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My first fanfic that isn't Naruto, OMG! O.o These are a bunch of little ways to annoy the Fullmetal Alchemist characters that are based off little comics I drew up. Since each of them are too short to make into an actual chappie, it's all squished together (Until it hits five mini-stories)! Enjoy!

Envy's hair-style

Envy was walking around, wondering what to do with the little brown-haired homunculus that had been following him all day. She was getting on his last nerve, and what she kept calling him didn't help.

"Palm-Tree-kun. Palm-Tree-kun. Palm-Tree-kun. Palm-Tree-kun..."

He turned around and yelled in her face. "For the last time I'M NOT A FREAKIN' PALM TREE!!!" He could tell he had fire in his eyes, and an invisible fire behind him.

She stared at him with wide eyes. "OK."

Envy sighed as he continued walking. Finally, he thought.

"Talking Palm-Tree kun!!!" the girl randomly blurted out.

Envy started crying on the inside. "If only I were Wrath," he muttered to himself, "then I'd have an excuse."

Cat-fight with Lust

Lust was minding her own business until a random brown-haired girl pushed a woman from another anime in front of her. The Anime-woman had blonde hair, and big breasts. (Tsunade. XP)

They glared at each other. It was 'Hate at First Sight.'

"Let the cat-fight commence!" the brown-haired girl yelled out as she got out some popcorn out of nowhere.

Five minutes later...

There were nails and biting and scratching and yelling and slapping. By far, the best girl vs girl fight in the history of anime.

The brown-haired girl was holding a camera, recording the whole mess.

So far: A chair, a house, a random guy, and Lust's boot was thrown in the confusion.

And there were two red piles not far from the girl. One of them was what remained of Edward Elric after he tried to break up the fight. Another was what remained of Jiraiya the Toad Sage, after he got caught by the brown-haired girl for not paying a ticket to see the fight.

Teasing Gluttony is easy

Gluttony was sitting besides a random building. Then he sniffed the air.

"I smell food."

There was an apple, floating above Gluttony's head, on a string. Gluttony got up and reached for the apple, but it floated just out of reach.

"Me want. Me want. Me want."

The brown haired girl was sitting on the building with a fishing pole. "Sorry 'bout this, Gluttony!"

But you wanted it, Greed

Greed (I mean the Ling-Greed, not the first Greed) was with the brown-haired homunculus girl. Envy didn't bother to warn him because he wanted to see how mad he would get.

"Hey, Greed," the girl said. "You want everything right?"

There was a gleam in his eyes. "Yes, because I'm greedy."

Five seconds later...

The brown haired girl was running away from a furious homunculus narrow-eyed Xingnese guy waving around a pointy sword.

"Come here!!!"

"But, Ling, I thought you wanted me to slap you!"

They ran past a silver-haired homunculus boy, who started laughing.

Pride doesn't get to go on roller coasters

Pride, even if he was scary, always wanted to go on a roller coaster. But when he went, the was a silver-haired homunculus leading against a "You must be this tall" sign. Pride was too short.

So stood on his tip-toes, his hair barely made it to the line. But then the silver-haired homunculus picked up the sign so that Pride was just one inch too short.

"That's mean!!!"

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