Ch. 2

"Ash?" Tory whispered in the darkness of their bedroom. She heard him grunt, and waited for him to turn over. When he didn't oblige she poked him in the shoulder to get his attention, another grunt and then silence again. She grabbed his arm more forcefully and shook him, a third grunt came at her and again she was left in silence.

"Fine, I'll do it myself." She said in determination and then sat up in bed. She tip toed to the door of their room and began to turn the knob, when all of a sudden she felt a strong presence near her. Turning around quickly she scanned the room for the presence, but nobody was there except Ash who continued to sleep with a soft snore radiating from his location on the bed. Shaking her head at her own nerves, she continued out the door and down the hallway to the kitchen. The marble stone floor was cold against her feet, so she walked as fast as she could.

If Ash had woken up, he could have done this!

She reached the kitchen and turned on the light, again a presence assaulted her and yet she found she was still alone. Walking to the fridge, she opened and retrieved milk, club soda and chocolate syrup. Putting it all on the counter and shutting the fridge door with her hip, she started humming as she began stirring in the contents in a large glass. As she was stirring she began to feel an overwhelming pressure in the room, as if there wasn't enough air in the palace.

"Ash!" she wheezed and gripped the counter trying to stand straight and take deep breaths. But the harder she tried to catch her breath, the harder it became to breathe. "Acheron…." She whispered as her body finally collapsed and blackness took over.


Acheron moved his hand over to feel Tory's warm body; instead his hand met cold sheets. He lifted his head to look around and noticed she was nowhere in the room. He felt for her presence and found it weak and nearby. Flashing himself to her, he found her body on the kitchen floor, lying there completely still. When he knelt down and touched her hesitantly, she was cold. He looked her body over and began panicking. She was only wearing his Rolling stone's shirt that hung past her knees and nothing else, the slight bump from her belly noticeably stretching the shirt. "Oh god, Soteria!"

He felt for a pulse and let loose a breath in relief, his hand travelled down to her stomach and there he could sense a strong heartbeat as well. "Thank god!" he exclaimed and then pulled her into his arms and stood. He looked at the counter and saw where she was mixing her favorite drink since she became pregnant, an Egg Cream.

She moaned as he lifted her. That was a good sign, it meant she was conscious. "Baby, just hold on." He whispered into her ear as he materialized out of their kitchen and into the room of one of the most powerful people in the universe.

"What the hell happened Grom?" asked Savitar who walked over quickly to where Ash was standing with a still pale Tory. He wore a white cotton pants with a Hawaiian shirt that was unbuttoned down the front. His appearance may not have said it, but Savitar was concerned as brought Ash over to the sofa and laid her upon it. Savitar guided his hand over Tory's body from head to toe and back again, listening to her breathing and the heartbeats of herself and her child.

Looking back up at Ash who had yet to let go of her hand, Savitar demanded, "what the hell Ash?"

Ash looked up at Savitar with anger darkening his face, "there was no presence of anyone or anything in the area, yet look at her," he said and lifted his other hand towards her body, "I panicked, what happened to her?"

Savitar shook his head and looked down at Tory. "It's the baby; the presence of such strong power is hard for Tory, who was once a mortal, to sustain."

"I don't understand, the baby is too strong for her?" Ash asked.

Savitar stood, "I'll be right back."

Before Ash could say anything, Savitar vanished. Ash looked down at Tory and felt his chest hurt, he can't lose her, he thought. Reaching down he lifted her head lightly and sat down to rest her head on his chest. His hands came down to cup her stomach and rubbed gently in a circular motion. Tory moaned and shifted, her eyes blinked open slowly and she smiled up at Ash.

Finally her eyes and mind registered where she was and she sat up slowly, "um, babe? Why are we on Savitar's island?" she asked with her eyebrow raised.

He smoothed the hair back from her face and smiled, "what do remember last?"

She scrunched up her face and looked down at his hands covering her stomach, "umm, I was hungry, so I started making an egg cream…was I attacked?" she asked and looked up at him.

"Was someone in the kitchen with you?"

"No, but I felt someone there, like I was being watched…but it wasn't menacing or anything. More like a just easy and simple presence." She looked up at him and smiled, "does that make sense?"

Ash smiled and pulled her back to him so her head rested over his heart. "Yeah, I think in a way it does."

Savitar returned with Menyara, the Egyptian goddess of justice and truth. She was in her goddess form, showing her to look like a young woman with a tall strong frame and sexy curves. She wore a floor length white cotton halter dress that flowed from behind her and her long black hair wrapped in a braid that fell to her waist. She walked towards Tory and Ash with a frown on her face.

Placing her left hand on Tory's forehead and her right on the side of her stomach, "I don't feel any fluctuations, in fact everything seems normal."

Menyara looked back up at Tory and grinned, "Men are always panicking."

Ash narrowed his eyes, "I wasn't panicking, she was collapsed on the kitchen floor pale and cold…okay I was panicking, but I feel I had every right too."

Tory turned in his arms and looked at him, "babe, you're an all powerful Alantian god and you're freaking out over a fainting spell-"

Gasp! Menyara pulled her hand back away from the stomach quickly as if burning her hand. "Did you guys feel that?"

Savitar came closer, "the power surge? Was it the child?" he asked.

Tory covered her stomach with her hands and swayed, "oh, I feel that presence again…like someone watching me." Then looking at Menyara, "is that what you're talking about?"

"Yes, is that what caused you to pass out earlier?"

Tory nodded, "it just became overwhelming, as if not enough air to breath."

"How does it feel now?" Ash asked with concern etched on his face.

"Okay, but the air feels thick."

Savitar looked at Ash who looked at Menyara and all three frowned. Tory hated it when they did that, it reminded her when she was 12 and the popular girls talked about her behind their hands and giggled. She always wanted to know what they were saying, one: so she could defend herself, and two: so she wouldn't feel so bad.

"Ugh, please tell me what you all are thinking!" she demanded with her hands fisted at her sides.

Ash leaned forward and rubbed her back to comfort her, "We think it's the baby stretching its powers out, but the power is so…powerful, it's hard for you to handle it."

Menyara leaned forward and captured Tory's hands in her own, "when the baby gets larger, he or she will become stronger inside you, which means more power."

Savitar came and sat next to her and placed his arm on the back of the sofa behind her, "more power means more blackouts for you, and could possibly hurt you or worse."

Tory shook her head, "I don't care, I'm not going to give up," turning to Ash with tears beginning to form in her eyes, "I don't want to lose her."

Ash's face became shocked, "you know the baby is a girl?"

Tory shook her head with a tear escaping, "no, yes…I'm not sure."

All eyes turned to stare at the small protruding bump of Tory's stomach. Menyara crossed her arms over her chest, "I wonder...This child is very powerful...she may be the one."

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