I have not abandoned this story, I just have been unfortunately incredibly busy with some real life woes, a brand new computer already dying (my computer BSODs every five freaking minutes and I've been dealing with DELL non-stop for WEEKS to get them to fix this P.O.S. computer I bought from them in September.) and for the past two plus weeks I've also been very, very sick again and I've just not had time to write as I've wished.

I promise to finish this tale as soon as I can, I won't leave you languishing forever mid-story I vow. I just wanted to drop a quick note to let everyone know I'm sorry and to touch base and reassure everyone the story is not dead, just delayed by the boogey man known as real life.

- Fable

Addendum 02/15/10 - I want to continue to THANK YOU ALL for your continuing patience in the matter of my blasted computer problems. If you're interested in the DELL NIGHTMARE from the 9th layer of DHELL follow my livejournal (link in my profile) for the updates. I am hoping to have my computer fixed and running for more than 15 minutes at a time without a BSOD soon, or else I'm taking this to my business attorney, it's that bad a situation. Which is why I'm not writing, I dare not, my computer bluescreens when I try to do anything other than open firefox and even that I get about fifteen minutes of surfing time before *BLAM* BSOD. (Blue Screen of Death.) It's infuriating, this computer has not worked right since they day I turned it on and it's gotten worse over the last 5 months with Dell doing NOTHING and the absolute nightmare of DELL customer service is such I would offer you my own kidney if you promised me never to invest your hard earned money into one of their craptaular laptop shaped paperweights.

I promise and vow once I have a system that is SAFE, I will finish this tale for all you lovely, wonderful people! It's all here *taps head* I just gotta get it down. I got a few other tales brewing in the wings that want attention too and I want to write them already.



UPDATE: 12/1/2011

I know it's been ages since this story was updated... I am very truly sorry but I want to assure you the story is not dead and I have every intention to complete this.

I just had a pretty bad last couple of years. The Computer issues are no more, I have a new laptop. Never buy DELL. But... I spent most of 2010 in the hospital, I've had several surgeries and my health just took a nosedive. I'm stable now but on a lot of medication (I take 26 pills and 2 injections daily) that leaves me in a mental fog most of the time. It makes it difficult to concentrate to write. I'm as frustrated as you are that this fic is languishing in my TO DO pile.

So I'm so sorry and want to beg your indulgence to bear with me I promise this *WILL* be finished I just cannot give you a time frame as to when, as much as I would like to.

Forgive me for the contined wait...



UPDATE: 01/20/2016

I am horrendously repentant for my lack of any updates for an unforgivable amount of time. However, I will try to explain. It started with the death of a compute, followed by almost the death of me, really. I'm very, very sick for many, many years. I suffer from 9 diseases (each one being a catalyst for the next one). So when I got out of the hospital, pretty much bedridden now 90% of the time, the other 10% barely upright. If you are familiar with Spoon theory, you know what having limited spoons means. I had to spend my spoons to finish off my biggest bucket list item, get a another degree. So I did. SO University from my bedroom (Thanks Internet!) went for close to four years. Let's say 3.75 years. Thankfully, some really ancient 1989-1990 old college transcripts were found in the bowels of my old College, from a complete different discipline no less for a new major. And like 99 units of them were able to be credited/transferred. Hey, not complaining that "Show Choir" counted as an "Elective". One less unit to have to pay for, eventually. One painful student loan payment at a time. I *WILL* die first, unless I get some cures found in time, that's a given. So I'm not worried about ye olde student loan. I applied as my soul debt, so hubby does not have to keep paying student loan.

However, Bowie's death really woke something up in me I worried was dormant, my muse and more spoons in my drawer thanks to ambition returning. I had a killed muse after writing only research and thesis papers for several years. Boring, dry research gets old. Fun research for writing *I WANT to create* instead of *HAVE to create*, makes searching for facts a lot more fun. If Bowie can turn out an album with CANCER, I can get off my dead ass and write from bed, I still proved GOOD at writing, even if the were BORING to me, I didn't come back to school to play around either. My 3.99 (DAMN THAT ONE SINGLE A- by a 10th of a point, dinged for a stupid PERIOD in the wrong place on the reference page. APA format, NOT A FAN OF THAT. Hell No. Teacher was a huge nickle and dime douche. One extra space on a previous paper, also earned a "ding". Lady, I'm old school, breaking the two paces after a period I learned in typewriter class. No keyboard computers existed much then, certainly none in my house. Those days, the grammar rule *WAS* Two spaces after a period. Breaking learned habits are hard, I try.

No, super grammar nazi's that can affect my 4.0 GPA here (and I thought I was picky). There are always the GrammarGestapo around, but thankfully none of you can really hurt my feelings, let alone cost me a 4.0. So if BOWIE can get up and record on CHEMO, you can spend some spoons writing. So that's what I will TRY to do. I sadly cannot make promises anymore either. I never know day to day if an Emergency Room isn't on my Agenda for later. So I really can't, health may spend spoons I desperate want to spend on this project. I do promise however to TRY. Yoda, the force is sadly weak in this one. "TRY" is in my dictionary now and it really is all I CAN Promise with 100% assuredly. I *WILL* TRY. Promise.

RIP Bowie, all my love,


P.S. Please, also try not to be too grammar nazi on this update. I'm typing in the DocManager on a chromebook, not the best of (try none beyond the red chrome browser underlines.) checkers on this.