AUTHOR'S NOTES FOR THE WHOLE COLLECTION: "Notes from the Pirate Era" is the umbrella title for this collection of stand-alone ficlets. Each "chapter" is a complete piece in itself. Most, though not all, of these short stories were originally inspired by challenge prompts on the Livejournal writing communities onepiece_300 and onepieceyaoi100, for which the upper word limit is 300 words. However, I've expanded quite a few of these ficlets after the initial posting into more words – and some were quite a bit longer to begin with.

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Author's Notes for the first ficlet: This was originally written for the prompt "Afterwards" at onepiece_300. Spoilers for the end of the Alabasta arc and the start of the Jaya arc. Character: Nico Robin. Word Count:


The rain had finally returned to the entire desert kingdom. The true enemy of the land, revealed at last, was defeated; and Alabasta could finally start healing and hoping again. Now, the losing side which had tried to take over the country were the ones hunted as fugitives, mainly by Marines though both the King's troops and the erstwhile rebels were happy to help when they could.

Still weak and wounded from Crocodile's stabbing, the former Miss Allsunday was sitting in the back of a cart going down to Sinapis, dressed in rags like one ex-rebel soldier among many.

It was all over, now.

And yet she was alive.

She didn't trust any of the Baroque Works agents to keep her hidden: she was far too valuable a prize for the Marines, far too tempting to sell out. True, she had talked to Bon Clay, making plans concerning a certain ship, but only because she'd had no choice. Bon Clay talked a good game about friendship, but Robin had heard pretty phrases before, and seen them proved lies many times before.

He was going ahead right now, but they were to meet up outside Sinapis later, from where she'd help him sail the Strawhats' ship up the river. After that, she would stay out of sight on the ship for as long as she could.

Monkey D. Luffy might turn her away, but she doubted it. After all, she'd saved him twice now, with water and antidote. He'd remember.

Robin had been ready to die. All those years of scrabbling to survive, to run away, to make plans, they'd all seem to come to nothingness in that ancient tomb, as great blocks of stone were falling down all around them. But Luffy had refused to let her. So. He simply had to take the consequences for that.

Still… that look on his face in that moment, saying he didn't care what she wanted, he'd save her anyway… It unnerved her. Dangerous...

No. She'd be all right. She'd keep herself safely apart, like always, so it wouldn't hurt when she'd be forced to leave. She wouldn't drop her guard, no matter how young and naïve that crew was.

It was only for the time being, after all.