Hello to all! XD This is something new from my normal Transformers fics that I do. I've fallen in love with the Professor Layton games, they are the best! I'm not even a huge fan of puzzles, but I got hooked. So, I've decided to do a fanfic, go figure. XD So, hope you enjoy and please review.

Legend speaks of an ancient lands where the flourished. Fields green, water clear, they lived in peace, their fortune coming from a strong power source. But one tragic day, the power source and the lands disappeared, leaving no trace of it's existence. Legend states that the power is out there, hiding, waiting for it's true master to stake his claim......

The sun rose slowly on the waking city of London, people already heading to work for that day. Rays of sunlight broke through a small crack of a curtain, light landing on the face of a young apprentice. Moaning softly, Luke buried into his pillow, not wanting to wake yet. Shifting under the sheets, Luke heard his door creak open and someone entering. Hands were gently placed on his back and shook him lightly.

"Luke.... Luke, it's time to get up."

"Uhn.... Professor, it's to early."

Layton smiled softly as Luke poked out of his warm cocoon. "Come now Luke, we're due at the museum in two hours. A gentleman is never late to an invitation."

"Yes Professor." Luke sat up and yawned widely; Layton laughed gently.

"Breakfast is ready. Wash up and head down when you're ready." Layton left, leaving Luke to himself. Soon enough, Layton heard the hurried footsteps of his assistant and Luke turned the corner, beaming. "There you are, I was afraid you were going to sleep all day."

"Sorry," Luke sat and filled up his plate, "I was up late."


"I'm halfway through my new puzzle book!" Luke beamed.

"Luke, you need to go to bed at a reasonable time."

"Yes Professor.... So what's this exhibit for anyway?"

Layton took a sip of his tea and smiled. "A rather interesting one my boy. Have you heard of the lost civilization, the Alazians?"

"Mmmm..... No Professor, can't say I have."

"Well then you'll enjoy this. It's stated that this civilization thrived spectacularly, due to this strange power source. Unfortunately their power was stolen or destroyed and their land was lost."

"That's terrible!"

"Indeed.... But, a recently found a map that may prove that this may be more then just a story."

"A map?" Luke slumped back, "That's it?"

Layton laughed. "No, they've also uncovered a mask that apparently shows the holder."

"The holder?"

"Yes, this person is supposedly the one who's chosen by this power to use it."

"Oh.... Professor, do you believe this legend is true?"

"I can't say, but I'll find these artifacts interesting just the same."

"I'm sure you will." Luke smiled as Layton laughed.

"Have I become that predictable? My word.... Lets clean up and head off Luke."

"Right!" Luke dumped his dishes into the sink and ran off, Layton frowning.

"Luke, that's not what I meant!" He sighed and placed his dishes down as well, following Luke. He found his assistant already in the Laytonmobile, bouncing happily. "Please calm Luke."

"Sorry sir....." Luke smiled softly and laughed as Layton ruffled his hair.

"It's alright," Layton smiled softly, "Just try and stay calm, we'll be there soon." With that, Layton started up the mobile and drove off. Luke watched the world pass by outside, smiling slightly; his eyes widen as the building came into view, towering over them. Made from gray stone, four pillars stood guard at the entrance, people pouring into and out of the museum.

They parked the Laytonmobile in front, near the curb, and Luke climbed out. "Professor.... This place is huge!"

Layton smiled, admiring Luke's enthusiasm. "Calm yourself. Remember, a true gentleman keeps his image in any situation."

"Right Professor." But Luke took off, taking two steps at a time, eager to get in.

"I'd like to believe he listens to me, but sometimes I can't be sure." Layton told himself, smiling.

Luke panted slightly as he reached the top and looked around in awe. The front entrance was tall, the top nothing but a large glass dome. It echoed with the voices of hundreds of people, all there to see the new artifacts.

"Professor hurry!"

"Luke, calm, and stay near please. I don't want to lose you in this crowd."

"Sorry, I'm just excited."

"As am I, but remember, image." They made their way in, heading strait for the exhibit. The room was rather empty as the main public was roped off, almost allowing them to the case, but really nothing else. Layton lead the way to the front, Luke fighting slightly, and the were able to past the velvet rope.

"This is amazing sir...." Luke smiled. His eyes landed on the case and he stopped, suddenly feeling very cold.

"Luke?" Layton paused and looked around, finding his apprentice frozen at the entrance, "Luke!"

"Wha? Oh, sorry sir!" Luke feel behind Layton, flushed slightly.

"It's all right, just stay close."

"Yes sir."

"Layton, finally!" Doctor Schrader came striding across the room, beaming.

"Andrew!" They shook hands, "Glad to see you up and about."

"Ah, you know me, can't keep still for to long! And I must say it's impressive how you solved that whole box mix-up."

"Well, thank you sir. But I didn't do it alone." Layton turned to Luke, who jumped slightly from finally being addressed.

"Ah, yes, Luke correct?"

"Y-Yes sir." Luke's entire body quivered slightly as the doctor shook his hand.

"You must have quite a head on your shoulders to keep up with Hershel."

"T-Thank you sir." Luke stepped back and stand near Layton, cheeks red.

"Come, come," The doctor lead the way to the case, "Lets get to the real reason why you're here."

"Professor.... I really don't feel good....." Luke staid where he was.

"What's wrong?" Layton frowned.

"I just.... I don't want to see those things......"

"You sure? Alright.... Just stay where I can see you."

"Yes sir...."

Layton didn't feel right leaving Luke alone, but Dr Schrader was waiting and he knew it was rude to keep him. "Sorry about that sir, Luke's feeling slightly under the weather."

"It's alright, hope he bucks up soon though," the doctor cleared his throat looking very serious, "Layton.... You have heard of this legend correct?"

"Of course."

"Then you should know... it's not as wild as you think."

Layton stared. "I don't think I understand."

"This whole legend may be true. The power, the holder, these might be possible."

"I doubt that sir. A power source that strong to just disappear into nothing?"

"It is rather far-fetched. But these artifacts, they're the first clue we need." Dr Schrader gestured to the case, where the two artifacts where placed. The map was to the right, written on what appeared to be animal hide. It's leather appearance didn't hide the black symbols that were printed on it. The mask, on the left, was made from gold, jewels decorating the edges. It's eyes were two bright rubies that seem to glow with life.

"What strange markings..... Has anyone been able to translate it?" Layton lead forward to get a better look. The doctor shook his head, looking disappointed.

"Sadly no, but it's interesting enough to look at."

Layton's attention was drawn to the bottom left corner of the map. A small picture was printed on the corner of it that resembled the face of the mask. "Interesting..... Look at this Doctor, it matches that mask."

Pulling out a pair of reading glasses, Dr Schrader bent down to examine as well. "My word, so there is. How strange.... Appears your boy finds that mask interesting...."

"Hm?" Layton looked to his left; sure enough, Luke was standing still, simple transfixed with the mask. "Luke? I thought you weren't feeling well?" Luke didn't respond, mouth open slightly, eyes blood red..... "Luke?"

Layton gently placed a hand on Luke's shoulder and gave him a light shake. Jerking hard, Luke let out a gasp of surprise, eyes turning normal. "P-Professor?" Luke looked slightly pale.

"Luke, what happened, are you alright?"

"I-I really don't feel good...." Luke closed his eyes, hands covering his face.

"Follow me, come on....," Layton quickly sat Luke down, gently brushing his bangs, "What happened my boy?"

"I-I don't know.... Professor, my head and stomach really hurt...."

"Alright, just try and rest...." Luke leaned back in the chair, moaning softly. Dr Schrader walked over looking worried.

"He's still not feeling well?"

"No...." Layton gripped Luke's hand tightly, worried sick himself.

"Layton come, we'll find something for him."

"I mean no disrespect sir, but I shouldn't leave him alone."

"He'll be fine, no one will take him. Now, let's go find something to help." Giving Luke one last look, Layton followed the doctor.

"I just don't understand," Layton gripped the brim of his top hat, "He was fine this morning."

"You sure?" Schrader asked, finding the first aid and pulling out a bottle of aspirin.

"Energetic, motivated, excited to get here.... He only fell ill when he entered this room...."

"Don't fret Hershel, I'm sure he just ate something spoiled."

"Still....." Layton froze, this calling Dr Schrader's attention.

"Hershel? Is something wrong?" Layton didn't reply, his attention drawn somewhere else. He'd notices a raven haired woman sneaking around the room, looking very nervous. Heart stopping slightly, Layton frowned as she neared Luke, who was fast asleep. She bent down, smiling softly, and brushed Luke's hair fondly. Luke twitched slightly but didn't move; looking around the room, she started to make strange markings on his face, being ever so gentle.

Brushing past the doctor, Layton was back over to Luke in a few seconds. "Excuse me, miss?"

The woman stood quickly, showing bright violet eyes. "O-Oh, I'm sorry. Is this your little one?"

"Yes.... Could you please explain what you were doing?"

"I-I'm sorry, I can't, but he should feel a little bit better." With that, she turned and walked off."

"Wait- Miss!"

"P-Professor?" Luke's eyes opened slowly, looking confused, "W-What..... What happened?"

"Just relax Luke," Layton bent down, "How do you feel?"

"A-A little better." Luke leaned forward and buried into the crook of Layton's neck, yawning. Layton smiled softly, wrapping arms securely around Luke. He frowned when Luke suddenly went rigid, gripping Layton's shirt tightly.

"Luke? I-Is something wrong?"

"S-Something bad is about to happen...."

"What? Luke what do you mean." Layton froze as Luke pulled back, eye a deep red again.

"Somethings going to happen."

"I don't understand Lu-" There was a sudden scream of terror then the world went black, "What on Earth?"


"Luke, stay where you are!" Layton covered his apprentice as the museum was whipped into a frenzy. Shouts, screams, and thundering footsteps echoed throughout, the mixing noises causing more confusion.

"Alright, keep calm! The lights are coming back on!" Layton shut his eyes tightly as the light blinded him. He heard Luke yelp from the sudden brightness.

"Everyone keep calm!" a gruff voice broke through the confused mummers, "If you were in this room before the lights went off, stay here!" Opening his eyes slowly, Layton saw the tall yet slouched Inspector Chelmey enter with other officers.

"Luke, are you alright?"

"Yes sir...." Leaning back, Layton was relieved to see Luke's eyes normal. "What happened?"

"I'm not sure...."

"They're gone! They're both gone!" an officer yelled in surprise. The room instantly went into another frenzy, whispering harshly. Layton stood, eyes narrowing on the display glass had been broken in one area, the case completely cleaned out.

"Clear the area! Let me through!" Chelmey pushed his way through, passing Layton and Luke.

"Professor, what's happening?"

"Stay here Luke...." Giving Luke's hair one last ruffle, Layton headed over to the display case

"Then the lights came back on, I have no idea what happened." the curator explained, looking very pale. He nervously flattened down his thin hair, glasses slightly lopsided, Chelmey giving him a stern look.

"Any suspisions characters?" Chelmey asked.

"I did see a young lady sneaking around here," Layton stepped in, "I have a feeling she wasn't on the guest list."

"Layton," Chelmey gruffed, "Why am I not surprised. Seems whenever something goes missing, you're near by."

"Are you implying something inspector?" Layton smiled.

"Just fine it curious.... Now what were you saying Layton, something about a woman?"

"Quite right. I don't believe she was invited by the way she was creeping around," he turned to the curator, "She must have sneaked in."

"What did she look like?" The curator asked.

"Raven black hair and rather vibrant eyes."

"Ah," the curator laughed softly, "That's my daughter and yes, she wasn't invited. She has a tendency to get in to trouble, if you will. But apparently that doesn't stop her."

"Do you believe your daughter did this?" Chelmey asked.

"Absolutely not! She's not trouble maker!"

"Do you know where she might be at this time?" Layton asked calmly.

"I believe she's over with your own child sir." Layton turned; sure enough, the same woman was sitting next to Luke. She had him leaning against her, fingers brushing through his hair. Luke appeared to be fast asleep again, gripping the woman's free hand tightly. "Arura! Please come here."

The woman looked up, slightly embarassed to be discovered, and whispered something to Luke. He jumped, waking up in an instant, eyes slightly unfocused. She stood, helping Luke up, and lead the was over, griping his hand tightly.

"Father? Seems you've found me." She smiled softly.

"I seems so. Arura, this is Inspector Chelmey and Professor Layton." She bowed to them both, keeping the smile. Seeing Layton, Luke yawned widely and buried into him, letting go of Arura's hand. She seem to disprove this, but said nothing.

"How can I help?"

"I'd like to ask a few questions miss." Chelmey said, the curator looking slightly upset.

"Very well."

"Would you please tell us where you were when the lights were turned off."

"In the powder room, a woman must present herself well." She smiled.

Chelmey gruffed. "I see, can anyone be a witness for you?"

"I doubt it sir, as it was dark."

"Arura," Layton spoke, hand place on Luke's back, "Why was it so necessary for you to sneak in here?"

For a split second, Layton was sure her eyes landed on Luke, then faced him again. "For the love of learning, nothing more."