Nothing Says Love Like. . .

"If you even dare think about going after the bloody thing alone I will use you to demonstrate the proper method of deveining dragons!" Severus snapped.

Instead of being properly cowed, or even agreeing to be more careful, as Severus had intended, Harry grinned.

Severus wished he could be surprised, but his lover rarely reacted in a sensible manner.

"Nothing says love like threats of torture, eh?" Harry quipped, but he settled back. "All right, what's the plan, then?"

Severus took a deep, calming breath, then relaxed slightly, thoughts turning back to planning the mission, as opposed to stopping Harry.


Pretty sure I've seen more than one writer use a similar line, over the years. Sorry to say goodbye for a while now, but this is literally the last drabble I have in any stage of writing for this pairing! (I hit 15.5k on my Camp NaNoNovel today, too, so obviously it'll be keeping me quite busy.)