands, and the two in my back pockets left. Even if I was so lucky as to get someone, with every single bullet, it still wouldn't be enough. I was a dead man, no matter what. But I had to try. I just had to.

I wasn't one to give up, never had been.

''If there is a God in this fucking world, then he better work his freaking magic and help me out here.'' I grumbled under my breath, as I threw my empty revolvers on the ground, and got out my last ones. I spotted Mike, and started running towards him. ''MIKE! RUN! GET INSIDE!'' I shouted at him.

He looked at me, then saw all the men behind me. He screamed and started running faster. He headed for the only safe place. I ran after him. I barely had any bullets left, so I needed to find a safe place. Mike saw me coming after him, and I smiled at him, as he got closer to the safe place. I was just feet away. Mike got to the place's door, and started closing it. My eyes widened and I sped up.

''Mike! Don't close the door!'' I shouted. He ignored me. ''MIKE!'' I yelled. He looked at me, smirking. ''DON'T CLOSE THE DOOR!'' I roared. I was just one foot away. I could have easily slipped through, none of our opponents would be able to get into the place, not with their horses. I was just about to reach the door, when Mike fully closed it. ''MIKE! YOU ASSHOLE!'' I growled.

I hit my hand on the door, just as someone shot at me, from where I stood. A man on a horse was just right out the door. I cursed under my breath. I lifted my revolver and shot just by the horse's feet, getting it to panic and gallop away. I got out from where I was, just to be met by another man. He aimed his gun at me, and I shot him in the neck and jumped from the place, just as he shot at me. I was surprised I hadn't gotten hurt yet. I looked around the place, and couldn't see any of my men. It was no longer our opponents. It was my opponents.

About five of them spotted me, and I started running for it, shooting at the ones whom followed me. I finished up my bullets, and threw the guns at them, having no other options. I got lucky, and hit one of the men in the head, hard, making him fall off the horse. I sped away, as fast as I could. I was getting cooked in my clothes, and I had never hated the sun so much in my life, as I ran for my life, literally. I stopped up, as more of my opponents appeared from the way I was running. I turned left, and ran even faster. They had horses, and I was simply on my feet. Even though I was quite fast, they would catch up with me.

''I'm going to fucking die.'' I muttered.

The sounds of horses feet grew. Bullets were fired at me. I stopped up again, as my opponents, yet again, appeared in the direction I was running. I let out a frustrated roar, as I turned in the only direction there was left for me to take. I ran, until I came to a dead end, in front of a weirdly shaped wall. I was about to run around it, when someone fired at me. I jumped back from the bullet, that went in the direction I was about to run. The men on their horses stood in the way of my escape. Someone gasped, and started mumbling something I didn't understand.

I was standing against the weirdly shaped wall, my arms covering my face, rather wanting to get shot in the chest, rather than the face. That would hurt like hell. I didn't hear another gunshot, but I heard shouting and screaming. Then the sound of horse galloping. I let my arms fall, and saw the men running away from me. I frowned and stepped away from the wall. I looked up at it, and my eyes widened.

It wasn't a wall, but a statue. I hadn't seen it before. I didn't know, who the statue was of. It looked a bit like a dog, but the nose was more like a fox's. I began hearing whispers. Chanting. Then I heard howls. I turned around, immediately, looking all around the place, and saw nothing. I was panting, from all the running. The howls and chanting kept going, nothing else could be heard.

Suddenly the sand whirled up from the ground. I let out a surprised scream, and jumped. The sand whirled up again, but from a different place, this time. I jumped again, as the sand continue to whirl around. I started running, heading back to the rocks I had hid behind, just moments ago. I saw the bodies of my men, all around the place, and slowed down. If any of them had survived, I wouldn't know. I could only see the bodies.

I felt eyes on my back, and turned around, seeing nothing. I looked up, at a cliff and saw many people, dressed in black, on horses. I gulped, wondering if these were more of my opponents. I decided not to wait and find out, and started running out into the desert. If I was lucky, I would find someone who could help me.


''He remains undiscovered.'' I murmured.

''What about him?'' Rosalie, my sister, asked. I looked at the man, that was looking around at the dead bodies.

''He saw it. He heard the warnings, too. Though, I don't think he understood what the words meant.'' Alice said.

''Should we kill him?'' Rosalie asked.

''No.'' I answered.

The man turned to look up at us. I couldn't see his expression, from so far away. He took a few steps forward, still looking at us. I knew my friends were waiting for me to say more. If Alice said he had seen and heard the warnings, he must have. Alice was never one to mistaken. She was always right. The man started running towards the desert, after one last glance up at us.

''Jasper? Are you sure?'' Rosalie asked.

''The desert will take care of him, for us.''