And now... for the alchemist in Central! Yay! =D

Easiest way to make Alphonse cry

The brown-haired homunculus girl (AKA. Mischief) was in Central, and her first target was Al. She smiled up at him and asked "You're the empty-armor kid, right?"

"Um... yeah."

She dramatically pointed a finger at him. "OMG, you're heartless!"


"You heartless monster! Do you kick kittens when you walk down a street?!" She randomly pulled out a kitty of out nowhere and cuddled it. "Can you even feel how soft and cuddly this kitty is?!"

Alphonse started crying, shouting "I'm sorry, kitty!!!" Then he ran away. "ED!!! I WANT MY HEART BACK!!!"

Mischief laughed out loud. And a silver-haired homunculus boy (Tragedy) came out of the shadows and laughed too.

"That was priceless!" Mischief shouted out. "You can have Ed, Tragedy."


Tragedy found Edward on the street and thought, This is gonna be easy.

"Hey, you. The golden-haired red ant."

Edward turned around and shout "WHO ARE YOU CALLING SMALLER THAN AN ANT?!"

"Just you, little boy." Edward was fuming. "Wow, everyone was right, Fullmetal does get mad when you call him short. Is it also true that it's only because you don't drink this?" Tragedy magically pulled out a quart of milk.

"Shut up! That stuff tastes nasty! At least I didn't drink it so much that it made my hair white!"

That struck a nerve. "What the hell did you say about my hair, you midget?!"



Then Mischief ran in and pulled Tragedy out of there. "No, Tragedy! You remember the last time you got in a fight!"

"I told you, the desert is not my fault!"

Mischief smiled at Edward and said "Bye Eddie." Then ran.

Wanna hear a song, Mustang?

Mischief and Tragedy set their next target to be Colonel Roy Mustang. But it was pretty hard for them to get into his office.

Mustang looked up to see two kids that were about Edward's age. "What do you want?"

"Do you wanna hear a song, Mustang?" the brown haired girl said as she grinned. Mustang noticed that she hid her right hand behind her back.

Before Mustang could react, they both started singing.

"This is the song that never ends.

Yes, it goes on and on, my friends.

Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was

And they'll continue singing it forever just because

This is the song that never ends..."


Lt. Hawkeye ran into the room and started shooting like crazy.

"HEY! Hawkeye! Cut it out!" The bullets were bouncing off Mischief and flying all over the room. "If you don't stop shooting, this could get very messy!"

Mischief grabbed Tragedy, who remained unscratched, and ran out.

Armstrong + Elastic shirt = Messed up humor

Mischief had to do this job, which ticked her off. She had to prank Major Armstrong. She loved pranks, but to prank the Major was a different story.

"Hello Mr. Armstrong!" Mischief said in a fake-innocent voice. The Major looked down at her and smiled. But he did notice that she kept her right hand behind her back the whole time. "Can you put this on for me?" She held up a blue elastic shirt. "I want to see how it looks on you, sir."

"Why, of course!" Suddenly he was flexing his mountain-sized muscles in the elastic shirt.

Mischief stared. How the hell does it even fit?! "Um... never mind, I want to see you without it."

"No problem!" Then Armstrong started pulling on the elastic shirt, which snapped right back. "OW!"

Mischief grinned as she watched Armstrong continue pulling. "Elastic shirts... really hard to get off, aren't they?" Mischief walked away laughing as Armstrong hopelessly continued.

King Bradley can never win a staring contest

Bradley was glaring into the eyes of his fellow homunculus, Tragedy. Tragedy was just staring boredly back at him. Mischief was waiting for their everlasting staring contest to end.

"For the last time, give it up, Wrath." Mischief yawned. "You know Tragedy never loses."

"No, I will win this time, dammit." He flipped his eye patch to reveal his Ouroburos eye. "Now you can never beat me."

"Wrath, your other eye's closed." Mischief pointed out bluntly.


"I win the bet, King Bradley. Get the apple."

Bradley stood against the wall with the apple on his head. And a blindfold.

"Hey Selim! Wanna help me kill your daddy?!"

"Alright!" Selim Bradley popped out of nowhere with the bow and arrow.

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