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A Snore By Any Other Name...

Bella rolled onto her back and stared at the darkened ceiling, listening to the chainsaw impression that was coming from beside her. She smiled ruefully to herself, because if she was honest, she didn't hate the noise like she once would have supposed she would. No woman actually wants a husband who snores like a freight train (do freight trains snore?), and yet whilst it wouldn't have been on her list of ideal qualities in a man, she liked it somehow. It was…comforting.

Bella couldn't believe that she had just thought of Jacob's snoring as comforting of all things, seeing as half the time it bugged the heck out of her. In fact, there had been a few times when she had vacated to the couch simply to ensure that she got a good night's sleep. But tonight, as she lay there, wide awake with the oblivious Jake deeply asleep next to her, she found that she liked it. Not because it was a pleasant noise, because it was far from that – it was loud and obnoxious and too irregular to have any lulling qualities. No, she liked it because, she realised with a little jolt, it was evidence of Jake's humanity, of the fact that he really was sleeping.

She could remember a time years ago when she had lain awake next to another man. And although his eyes were closed and his breathing steady, she had known that he was not asleep – that he was merely faking. Because he couldn't sleep. He would never be able to sleep beside her, or wake up beside her for that matter. And, whilst she would never admit it at the time, she missed that.

And every time she had heard other girls talking of waking up next to their loved ones and watching them sleep, or lying wrapped around each other, lost together in a far off dream world, a part of her had ached. A part of her which she had vigorously denied and thrust back down again. But now, lying here with Jake, watching him sleep, she could acknowledge that part of her. Because it was purring in sympathy with the sounds emitting from his open mouth. Every twitch of his muscles, every flicker of his eyelids, every grunt, was a reminder that he was alive, he was human.

Jacob snorted and opened a slit of one eye, looking at her blurrily. "Whyouwake?" He mumbled sleepily.

"You were snoring", she answered truthfully.

"Sorr'Bells. I'lltrybequiet" and he rolled over again and within a few minutes, the soft rumbling sounds began emanating from him once more, gradually growing louder as time passed.

"It's OK, honey." She whispered. "I actually kinda like it." And she smiled secretly to herself.

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