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My first real drabble - exactly one hundred words.

Note: If you are starting here . . . I wish you well. These drabbles marked my path of figuring out how to be a writer, and many of the earlier ones show it very clearly - I was still learning how to 'story' when I wrote them. If you want to skip ahead to slightly less messy stuff, I recommend probably jumping forward by one to two hundred. ~Kalira of 2015


Harry trustingly allowed his eyes to close instinctively for just a moment as his lover gently slid his glasses down his nose, "You won't be needing these" Severus whispered calmingly in his ear before he brushed a soft butterfly kiss across each lid.

He knelt up, still straddling Harry's hips, and set the spectacles to one side. He never took his attention away from the task at hand, more than willing to let it consume him.

His long, elegant fingers spidered over Harry's figure, learning every inch, mapping out all the secret places not even Harry knew.

He was patient.